White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector Review

White's Coinmaster Metal Detector


White’s Coinmaster is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced metal detectorists alike. This machine is very simple to carry around as it is lightweight and ergonomic. As the name suggests this metal detector has some built-in qualities for coin shooting. Though White’s Coinmaster has the ability to catch other metals such as relics, jewelry, and other precious metals but its ability to detect coins is unmatched.

The intuitive design, less expensive price range and comfortability while hunting are some advantages of this machine.

This is a perfect option for beginners, as this has no learning curve and you carry it around without any hiccup.

Technical specification:

  • 9-inch search coil
  • Preset ground balance
  • 1/4 headphone jack
  • 1-9 Volt battery requirements
  • 1-tone audio identification
  • Total weight 2.5lbs
  • Operating frequency 8 kHz
  • Comes with a built-in pin point mode
  • Concentric search coil
  • sensitivity adjustment
  • The LCD screen for visual identification
  • Discriminate operation mode
  • Waterproof search coil
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Pin point/all metal modes
  • Target identification numeric 0-99

White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector review

As per the founder of the company Kenneth G white, a business can only last long if you treat your employees and customers like a family. This may be the reason, the customer care services of the brand has already been up to the impressive marks. The brand is owned by a family business which is dedicated to providing out of the box solution to every problem. The same happens with the White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector.

This metal detector is housed with every important feature which is required for treasure hunting. The advanced and unnecessary features which sometimes do not come in mind correctly has been skipped. This is why the brand always advertises this unit a beginner’s product with minimalist design and streamlined performance.

Let’s have a detailed insight into this metal detector and see what this product has to offer for a novice.

Design and features:

It is a pretty cool and simple in function a metal detector. When it comes to its design, it is pretty streamlined, and you would love to carry this unit around. It housed a downsized control box situated beneath the device’s frame. With an adjustable shaft, and 51 inches total adjustable length, a pretty secure device for the family.

The arm cup of the unit is cushioned; it has a curved edge with a smooth finish.

The control of this machine makes it an ideal choice for beginners. For experienced users, it would be little hard to get used to the simple control lacking the advanced options. It has a 9-inch search coil and gets a power boost from the two 9-volt batteries. The batteries can make you hunting for at least 20-25 hours, you can arrange extra batteries if planning something bigger than this.

The Target ID display shows the targets on the screen, even it makes you hear the voice of the different metals and read their actual depth.

This machine is adorned with five range discrimination option. A user can simply focus on the particular metals and finding without diverting its attention to the other metals. Like, if you drop your gold ring and want to detect it, by adjusting the mode to detect Gold only can make you only find the gold in the specified region, without wasting your time to the false alarms and unimportant metals.

It is rugged-water-resistant; the other controls are not waterproof so you will have to be very careful while pulling this machine into deep waters. Still, you can work in rainy conditions, without any hiccup.

It is a sturdy and dependable machine with versatile options for beginners and novices.

We always test every metal detector before providing a review. This one as well has gone through our testing process and results were quite satisfactory. We use to bring out tests at buried metals at varying depths. We did this by burying the coins and pennies in different holes.

The Coinmaster metal detector successfully identified the metals in 73% of the holes. We saw that most of the holes this metal detector missed were buried around 10-12 inches in the field. This metal detector can only detect metals around 8-inches in depth and you probably will be getting the same results.

The best aspect of this machine would be its ease of use. This is where this metal detector stands out in the crowd. When you get a hit, you get a display at your screen corresponds to jewelry, coins, and trash metals.

The in-built pin pointer tool helps you quite impressively. In the presence of this tool, you might not be needed to acquire some dedicated pin pointer and expect up to the mark performance from the pin pointer.

The modifiable sensitivity helps you a lot to roll out your machine the way you want. Some users love to hunt in high sensitivity settings and want to get an insight into every tiny finding in the area. This feature helps you out in bad weather conditions, wet sands, and mineralized soils.

This comes with headphone audio output. This helps you in treasure hunting in public places. As you might not want some unwanted attention while hunting nearby school and other public places.

Though, there are some downsides of this machine. Like, the battery life might not be very impressed for a pro user. Some limited functioning and absence of advanced controls are the hurdles. That can be an advantage, a beginner cannot roll the advanced function accurately, so simple controls give them pretty a shot.

  • Simple in use
  • Less-expensive
  • Waterproof-rugged
  • Five range of discrimination
  • Steady and dependable
  • Poor battery performance
  • The absence of advanced controls
  • Slow recovery time
Final words
White’s Coinmaster is a pretty simple and affordable metal detector. For those who do not have a hefty amount of money for purchasing a pro metal detectors still want to enjoy treasure hunting, this is one stop shop. Best for beginners, as this has no learning curve, and you need to read the manual to get the job done.


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