Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector Review

Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector


The Teknetics T2 is one of the earliest metal detectors; the first version of this metal detector was introduced in 2006. And from that time, this metal detector has been in producing without a single halt. It was the first big and major release of the First Texas which was the parent company of Teknetics. In a nutshell, this metal detector has a high performance and can be used for multi-purpose.

This metal detector uses cutting edge technology in electronic design. Either it is the coin hunting, relic finding, gold nugget prospecting or any other precious metal hunting, the sophisticated design and extremely deep scanning makes this machine the top-notch.

Technical specification:

  • 11 inches search coil
  • Manual ground balancing
  • 1/4 headphone jack
  • With 4 AA batteries
  • Four tone audio identification
  • 5 Pounds of weight
  • All metal and discriminate operating mode
  • The operating frequency of 13 kHz
  • Adjustable length
  • Manual sensitivity adjustment
  • The LCD screen for visual identification
  • Five years warranty
  • Waterproof search coil

Teknetics T2 Classic review

As time passed by, the only things which have become quite apparent in the metal detecting world are T2 classic. Though, the machine did not get well when it was released in terms of business. The reason may be was that it had not created any hype with the release. But, once the users get their hands onto this machine, and start experiencing it, from that time, this has been one stop shop. I have seen many pro users using this metal detector and to get an updated version, bought a new machine after selling this one. And they were regretting on the decision, as the new updated machine were full of crap. Those machines use to collect the trashes, and have lowered down their ration of findings.

From the time of releasing this brand, I have seen people showering love and appreciation. The customer support is top-notch; the software update has been rolled up about 9 times. Some say it is a deep machine and has the ability to locate the treasure deep into the grounds until 15 inches. This amount of distance cannot be dug into the public places, private sites owned by the dedicated treasure hunters. This is an exceptional machine and has outperformed other top-notch brands from the roots. From the time of the release of this brand, I have not seen this brand stopping the production of T2 classic. to better informationYou’ll be able to obtain better data casino no deposit bonus codes. If you really want to give a new life to your treasure hunting hobby, T2 classic is a one-stop shop without a single shadow of the doubt.

Design and features:

The T2 Classic metal detector is a perfect recipe for coin shooting, relic hunting, and gold prospecting. The developers and designers of this product are the pioneer of the metal detectors and have amassed enough experience to produce a superbly great product. It has 11 inches concentric search oil which has the ability to search objects buried into the grounds for 15 inches. The latest technology used in T2 classic metal detector direct it to bring forth high performance, professional grade and multi-purpose.

The bigger and wider screen with target identification display eases the job to find and recognize the precious metals. The visual identification along with the numeric identification makes you get the insight of the finding before digging deep into the earth.

It is lightweight and has easy to use design which makes it quite impress grab for the beginners. The manual ground balancing makes the hunting quite amazing and enjoyable tasks without any deep efforts and stress.

The classic T2 metal detector has double filter discrimination mode which makes it a perfect option for hunting in trashy areas with discrimination the trashes and bottle caps. This metal detector also features ground cancellation and continuous ground monitoring for manual or auto balance controls.

The waterproof search coil adds the cherry on the cake, and one can get this machine into shallow waters to get the job done. The search coil has the bi-axial, open frame and it gives superbly amazing accurate reading every time you scan the area. This metal detector uses 4 AA batteries and this level of power storage can make you run at least for 10-40 hours of non-stop hunting, which means you can have this machine for some days without worrying about injecting the charger to power boost. The Teknetics T2 is a sleek, sturdy and performance oriented a metal detector. Users rave about its lightweight and excellent performance. In fields for treasure hunting, the higher the depth performance of a machine, the better the chances of finding treasures. This machine has a superb depth performance coupled with accurate target ID system.

The extensive menu system is the crown jewel of this product, which offers a wide range of customizability depending on the specific metal hunting.

This metal detector handles the highest mineralization soil without any hiccup and a perfect option for saltwater beaches. The sensitivity level of the machine has been talking of the town can detect coins to 15 inches.

The users are more than just impressed by this product. It is undoubtedly one of the best choices you can have in your treasure hunting kit, the power-efficient performance, the state of the art design, cutting edge technology, above all the blend of old feeling with the new technologies. This gives clear audio, and has flexibility in producing audio tones as per the finding. The machine has something out of the box for those who do not rely on the display of the finding.

  • Great depth performance
  • Lightweight machine
  • Excellent ground balancing
  • Accurate target ID System
  • Sensitive
  • Lack of automatic ground balancing
Final words
T2 metal detector is one of the finest choices for serious treasure hunters. It’s various features make the metal detecting superbly easy and efficient. The machine gives you accurate reading which saves the time discriminate the trash.

I have seen few reviews regarding its difficulty in close proximity to other metal detectors which cause interference. It also has to be auto ground balancing lacking the automatic ground tracking.