1. White’s Bullseye II Pin-Pointer – 812-0002

White's Bullseye II Pin-Pointer - 812-0002Are you a hobbyist thinking which metal detector to buy? It is not a difficult question to answer. The search of the best metal detector is difficult but it can reach a successful conclusion if you get hold of something that you can really state as the metal detector of your choice. When the professionals are looking for the best metal detector for gold or the top rated metal detectors the hobbyists and the beginners are searching for the cheap metal detectors that fall in the list of the best metal detector 2020. Apart from the features, the metal detector price is also very important. Usually, the professionals’ work is more elaborated as they have to search under the water too. For this, they are looking for the waterproof metal detector that can perform great as the underwater metal detector. It is not important to buy an expensive detector for the job.  There is an excellent best cheap metal detector that can be used as a precise gold metal detector. For those who work underwater also likes to get the detectors that are the best underwater metal detectors.

If you are looking for the latest detectors on the market then don’t compromise on the quality. It is better to check for top metal detectors 2019 reviews.  This will surely help in finding the quality metal detectors. Instead of buying different detectors it is recommended to get the best all-around metal detector.

The metal detectors are great but sometimes they are not too précised. In a large area it becomes important to reach out for the target precisely otherwise it consumes a great deal of time and energy. This is eased by the introduction of the pin pointers. These pin pointers are like a small handheld device that can exactly trace the target regardless of how deep it is buried under the ground. As the metal detector searches the area and takes you closer to the target the pinpointer helps in accessing the right location. Within a very short time, it takes the metal hunter to the destination.

White’s pin pointers are a popular choice for detecting the metals. They come from a reliable company that started its business in the 1950s. This family business is today a well-reputed manufacturer of the pin pointers that crave the love of the beginners and the job of the professionals.

One of the great pin pointers by the home of the White’s is the Bullseye 2. This is a small option but can do the great things that the metal hunters are looking for. They trace the smallest treasures in the soil very precisely. The help in reaching the exact target in very little time. It assists beginners and helps them find the real treasures. The sound alert allows getting to the exact treasure deposit.


  • Signals through sounds and vibrations
  • Easy to handle features
  • LED for brightness
  • Automatic tracing of the metals
  • Works for more than 20 hours with one battery
  • Ergonomic style
  • Lightweight
  • Precise pointing
  • Too small for huge metal detectors
The verdict
The overall performance of White’s Bullseye II is amazing. It has hardly bothered or disappointed the users. The small size makes it a great choice for moving around. The beginners who find the huge metal detectors difficult love holding the little magical pinpointer.


2. White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector – 800-0325

White's Coinmaster Metal Detector - 800-0325Are looking for the mini metal detector that makes it the best metal detector to buy? There is nothing to worry there are high-quality metal detectors that are the best mid-range mid-range metal detector. You can even get the best metal detector for the price.

Whether you are purchasing the used metal detector for sale or you are trying to get the best buy metal detectors, some points are important to consider in this entire process. The metal detector machine is recognized for its efficiency, precision, size and weight. These features are there in almost every second metal detector. If you get the most expensive metal detector but it lacks these features then it cannot be called the best metal detector on the market. The best budget metal detectors are often great portable metal detectors and due to their features become the best value metal detector. The beginners can get the small metal detector from among the good cheap metal detectors. The available best metal detector reviews help in the best metal detector finds. It is no longer difficult to find the answer to the question that where can I buy a metal detector? These detectors are available on the market and in the online stores.

White’s coinmaster pro is a great choice for the ones who go for finding the precious coins from the various sites. this metal detector is highly appreciable and is recommended by those who are looking for the outclass creations that are small in size but amazing in performance. The instructions are easy to follow and the metal detector is easy to install. It is just open and goes thing for many users.
This metal detector by the white’s is used to find the metals at the depth of 2 inches to the minimum and 12 inches to the maximum. If you are looking for small jewellery pieces lost under the sofa or the bed just open the metal detector and start the search that would never go waste.

The concept of adding the coil to the metal detector makes it further reliable and trustworthy.  In a minimum weight, the metal detector gives the maximum efficiency. The users find it great especially when they have not used it before. Those who are new in the world of metal detection or they have bought the metal detector as the hobbyist then it makes the right choice. They don’t find it too complicated to install and operate. It is a great choice both at home and the outdoors.  The lightweight makes it even great for the young kids.


  • Efficient target ID
  • LCD screen to display the depth
  • Précised pinpointing detection function
  • Weighs only 2.5 pounds
  • Comes in a waterproof
  • Fitted with a 9-inch coil
  • Can trace silver, god or any other metal
  • Works at different depths
  • Excellent quality coil for deep searching
  • Problem with identifying metal of different kinds
The verdict
It might not be a professional’s gift but for the beginners, it is really a treat. It helps them learn how to reach the best. In a   very budget-friendly price, this metal detector is a gift for the ones looking for an economical option.


3. Whites Treasurer Metal Detector Bundle w/Bullseye II & Accessories

Whites Treasurer Metal Detector Bundle w/Bullseye II & AccessoriesThe White’s are known for their highest rated metal detectors. Their productions are always there in the metal detector reviews. They give both the expensive and the cheap but good metal detectors. Their long range metal detectors are amazing.


Are you tired of using your old best metal detector under 200? Are you confused by the detectors by a number of best metal detector brands? Try getting the amazing lightweight metal detector option from the White’s. Their recommended metal detectors are known for being the well affordable metal detector. Whatever they have created is known for being the best overall metal detector. When we talk of their best pro metal detector there are some amazing names on the catalogue. They are excellent treasure detector and also among the best metal detector for gold. For those who are always in search of the best metal detectors for the money then White’s treasure pro is really recommended. It is the best metal detector on the market. It is a great and efficient high-end metal detector.

The White Treasure Master is the advanced version of the predecessor.  What was missed in the earlier version is now available in the Pro version? The coil that comes with the gadget can be comfortably replaced with any coil from the family. The detector has three basic parts and all of these can be assembled in no time without using any special types of equipment and tools.

The manufacturers have made it an innovative option for the users of all levels. The three key parts that are used in creating this masterpiece are the three different rods specifically known as the S rod, search coil, and the lower rod. Before using the detector it is a must to organize them and fix them with the detector properly.  The instruction manual has all the required details in this regard. Hence just open the box and start using the device.


  • The 10-inch coil that is water resistant
  • Comes with an armrest
  • 8 different sound impacts
  • 49 ID target
  • Easy to handle the automatically adjustable ground balance
  • Highly sensitive
  • Ergonomic style
  • Perfect target ID
  • Amazing ground balance
  • Can be heavy young users
  • Comparatively high priced
The verdict
Technology has changed a number of things.   What has not been changed is the quality of the metal detectors produced by the White’s. They believe in the user satisfaction and that is what they have guaranteed. They want to give the best in the amazing rates.