Treasure Cove Gold Silver Bronze Platinum Metal Detector SetWhile my friends were running behind false signals and discovering useless metals, I hit the bull’s eye in my first attempt to find gold and silver.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, we can’t go to places like hotels, shopping malls, and parks. So we decided to go on a hunt, far away from the human population.

That’s when I decided to buy a metal detector, and after getting some suggestions and reading some reviews, I choose the treasure cove metal detector.

From the moment I turn it on, this metal detector works as a pro with its precise and pinpoint detection.

Its auto-ground control feature eliminates all the false signals and displays the exact location of your required metal.

Even if you’re looking for multiple metals, this metal detector discriminates them correctly and informs you about each of them.

And with its digital LCD, multiple audio tunes, and waterproof coating, this metal detector will shock your competitors when it comes to hunting.

My friends were amazed after watching my metal detector’s latest features, and so would you be once you read the below-mentioned reviews.

So go down, and stay tuned!

Treasure Cove TC-3020 Metal Detector Set
(Editor’s Choice)
Treasure Cove Fortune Finder TC-1023
Treasure Cove TC-1018 Metal Detector
Treasure Cove TC-9700 Fortune Finder Pro

1. Treasure Cove TC-3020 Metal Detector Set

Treasure Cove TC-3020 Kit with LED Screen Display, Waterproof Coil, Headset, Carry Bag, Complete 10 Year Warranty Gold Silver Bronze Platinum Metal Detector Set

Accuracy, precision, Comfortability, and easy mobility are some words, customer love, to define their detector. Get ready to explain your metal detector in the same way.

In terms of accessible output, the detector has a big LCD. Owing to display, the output will be provided in numerical form. That makes it very easy to calculate your moves and object place.

At any mineralized soil,you are deceived with false signals. Its AUTO GROUND-CONTROL FEATURE allows it to eliminate false signals; ultimately, you will not waste your time on unwanted things.

What type of metal is it? You can distinguish it with the detector’s best discrimination. Due to discrimination, you will be able to hunt the metal of your desire. The outcome of this development will be on your screen.

Its features also provide many extra things such as headphones,which help in audio feedback—six feet long chord that extends your detector’s ability to stretch the body.

The search coil is waterproof so you can search underwater. Similarly, you can hunt on places that are muddy and murky.

Interestingly, you can adjust the detector size. It gives you the advantage that, according to your height, you can change. And when lessen in size, it can be moved easily.

Together with the binary outcome, it also has an audio outcome facility. With headphones, you can easily make out the sound outcome even in crowded places.

You can comfortably grip the handgrip because of cushioned cover over it. Your arm will be in a better position because of its padded armrest. Above all, the detector itself will be protected from rubbing with ground rest.

With its full kit, it is easy to operate. You may feel that it is difficult to operate due to its LCD and many buttons, but this is not the case at all.

Durable and affordable; with many pros features Treasure Cove TC-3020 Kit with LED Screen Display, Waterproof Coil, Headset, Carry Bag, Complete 10 Year Warranty Gold Silver Bronze Platinum Metal Detector Set has Dimensions 41 x 10 x 8 inches and Item Weight is 2.5 pounds.

  • Precise Tracking: One, you will be able to discriminate metal type. Two, you can identify the object type. Three, you can easily search in crowded places. These combined make it very precise in tracking.
  • Easy Monitoring: every development will appear at your screen due to LCD. And you will have every result in precise numbers. Lastly, you can calculate and monitor the metal object’s distance and place.
  • It includes discrimination mode so you could eliminate the useless metal
  • Affordability: it is very much affordable. When you see many features and extra accessories, it becomes easy to pay the required money. The pretext of money should not hinder your fun because you will have many extra things.
  • Best Discrimination
  • Accessories Display
  • Numerical outcome
  • Waterproof coil
  • Heavy
  • Large
The verdict
So if you are looking for one of the best and the state of the art long range metal detector then TC-3020 metal detector by Treasure Cove is a great option for you. This best buy metal detector by Treasure Cove comes with a wide range of features that make it unique and amazing. Moreover, the Treasure Cove also offers a, 23 Fortune Finder Metal Detector Kit, 3-Piece Metal Detector Kit with EASY-TO-READ Display, 10-Year Warranty


2. Treasure Cove Fortune Finder TC-1023

The trust is long-lasting. This metal detector has been a best-selling product due to its optimum performance that lasts long.

The product is prepared based on no compromise on the quality tenant. As a result, the quality, performance, and price are all the best.

Discrimination: this metal detector is very impressive at discriminating one metal from another. Subsequently, you can hunt a metal based on your choice.

Whether you particularly want to hunt gold, silver, or iron, the detector will discriminateamong them precisely.

Sensitivity: Like discrimination, sensitivity is also of great use. It will ignore unwanted metal like nickel zinc and copper, or ignore junk metals. With precision, you will find the desired metal quickly.

With other outcomes, it provides audio feedback. Either the audio will be high or low based on metal type. Easy identification becomes possible.

Accuracy is also in demand. With its target mode, you can pinpoint the exact location of the target. This will be enough for accuracy that helps in location finding.

Many metal detectors work effectively in normal conditions, but when adverse conditions come, they stop in the middle. This detector, due to the waterproof coil, does not stop working in any circumstances.

Many times people want their gadgets with them, but sometimes it is challenging to carry them on. This detector is always ready to be carried on to other places. You can quickly assemble and disassemble for mobility or accommodation.

For the outcome, there is a display on the head. A display helps quickly read out the report of development in search and makes it easier for you to hunt.

Besides assembling and disassembling, you can adjust the length of the detector. Due to this, every person of every height can easily hunt with it. That is why it is made based on no compromise tenant.

Treasure Cove TC-1023 Fortune Finder Metal Detector KithasDimensions 48 x 10 x 48 inches, and Item Weight is 2.5 pounds. Not too big and not too heavy. Ideal in everything.

  • Easily Assembled: Since it can be easily assembled, it, similarly, can easily be dissembled. As a result, you can move it from one place to another with ease. And by adjusting, you can fix to your height
  • Unlimited Range: It is in the sense that it does not only perform in natural areas but only in many regions. Since it is waterproof, you can search in shallow water and muddy fields. Whether beach, desert, or pool does not limit on hunting.
  • No Compromise: Based on no-compromise policy, it provides customers many features that perform in harmony. For output, there are two ways. For distinguishing metal, there are two ways. It is well equipped in every aspect.
  • Waterproof
  • Best Discrimination
  • Good Sensitivity
  • Adjustable
  • Ideal performance
  • No Numerical output
  • No Flash
The verdict
Treasure Cove Fortune Finder TC-1023 is an easy to use, user-friendly and best mid-range metal detector with several amazing features. This metal detector works on 4 basic operating systems which are Discrimination mode, Tone mode, All Metal mode and Target mode. If you are confused that which metal detector to buy then you should definitely opt for this one of the cheap but good metal detectors.


3. Treasure Cove Waterproof Metal Detectors Starter TC-1018

Treasure Cove Metal Detector Waterproof Metal Detectors Starter Kit with Pinpointer& Discrimination Mode & 10-year Warranty - Model TC-1018

In a quickly expanding market, to beat one another, companies’ quest for better machines is increasing day by day. In this quest, This Brand has been trusted for 15 years.

In 15 years of service, it has earned a great name in the market. You will also like to be part of this excellent brand.

Very easy to operate, this detector is also portable. Therefore, you can enjoy hunting for a long time. In these tough times, this will be a fantastic product for your fun.

It has now become possible to search for water and protect it from unfavorable weather. Due to its waterproof coil, you can safely search in the water. Similarly, the detector will be safe and sound for a long time.

With its big LCD, it is easy to make out the deep of the target and type of object. The analogy display keeps you inform with every detail. You need not guess the object distance and type.

To avoid trash and junk, you have the best discrimination provided in the detector. With this feature’s help, you will be able to discriminate between metal types, whether silver, gold, or iron.

The pinpoint mode makes it extensively accurate. The exact place of the target is secure now. It brings you many benefits. It saves you time. It saves detectors from long searching etc.

Not only will you have many features, but also you will be provided with extra accessories. These extra accessories are in addition to make your hunting faster, easier, and more comfortable.

Together with analogy display, you also have audio tone mode. The closer you get to the object, the louder it will be. The audio option is here to update you if you cannot always monitor through the display.

There is a low battery indicator that helps you to be alert in case you are working at a low battery. You are save from a sudden stop and can recharge the battery.

The length of the Treasure Cove Metal Detector Waterproof Metal Detectors Starter Kit with Pinpointer& Discrimination Mode & 10-year Warranty – Model TC-1018 is adjustable. You can adjust it to fit your height. Whether you are tall or short, it will do well for you.

The Dimensions are 22 x 1 x 30 inches. The Item Weight is 1.5 pounds, which is not too heavy for this product.

  • Pinpoint Mode: The importance of pinpoint is well known to the user of the detector. It helps you spot the exact location of the target. You will be given a narrow spot to search only.
  • Portable: To avoid sudden and last long fun, the portable mode is excellent. It keeps your detector recharged. As a result, you will hunt for longer.
  • Two-Mode Output: If you are awkward with output on display or audio, you can choose anyone. You can also have products from both. What you want, it will be provided.
  • Portable
  • Extra Accessories
  • Adjustable
  • Waterproof
  • Pinpoint Mode
  • Analog display
  • No Flash
The verdict
TC-1018 by Treasure Cove is one most popular small metal detector among the people because of the great variety of features this metal detector possesses. Having a weight of fewer than 2 pounds makes it easy to use a mini metal detector for kids. Its waterproof coil makes it a great choice to be used on land and in shallow water. According to some Best metal detector reviews is one of the good cheap metal detectors and also one of quality metal detectors.


4. Treasure Cove TC-9700 Fortune Finder Pro Professional Metal Detector Kit

Treasure Cove TC-9700 Fortune Finder Pro Professional Metal Detector Kit With Waterproof Search Coil, and 10-Year Warranty

If you have searched exhaustively and have taken suggestions from many friends, yet you are not satisfied with one or other features of the detector.

I think your search has reached its destiny. After using this metal detector for a few days, you will be yourself able to suggest and help your friends and colleague in this regard.

It is now necessary to enlist a few features of the detector below. First, it has a waterproof search coil that is likely to help you search for many environments.

You can search in shallow water. It can protect itself from getting faulty from rain.

You are provided an LCD for a better outcome. The display gives you output in the form of a number.

It results in better accuracy. If you are able to spot the object accurately, you can save an immense time span.

It allows you to hunt with five hunting mode. With five hunting modes, it adds many features to its account. Some of the methods are listed below.

One of them is discrimination. It enables you to dig out the metal of your choice that you want to search for. In this way, you will save yourself from trash digging.

In addition, the pinpoint mode makes it very easy, together with discrimination, to spot the exact place. In the narrow field, you can dig without having wasted your much of time.

Another best thing about this detector is that it comes with many extra accessories that are not provided usually. These are additional amenities that you get with this detector.

Another worry should be got rid of. It is with the help of its adjustability that you can fit the length according to your height. In this sense, even youth in your home can enjoy it if you want.

Treasure Cove TC-9700 Fortune Finder Pro Professional Metal Detector Kit with Waterproof Search Coil and 10-Year Warrantyhas Dimensions is 45 x 10 x 48 inches, and Item Weight is 3.1 pounds.

You have taken the tour of the features of this metal detector. You may think to yourself that this is what I want. Don’t wait and purchase it quickly before it goes short in the market.

  • Additional Amenities: With necessary features, you get extra accessories that help you maintain your search correctly. Rarely did you get things like headphones and Carrying bags.
  • Search in Water: Since it has a waterproof search coil, it makes it possible to search in shallow water. It also helps in the protection of the search coil.
  • Five Mode Hunting: Easier hunting and fast-tracking is possible. It quickly helps you spot an object. Then, it gives you output about the exact place.
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Five Method Hunting
  • Adjustable
  • Numerical Output
  • Extra Accessories
  • ComplexOperation
  • Little Heavy
The verdict
The treasure cove metal detectors have proven its worth with their accurate and decisive metal hunting. This metal detector is available in different shapes and sizes, so whether you’re a kid or fully grown men, you can adjust its size according to your requirement. Its compact body and waterproof covering make it long-lasting and robust; we hope that the Treasure cove metal detector reviews have clear all of your doubts and make your decision easier.