Whites TreasurePro Metal Detector Bundle Bullseye II & Accessories Review

Whites TreasurePro Metal Detector Bundle Bullseye II & Accessories


If you really want to increase the efficiency of your treasure hunting, this is the one-stop option for a beginner and pro level detector alike. Unlike the other metal detector of the same series, this comes with an automatic ground balance adaption.

If you see at the performance and features, you would find it equal to the entry-level metal detector of its counterparts. This metal detector is placed higher than Whites treasure master and coin master, owing to its features and other performance.

You get five searches mode and a big VDI number in the center of the display. Without a single hiccup, a beginner and a pro would hunt with peace of mind.

For those who use to hunt in trashy areas, one of the detecting modes is for high trashy grounds conditions. This will help you to reach out to the actual finding that the trash like bottle caps and other stuff.

Technical specification:

  • Ten in search waterproof search coil
  • 16 total segment discrimination
  • Five search modes
  • 8-Audio discrimination
  • Backlit screen display
  • Adjustable discrimination
  • Adjustable volume
  • All metal mode
  • Automatic ground balancing
  • Complete versatile
  • Full two years warranty
  • Audio threshold
  • Weather resistance
  • 1/4 inch headphone jack
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Adjustable length 46″ > 51″


The founder of this metal detector has a simple philosophy, and this was the obvious reasons why the brand stands out. The philosophy is “Give the customer quality and equality and treat your employees like a family”. This metal detector comes with a different Pinpointer, White’s Bullseyes II pin pointer.

The addition of a pin pointer has done a great job to exercise your hobby quite impressively.

So, let’s have a deep insight into the product and see what this mind-blowing detector has to offer.

Design and features:

Unlike the whites treasure master and Coinmaster, this has a ten-inch waterproof bi-axial search coil. You even can switch out the coils with the other coils such as Coinmaster family or treasure master family.

There is a total of three parts of the machine which comes in disassembled.

  1. Search coil
  2. Lower Rod
  • S rod with control box attached

The constructing of this detector out of the disassembled parts is not that difficult. With just using your hands, you can form into one piece by holding the Lower ROD and S ROD. You will not be required to use any tools, it’s quite easy. The company advertises this machine as a turn-on-and-go and frankly speaking this is what the company has been promising.

Though the bounty hunter models are the easiest machine to set up, and the same benchmark has been followed by the Whites Treasure Pro.

The less weight of the machine makes you carry it all day along. More info on the subject of no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players uk. The arms that you can strap yourself into making it less difficult to carry, if you do not strap the arms to yourself, the 3lbs weight would not harm your shoulder for sure.

The handgrip, on the other hand, is impressively designed. Just away from the control box, questioned. The small-sized control box is easy to use and you will get all the options before your eyes.

The display is clear and centralized; you will have all clear options without messy or crowded control option. The color scheme adapted for the manufacturing of this unit is impressive as well. You get a great contrast of colors on the box and the background. This makes the conveying the information great easily and simply.

The buttons are offered just below the display portion. There are four sets of buttons, ideally divided; the power button is on the right side of the box.

The three buttons for the options features, one for the Pinpointer, and the other three for three tracks.

You receive five different modes available with the treasure metal detector.

  • Coin and jewelry mode

This makes you hit the ferrous objects such as a coin, jewelry, gold, and nuggets. All other foils are rejected usually in this mode, and the sensitivity also lowers down.

  • Beach mode:

This helps you to hunt in beaches and saltwater conditions. This option has a wider range in essence.

  • All metal mode:

This helps you to reach out to all metals. This mode particularly helps you hunting in public places, but the chances of false alarm rise.

  • Pin point mode

This helps you to narrow down the availability of the targets.

  • High trash mode:

This mode comes with a higher degree of discrimination. When searches in the areas full of trash, you must activate this mode to get reliable results and findings.

Treasure Master Pro is definitely an upgrade from the treasure master model. This model though shares the same features, but with some upgrade. This is an expert level metal detector with an abundance of features and vast functionality options.

This model comes with automatically adapting of the ground conditions.

Like, if you are working out in mineralization soils and wet conditions, the sensitivity automatically comes to the required level without any manual tuning.

The 8-audio tone discrimination makes you recognize the metals just by hearing the audio or tune. The Target ID identification given on the control box makes you recognize all of the available metals by reading the target ID.

The search coil in the whites treasure pro comes waterproof, which means you can submerge this to a certain depth and for short span of time. You cannot get into deep waters, as the other parts of the machines are not waterproof.

  • Good level of sensitivity
  • Great tone ID identification
  • Automatic ground balancing
  • Five search modes
  • Eight audio discrimination modes
  • A bit heavy
  • Expensive
Final thought
In a nutshell, Whites Treasure pro with a Bullseye pin pointer a great combination of pin pointer and metal detector. This combination comes with lots of great options and great tone ID identification. The sensitivity level is up to the impressive mark and avoids trashing as needed.

For a person looking forward to grabbing a quality metal detector, Whites treasure pro is a perfect match.