Teknetics Euro Tek Pro Metal Detector Review

Teknetics Euro Tek Pro Metal Detector


Teknetics finally succeeded in constructing a highly sensitive metal detector. The previous generation of the metal detectors was flooded with negative reviews owing to its less sensitive nature.

This machine has simple controls and easy navigation, a perfect option for a novice. But, what I found it has much more than a budget machine. The splendid power performance of the machine does the job of a premium metal detector. I am hugely impressed with the 11-inch pixel search coil. You know that an eccentric search coil works in a smaller area with higher depth. So, let’s have a detailed review of the product, and try to know this product as much as possible.

Technical specification:

  • Turn on and go machine
  • Well balanced and lightweight
  • Five segment depth indicator
  • Three tone audio signal detection
  • Motion discrimination mode
  • Variable tone breakpoint
  • Target ID numeric numbers from 0-99
  • Iron target indicator
  • Variable iron discrimination
  • The adjustable iron audio volume controller
  • 8 inch round concentric search coil with option 11 inch DD search coil
  • 81 kHz operating frequency
  • Use 9V battery
  • Five years warranty
  • Waterproof search coil

Teknetics Euro Tek Review:

As I mentioned, this Teknetics product is highly sensitive. Upon unboxing you will see six pieces, and it really a pain for a novice to assemble the product. Though the user manual does the job still, lots of experience requires to get the product functioning. As you are going to need a screwdriver to get this unit assembled into one piece.

Once it’s assembled, this is an attractive and good looking product and you are going to enjoy your next hunting trip from the core of the heart. The control panel is the main controller of the machine, like a brain. You will get easy navigation and full control. Just read the manual to kick start the actual hunting, if you are a newbie, and has not rolled out a metal detector before. Behind the control panel you see the battery compartment, simply put on the batteries yes; one 9-volt battery will be required to power up this machine.
Design and features:

The design of this product is entirely simple. You can say that the designer has paid special attention to developing and putting the buttons and other controls as simple and basic as possible. This makes this simple machine simpler and easy to understand for operating.

You get a larger LCD screen; the screen shows the battery level indicator, the target ID numeric number, the volume option, the depth indicator, the sensitivity, and other discrimination option. All in all the controls and the buttons are simply put on a larger screen to get a better view and understanding the entire process.

The buttons of the unit have been kept as minimum as possible. Just power button, menu and pin pointer buttons are given. The crowded buttons give a messy look and a novice gets confused by seeing lots of buttons and controls.

Let’s talk about the features now, the fun part. This metal detector excels in every department of its features. You will be amazed to see the wide range of features and functionality of this non-expensive metal detector.

Euro Tek Pro metal detector has a digital feature that allows full range of discrimination from 0-39. You can simply adjust the iron audio and even adjust the volume of the iron audios. This gives you a much more detailed audio response and indication.

The recovery speed of this metal detector has been one of the worth mentioning features. This machine has cutting edge technology inducted into, to separate the ferrous targets from the non-ferrous targets.

The iron identifier LED illuminates on the screen when the detector detects the iron, you will have to set up the iron discriminated LED lights up function.

You are not required to borrow a separate pin pointer. The in-built pin pointer does the job well and precisely locate the finding accurately.

You even can have an adjustable volume, if you are not interested in listening up the beeping sounds or hunting down on public places.

I mentioned some of the vital features of this machine. And I think in one post it would be hard to point out all features. This metal detector has an abundance of features, packed with the features in such an average price.

You will have an operating frequency of 7.81 kHz, the two options of different search coils are something out of the box. The user can pick the search coil as per his preferences and prior experience.

Though the battery life of this metal detector is not worth mentioning, and this may be the one downside of this metal detector, you will have to arrange another power option if you are planning to carry this for your next treasure hunting trip. It gives you approx 15-20 hours of backup time and uses one 9volt battery.

I have seen many noobs asking the depth of this metal detector. For them, the depth of an MD wholly depends upon the ground conditions. On a good ground with good conditions, you can have coin detection to 1-14 inches depth. Some metal targets were picked up even much deeper than this during our tests.

  • Lightweight and exceedingly comfortable
  • Amazing value for money, the best in the market for the asked price
  • Simple to operate, specifically for the beginners it is very easy to turn on and get the job done
  • Packed with dozens of valuable features
  • Need a screwdriver to put it in one form
  • The absence of the adjustable ground balance feature

Final words:

Our Top Pick
In plain English, I was blown away after witnessing this much functionality. I would say, this is one of the underrated machines which deserves lots more appreciation and positive reviews. In a small budget, you get a pro metal detector with amazing features.

Every corner of the machine is splendidly designed. It has mind-blowing recovery speed, you get it on mineralized grounds or on normal grounds, you see it outperforming other premium machines.



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