Whites Coinmaster w/ Waterproof 9" Spider Search Coil and Bullseye II Pinpointer

Whites Coinmaster w Waterproof 9 Spider Search Coil and Bullseye II Pinpointer


Do you really want to give a new life to your metal detecting hobby? If yes, and want to get something amazing to boost your finding and to make you get more in the same amount of time, you must grab the package of White’s coin master metal detector with Bullseye pin pointer ii. The combination of a good metal detector and a superb pinpointer can find the tiniest metal hidden underground.

There are dozens of features combined come forth when we dig deep into getting the insight into this combination. You get the accurate and precise location using the excellent performance pinpointer and the 9 inches waterproof spider search coil. Though, the warranty of two years’ time span can make you annoy with it somehow.

Tech Specification:

  • Adjustable length of 46″-51″
  • All metal modes
  • Non-VCO Audio output
  • Two 9 volt batteries
  • Optional coils
  • 5-Range Discrimination
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Weight 4.95 pounds
  • Rugged water-resistant control waterproof
  • Depth reading
  • Preset operating frequency 8 kHz
  • Preset ground balance
  • 1-2 Inch sensitivity pinpointer


White’s coin master is one of the perfect options for the coin shooter. Coming shooting is somehow difficult compared to detecting. The smaller size of a coin is difficult to find an item for a simpler metal detector. If you have some specific metal detector such as White’s Coinmaster, you will get the job done with just one sweep. So, let’s have detailed insight about this and what else this has to offer other than discrimination and target ID.

Design and Features:

White’s coin master waterproof metal detector with Bullseye pin pointer it comes in a package. One can save at least 100 bucks by just ordering this combination. You would love to have the abundance of the features and possibilities, such as you get a perfect pin pointer with five ranges discrimination.

Five range discrimination modes mean that you can side bye the unwanted items. For example, if you are getting out for hunting particular metals such as Gold, by using the discrimination mode you will get signals related to the Gold. You need to understand relating to no deposit bonus codes.

But, the discrimination mode can make your metal detector less efficient. You start skipping and missing deeply buried metals, and get lesser options.

All metal modes help you to get the deep scan of a place and offers you more option. In all metal mode, you see the ratio of the findings has boosted, but the ratio of the craps also enhances.

This metal detector comes with adjustable sensitivity. You can anywhere anytime simply turn the sensitivity as per your requirement. In fewer mineralization soils and dry sands, the higher sensitivity level helps you outreaching more precious metals and deep. In mineralization grounds, where the false alarms become the neck pain, you need to tune the sensitivity at the lesser available scale.

The numeric target ID makes you get the insight of the metals founded. Like, with the audio and the target ID number you see what is the metal and how deep to dig to get these metals. The controls are easy and simple in use.

You get the pin pointer mode option at the front of the screen, the on/off buttons and sensitivity adjustment. These are the vital options and a user needs them at most of the time when hunting.

Adjustable length of the metal detector can make you increase or decrease the length as per your preferences. For a short height person, it would be hard to step out with the default height of the detector. Same happens with a long-height, by increasing the height you get the better results.

White’s Coinmaster comes with a waterproof search coil, the operating frequency of the search coil is 8 kHz, AND YOU GET THE speakers for better Audio recognition. The built-in audio speakers help you even to hunt in crowded areas. Near public places, school, universities and other institutions it almost becomes impossible to hunt with peace of mind. You always get unwanted attention, and people start asking their own queries at the time when you get some moments to live freely.
So, when you put on the headphones and get the audio discrimination perfectly, you are not required to respond on any query.

Though, the device does not come with auto ground balancing features. Which you can say, a downside of the device, still preset ground balance helps you to get the desired results displayed.

The rugged Coinmaster offers splendid performance and the features housed in this machine helps you to become a better coin shooter. The jewelry and coins are the easiest part of the hunting when you get your hands onto a White’s Coinmaster along with a dedicated pinpointer. The Target ID with the numbers 0-99 helps you to identify the targets and you can see and hear the target audio, depths reading, and other vital details.

The waterproof search coil helps you to reach out your finding into water and wet conditions. The control panel is not waterproof; you dare not to risk your device’s life by stepping this into deep waters.

Very comfortable to use, easy to carry and lightweight metal detector comes in beautifully shaped design. The depth reading of the metal detector lies between 9-13 inches deep in the ground. For the pinpointer, the depth sensitivity lies between 1-2 inches close to the findings.

This metal detector comes with two 9 volt batteries, and you can get your hunting to proceed at least 15 hours. If you are planning a bigger trip you can have an extra power supply to illuminate your finding.

  • Five range of discrimination
  • Superb performance in coin shooting and jewelry hunting
  • Efficient depth reading
  • Superb Target ID identification
  • Preset Ground balancing
Final words
White’s Coinmaster is a beginner level metal detector, and comes with handy options, for a pro detector, this MD may lack the advanced options.

The induction of a pinpointer though helps a beginner to look upon the metals more precisely. The results some time in bad weather conditions becomes unreliable, and need to sweep twice or thrice to get peace of mind before proceeding.