Treasure Cove TC-1018 Best Metal Detector Review

Do you love treasure hunting and want to give a new life to your favorite hobby? For metal detecting or any other hobby if you do not have the right gadget you cannot accumulate amusement from it. So, having the right product for the right job is must have. For metal detecting, treasure cove has a range of gadgets. The front-runner, Treasure Cove TC-1018 fits the bill and offers you splendid experience on the go.

You can trust on this metal detecting machine and carry it along with you at the next trip of treasure hunting. This is easy to carry and operate a machine and have some simple yet effective features. This machine fits the novices and experienced alike, and would not annoy you from the performance.

The TC-1018 is equipped with a submerged search coil which allows you to carry your operations even in water. You can give this machine a dip into shallow waters to get your searches done. If you have dropped something expensive and precious into the water, and finding it difficult to uncover, have this machine in shallow water and tune the specified mode. You see this machine will make you uncover the metals within seconds.

Technical specification:

  • 5 inches waterproof search coil
  • Allows you to operate under 8 feet water
  • Analog easy to understand display
  • It comes with three metal detecting modes
  • Manual sensitivity
  • Auto ground balance
  • Pinpoint mode
  • Ten years warranty
  • Fast action sand and surf metal detector
  • Weighs 1.5lbs
  • 2- 9VLOTS batteries
  • Motion discrimination mode
  • Adjustable length 23-inches to 34.5-inches

Treasure Cove-1018 Review:

Treasure Cove is a famed name in the world of the metal detector. This brand has already offered top-notch in metal detecting department. This brand took user friendliness very seriously, and this feature has been prominent in all of its brands. You see its products are easy to carry and easy to operate. The prices of this product have always been affordable, and no other brand in the field of metal detecting could ever come up with these price ranges.

So, if you are looking forward to having a metal detector easy to carry and affordable, pick this mention product and you will never regret the decision ever after. The metal detector offered by the Treasure cove always target beginner users, and for pro or experienced hunter, this machine might not be helpful. So, have a detailed insight into the product and see what else this machine has to offer to its users.

Design and features:

Treasure cove always come up with a carrying kit which makes your journey can carrying easy. This time with the TC-1018 you will have a detector kit and action sand and surf metal along with the precious metal detector. This is a great way embarking on a new journey, holding your new metal detector and treasure hunter. This machine is the hell of user-friendly, it is very easy to operate and easy to handle. This has a 7.5 inches waterproof bi-axial search coil. You can even have this machine under shallow waters, the capacity of water depths is up to 8-inches and you can search metals within this depth.

The TC-1018 has adjustable length shaft, will easily fill the bill for all sized persons. It extends easily from 23 inches to 34 inches as per your need and preferences. So, you will not be having any issue either you are petite or tall, the shaft can be extended as per the needs.

The three basic operating modes are the brand of this machine. You are going to have this machine at an affordable price, the price what could not be expected from any front runner in the wildest dreams.

The three basic metal detecting modes are all metal modes, discrimination mode, and pin point mode.

  1. i) All metal mode

This mode detects any metal underground with great efficiency. This mode helps you to get any metal around detected. But, do not go around public places switching this mode on- this catches lots of trashes and waste lots of valuable time.

Ii) Discrimination mode:

This mode helps you to discriminate between the precious metals and other junks. You can have trash elevate from your findings and only gets the signal if any wanted or precious metal is around.

iii) Pin Point mode

This mode helps you to pin point the findings. When you switch this mode on the sensitivity and proximity of any metal maximize. Any metal around picked by the search coil will trigger until the tone gets constant audio. The tone gets louder and clear and at the screen, you get the measure distance or total depth of the metal underground.

The Treasure Cove TC-1018 metal detector is packed with customizable and handy features. The experienced or novice treasure hunter will love the features alike and it offers splendid features with easy to operate and portable components.

This metal detector operates using 2- 9 volts batteries which can give you boost up till 10-15 hours non-stop.

The analog view meter is easy to understand, and audio feedback on the other hands can wreak the havoc. This metal detector comes with a motion discrimination features which distinguish between the precious metal and junk findings.

This machine has excellence performance on every ground conditions. Either it is the dry sand beach, mineralized grounds of wet conditions; you can rely on this lightweight aluminum shaft equipped metal detector from the core.

  • Extremely easy to use and carry
  • Adjustable length
  • Easy to understand view meter
  • Volume controller
  • Ground rest
  • Lacks the advanced features
Final words
The treasure cove TC-1018 is loaded with splendid features. The machine is very lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. A perfect option for novices and kids who want to learn Treasure hunting, the TC-1018 has splendid accuracy and pin point the findings precisely. Though the lack of advanced features makes it a bad choice, but for novices, the use of advanced features becomes a pain in the neck, in a nutshell, an ideal choice for beginners.


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