Top 4 Best White's Metal Detector Reviews 2020My cousin lost his job as a security guard because a thief with some dangerous tools broke into the bank where he was policing.

The thief looted money and threatened other workers. After a few days, I came to know that my cousin was not to be blamed for it.

But it was a metal detector that fails to warn against dangerous things. But explaining to the boss was like crying over spilled milk.

Similarly, Improper working of a metal detector can through you into great danger. That may even cost innocent lives sometimes. So, it is more than necessary to use a reliable and efficient metal detector.

Today I am going to share with you the white’s best metal detector catalog that will surely help you avoid similar situations. Moreover, these are practically tested items.

These metal detectors are according to the modern needs of security and are easy to use. The white’s metal detectors have developed options like 5-range discrimination, target ID and LED technology for metal hunting.

Furthermore, the white’s metal detectors work the best but sometimes you fail to get a detector that is suitable for your specific work. So, I am presenting you with a detailed review of white’s metal detectors to see which metal detector is suitable.


1. White’s Bullseye II Pin-Pointer -Top Rated Metal Detector

White's Bullseye II Pin-Pointer - 812-0002

Here is the first product, White’s Bullseye II Pin-Pointer812-0002. With modern technology and the best design, it stands out to be one of the best products when compared to other similar metal detectors.

Furthermore, the manual operating of any device makes it slow and time-consuming. But this best white metal detector is completely automatic which simplifies and accelerates your work.

Another important feature is the innovation that distinguishes this product. It is equipped with LED light technology for the exact and fast detection of a target.

White’s Bullseye II Pin-Pointer works with beep ​ and vibration ​ methods and it works fine in every way.

Furthermore, White’s metal detector is the best in regards to battery timing. It has almost 20 hours’ capacity to store power and it is supported by a 9-volt battery.

One of the useful features of the metal detector is that it has 36 KHz frequency without being disturbed by the frequency of other metal detectors.  Moreover, White’s Bullseye II Pin-Pointer is the best budget product with sophisticated and modern technology.

Furthermore, the bullseye II metal detector by whites can detect every type of metal. However, this metal detector can detect metals at a shorter range. to better adviceIt is easy to obtain more detailed facts no deposit bonus codes . This product is not waterproof. That can be a blow to a user that it can’t be used inside water.

Another important information about the product is pinpointing the target. However, it has a bit lower penetration depth. The dimensions of the product are 17 x 17 x 22 inches. It has a Normal weight of 6.7 ounces.

To be precise, this product can change your view of metal detectors once you start using it. This white’s best metal detector will surely turn your work into enjoyment and you destined to love it.

  • Lasting and stable: The product does not lose its ability to detect metals over an extended period.
  • User-friendly: White’s Bullseye II Pin-Pointer does not require rocket science to operate it. The metal detector is easy to carry and simple to operate.  Hence, user-friendly.
  • Precise detection: Which means that the detector points the finger on metal within its detectable area
  • Body design: Also, it has the best body design with black color. That makes it a classic piece of modern design.
  • Easy to use
  • 20 hours of battery timing
  • Uses modern LED technology
  • Detect all metals
  • Not waterproof
  • Has a smaller range of detection
The verdict
The overall performance of White’s Bullseye II is amazing. It has hardly bothered or disappointed the users. The small size makes it a great choice for moving around. The beginners who find the huge metal detectors difficult love holding the little magical pinpointer.


2. White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector – 800-0325 -Best For the Money

White's Coinmaster Metal Detector - 800-0325

Another product from this is White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector – 800-0325

The feature I like the most is depth reading. It shows you how much metal is inside the surface of the ground and how much you need to dig to get a metal.

Furthermore, the metal detector has a target ID function by which you can recognize a target when you are hunting.

Moreover, an outstanding feature is it has a five-level discrimination process by which you can choose the type of signals. And it will only detect those Items with signals that you have discriminated.


The white’s coinmaster metal detector has about a 3-4 inch screen which visually let you see the operations being performed by the device. Also, you can manipulate options easily.

One of the distinguishing features is the detection range. The detector can detect metal at the range of5 to 6 inches in a normal land area. The above-mentioned range is impossible to attain for other metal detectors under a similar budget.

Furthermore, the coinmaster metal detector has a spider waterproof coil. So, it allows you to look for metals within the water and see reading on the screen.

Also, it has the ability to detect all the metals within the defined range. It can detect metal under surface, within the grass, and underwater without much hassle.

Another most appalling feature of this metal detector is it precisely points to the metal that you detect. And require no time. In simple words, it is faster and exact. For operating it, the detector requires two 9 volts batteries that come along with the product.

You would be amazed to know that it has a battery output of 20 hours. That allows you to take this white’s metal detector anywhere you go with no charging problem.

  • Target hunting: One of the best features is you can listen and hear a target, however, you need a headphone to hear. Through these features, you can easily hunt your target.
  • Better performance: The white’s coin master is your all-weather ally regardless of where you use it. This detector works perfectly and has similar efficiency. More importantly, it is accompanied by 20 hours of power storage to support you in the durable hunt.
  • Easy to use: The coinmaster metal detector is easy to assemble and disassemble without any hassle. Furthermore, the product is designed in a way that is easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Greater detection range
  • Waterproof
  • Depth reading and target ID
  • Stable battery timing.
  • Cannot adjust the volume
The verdict
It might not be a professional’s gift but for the beginners, it is really a treat. It helps them learn how to reach the best. In a   very budget-friendly price, this metal detector is a gift for the ones looking for an economical option.


3. Whites Treasurer Metal Detector Bundle w/Bullseye II

Whites Treasurer Metal Detector Bundle w/Bullseye II & Accessories

Here is the last and the most powerful product the TreasurePro by whites. This whole set includes Whites TreasurePro metal detector waterproof coil, bullseye ii pinpointer, an apron, headphones, and two years of warranty.

In simple words, the whole set contains all the things required for advanced metal detecting.

The Treasure Pro metal detector comes with five audio tones, 16 target IDs, and advanced options for discrimination. More importantly, it has automatic ground balancing features.

In regards to target hearing, it has a volume control to adjust the frequency.

The best thing about the product is it has not only a waterproof but also weather resistant coil. It means it has no limitations to where it can be used.

Moreover, it has an adjustable armrest that let you find the position that you feel easy to hold this pinpointer.

Automatic ground balancing helps this product to adjust itself and helps you to detect small things precisely at a deeper level. Moreover, with five search modes, it enables you to hunt like a pro.

It has two batteries of 9 volts each. TreasurePro metal detector has 20 hours battery life with an arm strap. The dimensions of the TreasurePro metal detector are26.4 x 9.5 x 6.5 inches an overall weight of 6.34 pounds.

  • All in one: The TreasurePro metal detector by whites is an all in one tool that not only include all the things required for effective working but also the things necessary for safety measures. Also, this product comes with two years of warranty that fuels confidence to new buyers.
  • Stable body: The product is made in a way to use it everywhere. It is not only waterproof but also weather resistant.
  • Faster detection: The TreasurePro metal detector with volume adjustment and multiple discriminating levels can detect small metals quickly.
  • Two years of warranty
  • Easy to carry
  • 16 target IDs
  • Weather-resistant
  • A bit expensive

4. Whites Coinmaster w/ Waterproof 9″ Spider Search Coil and Bullseye II Pinpointer

Whites Coinmaster Spider Search CoilOne of the most paramount features of the set is 5-range discrimination. This is an important option to choose only a specific kind of signal to search and identify. Furthermore, the set has adjustable sensitivity.

This white’s metal detector ​ provides you dept.-range option. Through this option, you can measure how much metal is inside a ground. Furthermore, the ID tracking option helps hunting a target.

This set includes 2 9-volt batteries, a white’s Bullseye II Pinpointed, and a white’s coinmaster metal detector. These combined white’s metal detectors and a spider coil provide you the best performance and features to find out metals from jewelry to coin.

The spider coil is waterproof and let you search for the metals in the water safely. However, the saltwater can be harmful to the coil.  Through this white’s metal detector, you can hear and see your target.

However, you need a headphone that can be attached to it in front of the coinmaster. Moreover, it has a Non-VCO Audio Output speaker.

The overall weight of the package is 4.94 pounds and the dimensions of the package are 26.5 x 9.8 x 6.7. From the performance point of view, this is an ideal package it has about 5-6 inches of detection range.

The product is easy to carry and simple to use which ensures that the product is user-friendly.

The package is for you if are a beginner and want quality. The package is easy to operate and quick to respond. So look no further if you want the best metal detector.

  • Budget: The white’s coinmaster metal is the best di product that delivers the best quality hunting to almost 5 to 6 inches under an acceptable amount of money.
  • innovation: The product is marked by innovative technology for an exact and quick hunt. These include target ID and 5 range discrimination.
  • Items are user friendly
  • easy to operate
  • higher penetration
  • A bit heavy


The verdict

White’s metal detectors are the only detectors that work fine over the endless period. If you are to consume money be sure that you purchase a reliable product. For me, the only product I would go for is white’s metal detector when I am in need of one.