Treasure Cove TC-9700 Fortune Finder Pro Review

Treasure Cove TC-9700 Fortune Finder Pro


You are in search of a metal detector and trying very hard to find a perfect one? There is no such thing as perfect exists in the real world, though in advertisements it does. You can have a good or a bad machine, or you try to grab the best. So, here we are with the best metal detector by using which you can get out having your exercise and additionally you can get rich.

Treasure Cove TC-9700 Fortune Finder Pro Professional Metal Detector is one of the best machines and you can rely on this gadget to find relics, gold, nuggets, and other precious metals 10-inches depth into the ground. This is a metal detector caters you need of detecting and offers some unimaginable experience. There is a very product in the market which can fit the beginner and pro alike, and the TC-9700 is the one. You can expect any advanced feature, as this has been constructed using cutting edge technology.

Technical specification:

  • Waterproof search coil
  • LCD display
  • Discrimination between 8 different metal type
  • Five operating modes
  • Preset ground balancing
  • Ground track
  • Two detection modes, motion, and non-motion
  • Three tone audio feedback
  • Low battery indicator
  • 8 inches bi-axial search coil
  • Comes with a carrying bag and kit (Sand sifting scoop and headset)
  • Use 2 -9-volt batteries
  • Weight 3.1 pounds
  • Ten-year warranty


You get the right product to fulfill your treasure hunting needs. In the shape of TC-9700, you can discriminate eight different metals with great easily.

This metal detector has the ability to display the true metal and its depth at its meter view. At LCD you can have the right product information, and see the total depth of the finding into grounds. This metal detector is considered as a great starter model with advanced technology. It comes with an easy to use and view meter windows, the detection system is very sensitive and easy to carry and operate around.

The length is adjustable and the shaft can stretch out to 34 inches to give a nice search range. The price, on the other hand, is affordable for even a novice; a metal detector under $120 would not be a big deal for a treasure hunter.

The search coil is waterproof; you can step into shallow water and carry out your operation to find out something precious out of it.

So, let’s have a detailed insight into the other features and design of the product and see what else this TC-9700 pro has to offer to its users.

Design and features:

I must say this machine is newbie friendly. This is the machine called the best partner of crime, you step out and find the precious metals around and sometimes find a jackpot, which changes your destiny. At least you can find enough precious metals to carry out this as your favorite hoppy.

This machine has a perfect LCD display, which accurately tells what is detecting, a penny, nugget, nickel or a coin. The depth indicator can work underground 11 inches precisely and insight about the depth and the finding of the metals.

This metal detector comes with a carrying bag and scoops for digging. The metal detector has been building strong and ergonomically to comfortably carrying around without any hiccup.

This metal detector can discriminate among eight different types of metals. Like, you step out and the LCD display coherent with the search coil tells the actual finding, its size, and other details precisely. The precision of depth has been its rare quality, and you get this right every time in every condition. Either you go at the wet sand beaches, or at parks and public places. This works smoothly and gives you the experience of treasure hunting no other device can offer.

The TC-9700 is an upgraded model with the latest technology and a deeper reach of the finding. You can expect this machine finds quarter buried up to 25 cm deep.

This machine comes with two detection mode, motion and non-motion modes which help you to get your operations continuously at every condition perfectly.

The TC 9700 metal detector has five different operating modes. These modes make you go right in finding precious metals. The all metal mode rolls you onto public places to detect and find any metal around. The notch mode, pinpoint mode, discriminate mode and variable notch mode.

By using the control panel buttons you can activate any of the mentioned modes and get the juice of them. The discriminate mode and pin point mode are the two very helpful in giving the actual insight about the finding. Like, using the discriminate mode, one can turn off the trash finding aside and only focus on something precious or important. And the pin point mode helps you to precisely know the location of your finding so that you do not dig into the wrong holes.

This metal detector comes with three-tone audio feedback. By hearing the audio sounds you can recognize the metal types and dig into the ground if needs. The low battery indicator, on the other hand, gives insight into the power of the machine. So that you could wrap up your findings before the machine drains the battery.

This machine is equipped with a Preset ground balance and user control balance. You can use this option to get the ground balance and to carry out your operation on saltwater beaches.

This machine uses 2- 9-volt batteries which can help you get the machine on running track at least 10-15 hours.

  • Waterproof search coil
  • Discriminate between eight metals types
  • Preset ground balance
  • Ten years warranty
  • Affordable
  • Poor performance in saltwater conditions
  • Headset quality could have been better
The final thought
The Treasure Cove TC-9300 is an ideal metal detector for a newbie. For a newbie, the machine should be easy to use, easy to control and easy to carry. These all features are the trademark of the product, along with superb performance and excellent depth indication. This surely going to become the ideal metal detecting gadget, you will not regret your decision of purchasing it.


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