Treasure Cove TC-3020 Metal Detector Review

Treasure Cove TC-3020


More than often a metal detector in television documentaries are portrayed the magical tools. You might have watched the digger metal hunting show and have seen hunting in a museum and other public places. If you also want to share the same kind of experience, then you must cave-in and purchase Treasure Cove TC-302 metal detector.

I have been finding a beginner metal detector for some days, and finally eyes on this machine and explored the inches and squares of it. This detector performed the beginner tasks quite impressively and offers splendid experience to find the precious metals nearby.

Let’s dig deep and see what this product has to offer and see the pros and cons of them.

Technical specification:

  • 15cm (about 6in) deep sensitivity
  • Digital and numeric display
  • One touch auto tune
  • Ferrous and nonferrous discriminator mode
  • manual ground control
  • Adjustable metal shaft and arm-supporting handle
  • Cushioned handlers
  • 6 Foot long cord for headphones
  • Front mounted 1/8 inch headphone jack
  • Runs 2 batteries of 9V
  • Comes with discrimination mode, tone mode, all metal modes, and target mode


For a beginner, it comes impossible to handle advanced level metal detector, because you more than often do not understand the finding and digging distance. So, if you have been experiencing such circumstances before, Treasure Cove TC-3020 is the best unit for you.

This helps a beginner and a pro treasure hunter alike. This comes with notch discrimination and allows you to find the metals just by hearing the audio tones. Take a look at the article and clear your head regarding the functionality and features of this impressive metal detector.

Design and features:

In my opinion, for hunting in public places and crowded areas, you must have a metal detector with a powered notch discrimination option. When you are hunting, we more than often come to see the junk metals. Like, you see soda cans, nails, and other trash. So, before you detect something good, you will spend so much time fighting with the trash and pile them up. This is not going to happen with you again, at least with the users of Treasure Cove TC-3020.

Using this machine, and enabling the tone discrimination option, you can set all trash aside and focus on your true findings. You even can come up all discrimination metal except one, so that you could completely focus on one metal you are hunting for.

Target mode equipped in this metal detector is the crown jewel of it. This has the potential to pinpoint the target using it. By using this mode you are no longer be digging the wrong holes and finding craps all the time. This saves lots of your time and narrows down the finding with the minimum distance. The target mode makes you not to use any dedicated pin pointer as you are getting the job done without one.

Treasure Cove TC-3020 comes with three audio tones discrimination. This means you can hear the audio and see what have you found. With this metal detector you will hear one of three tones. And by just listening to the audios careful you decide which metals have come into your range. If you hear the low tone the things would be nice and nails. For medium tone, you can see Gold copper and zinc, for higher tones you are going to grab Bras and silver. By just hearing you can exactly deduce what valuable thing you might be found when digging up.

This unit comes with an 8-inch waterproof search coil. Though the size of the coil could have been enhanced but this is enough to get the job done. The waterproof search coil helps you to submerge the coil in shallow water for a shorter span of time. The search coil is waterproof, not the entire control panel.

Without a single shadow of the doubt, this is a durable machine and not much expensive.

Although the battery life of the machine could have been more improved, as this can only long last for 4-5 hours in hunting, still the extra power option can make you dig for a whole day. This metal detector is designed for righties and lefties alike, it depends upon you, what hands you use for hunting. It is very lightweight; you would not get tired of carrying it all-day-long.

This metal detector comes with a digital display. You can see the type of metal before digging deep into the grounds. It has ferrous and nonferrous more discriminate that sort of steel from the iron and others.

The view meter and Pinpointer also have a ferrous and non-ferrous indicator. It has one-touch auto tune and comes with a very low frequency for accurate detection.

One of the strengths of the TC-3020 is the fact that this comes with accessories. In addition to the actual machine, and other lots of features you get headphones, a carrying case, and sand sniffing scoop. These are items what the buyers buy separately, and in this these are accessories. You are going to save some of the bucks and have complete hunting experience on the go.

At the asked price range, you grab a superb quality treasure hunting machine. There are complaints though, which could be overlooked when we see at the price range. Such as this gives off false signals so often. As the audio tones are categorized by the metal type, it becomes hard for the machine to separate more than one metal and send off the right signal.

In salt water condition and beaches environment, the machine becomes a little bit wackier.

  • A very comfortable machine, you would not get tired of carrying it all day long
  • Works efficiently in mud or water
  • Affordable price
  • manual ground balance
  • False alarms
Final thought
Treasure Cove TC-3020 by all accounts is a good quality an affordable metal detectors with lots of settings which make it above the toy detector. The features like notch discrimination, Pinpointer, easy to understand audio makes the hunting more like fun.


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