Treasure Cove TC-1023 Metal Detector Review

Treasure Cove TC-1023 Metal Detector


Metal detecting has never been that easy as now. The technology has revamped the entire structure of developing and forming a metal detector. When I lay down on the memory lane, I remember the time of detecting along with my father. The metal detector we use to operate was too heavy for a kid to carry.

So, that part of metal and treasure hunting was not my favorite. I always try to carry the hefty machine and would fail brutally every time. Now, when I look at Treasure Cove TV-1023 metal detector and like others, I see the little kids even can carry this along even all day. This metal detector comes with a durable carrying case and dozens of advanced features what we cannot even imagine at our times.

If you really planning a cheerful gift to your kid at this birthday make up your mind and surprise him with a beautifully designed metal detector of Cove family.

This is not even an expensive machine; you can grab it within $120. You cannot imagine how much fun you are going to accumulate by having this little machine in your home.

Technical specification:

  • Discrimination mode
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted to ignore ferrous metal, nickel, zinc copper and other metal objects
  • Tone mode
  • One touch auto tune
  • Accurate detection with low Frequency
  • Target mode
  • Pinpoint mode
  • Ten years warranty
  • Operates two 9 volts batteries
  • Include 1/8 inch headphone jack
  • Durable carrying case and sand sniffing scoop
  • Weight 2.5 pounds
  • Adjustable length from 41 inches to 48 inch

Treasure Cove TC-1023 Metal detector review:

This machine does not claim itself a pro gadget. Rather, they have been advertising this MD as a beginner machine with some basic and simplest operations. This machine is durable as hell, and has ten years warranty proud on its chest. You know the brand gives the warranty for the timespan, about which they are 100% sure their product will function. So, ten years of timespan would not be that easy to overlook. And in a mention price, a downright steals.

If you are a pro metal detector, that machine might confuse you, or you will be annoyed that this has no advance function. I would say, by using this machine, a user can learn very basics of detecting and have clear ideas regarding treasure hunting. This machine weighs about 2.5 pounds, which is not going to hurt your shoulder at all. So, have some detailed insight about metal detector and see what this has to offer.

Design and features:

TC 1023 comes with some basic design and features. The design is simplest and you would understand it even in a second. The target indicator meter has some powerful conviction for the metals. And you can see the sensitivity option on the left-hand side. This option lets you switch the sensitivity at your desired levels. If you are scanning dry sand beaches, the high sensitivity will help you to get your targeted metals detected.

In warm water beaches, and sand water beaches, or in wet conditions, the high sensitivity will lead you false alarms. It will become harder for you to roll the machine on in wet conditions with high sensitivity. So, you will have to lower down it to get the job done.

The right-hand side of the controls is a discriminate button. You can enjoy the three distinctive alerts of different types of metal detecting by using this machine. Like, if you want to target only to ferrous metals and you do not want unwanted alerts other than targeted items, you get the job rolled in without any hiccup. In the same way, no ferrous metals could be targeted and iron/silver discrimination helps you out to target your desired metals.

You can go with all metal modes to detect everything around. But, in this mode, you catch lots of junk metals which eat up lots of attention and energy. So, while working at the public places, do not go with all metal modes, go with discrimination crap metals mode to get your head straight and focus. In this way, the junk metals would not catch your eyeballs and will be at high energy to get something precious.

This metal detector comes with a pinpoint mode. That pin pointer helps you to exactly locate already located object. The accuracy of the metal’s location helps a detector lot and saves your time not digging the wrong places. The Pinpointer exactly and precisely pinpoints the location within 1/2 inches and you get the buried metals unearthed.

This metal detector comes with two tunes of audio discriminate. You even by hearing the audio tones can visualize the metals identified. So, in this way, you will not be getting your attention to the items which are unimportant for you.

This metal detector has some instilled qualities to sniff the tine objects. Such as if you have lost your gold ring at your backyard, and are concerned about finding that. By using this metal and switching to the gold mode detecting, can unearth the metal within the shortest span of time. In the same way, if you are worried about your husband not coming out from bed all along day, gift them with this metal detector. Afterward, you will have him lost in sand beaches lurking around finding the precious metals. And who knows someday you get some treasure, at least you will have some fair amount of time enjoying your loneliness.

This metal detector can detect the metals buried 13 inches into the ground and has an adjustable length to suit every size. This comes with a durable carrying case and sand sniffer. This metal detector uses two 9 volt batteries which can make you hunt for at least 15-20 hours.

  • Easy to use
  • Superb Pinpointer
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Waterproof search coil
  • The absence of advanced function
Final words
This is a beginner level metal detector with some easy and handy controls. This can be a best birthday gift for a teenager, who loves to dig into grounds for treasure hunting. The performance is above average, and you can expect some gold rings detecting and dry sand beaches.



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