1. Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal DetectorTeknetics Delta 4000 metal detector is known for being the best metal detector. the manufacturers have added some amazing features to make it better than many detectors and at the same time, it has become a   real competitor of the various products that claim to be the best metal detector for gold. It is because of these features that it stands out among the top rated metal detectors. Like other top metal detectors, this metal detector is a great choice for the beginners and the professionals. It is one of those cheap metal detectors that offer great features in such an affordable price. It stands out as the best metal detector 2020. It is hard to believe that such outclass features are available in this metal detector price. 

It is among the good metal detectors but has features that are rarely seen in the other competitors.  It is not a waterproof metal detector so it cannot be used as the underwater metal detector.  It has a   unique S-curve shape that is extremely comfortable and user-friendly. The manufacturers want a perfect grip which they have ensured by adding the soft padding to the detector.  Hence, the treasure hunters don’t find it inconvenient even if they have to hold it for a long time.
It has a unique control box that displays the data both in the numbers and the graphics, thus making everything easy to understand. With this clarity, the beginners find it great to keep track of the performance. The results are calculated with great precision and accuracy so that there is no room for any error. The screen also shows the target between 0 to 99.


  • Easy to balance
  • Target ID ranging from 1 to 99
  • Excellent speed
  • Accurate pinpointing at different depths
  • Possible to discriminate at multi-levels
  • Searches at three different levels
  • Perfect weight for the beginners
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to interpret results
  • Excellent for the hobbyists
  • Perfect weight
  • Ground balance is not very perfect
The verdict
If you want simplicity and innovation together, then it’s time to think about buying Tekenetics Delta 4000 metal detector. It is really a masterpiece for the beginners, professionals and the hobbyists. For the beginners, they are a learning tool and for the professionals, it is a great choice. There are certain technical loopholes but despite this, the detector is a   great choice for those who love to groom as the treasure hunters or the metal detectors.


2. Teknetics T2 Classic Metal Detector

Teknetics T2 Classic Metal DetectorTeknetics T2 classic metal detector is a great choice for the hobbyists and the professionally experienced. It is no doubt the best cheap metal detector that is a great gold detector machine. With this amazing treasure detector, it becomes possible to get an accurate and reliable gold detector for sale. The performance and the features make it something that can be regarded as the best metal detector for gold. Many beginners who intend to buy the used metal detectors for sale try to search for the Teknetics T2 classic metal detector.

This makes an outclass professional metal detector machine that can do multitasking. It is a trendsetter in the world of the metal detectors. It uses the most advanced electronic technology. The manufacturers have created this detector with an amazing design. This design was not seen in the market before. They have ensured that the performance is supported by the easy to handle lightweight metal detector. The user finds it extremely easy to balance the device on the ground thus it becomes easy to look for the desired metals in the ground. There is no doubt that if you think of buying the metal detector then the T2 classic metal detector is the best buy metal detector. With such amazing features and superb performance, there is no need to get the most expensive metal detector.

Usually, the buyers are concerned about the fact that where to buy a metal detector? This is no longer a problem. For your question that where I can buy a metal detector like Teknetics T2 classic, the answer is very simple.  Visit a physical store or start shopping from any online source this metal detector from the home of Teknetics is readily available.


  • The LCD screen for clear display
  • Target ID from 0-99
  • Ground cancellation option
  • Waterproof frame
  • Target separation capability
  • The working life of 40 hours
  • Works great at deeper areas
  • Excellent for congested and rough areas
  • Outclass searching in the highly mineralized areas
  • Economical
  • No light support for darker areas or nights
  • Settings cannot be saved
The verdict
Whether you are planning to dig the gold or search for the precious metals the Teknetics is a great choice. It has become a trustworthy name among the metal detectors. Although it has only the DD coils still it has features that are not there in many other products. This metal detector is really great as compared to similar products. It is not wrong to call it the best pro metal detector.


3. Teknetics Eurotek Pro Metal Detector with Coil Cover Rain Cover Pouch PinPointer

Teknetics Eurotek Pro Metal Detector with Coil Cover Rain Cover Pouch PinPointerIf you are thinking which metal detector to buy then the answer is really simple? Teknetics Eurotek Pro is one best metal detector on the market. Teknetics Eurotek Pro consists of an 11-inch biaxial DD search coil which provides the users with comparatively a larger search field at low depths. Teknetics Eurotek pro is capable of detecting even coin-sized objects at a depth of 9.5 inches with accuracy. Teknetics Eurotek Pro includes 10 sensitivity levels so it becomes one of the most recommended metal detectors

. The preset sensitivity level of Teknetics Eurotek Pro is 7 which are similar to other metal detectors.  Teknetics Eurotek Pro allows its user to pick up the metals placed anywhere. Moreover, it comes with an easily removable centre rod that makes it easy to use for the beginners and for the use on vertical surfaces. Another great feature possessed by Teknetics Eurotek Pro is that there is an Iron LED indicator which lights up whenever the user passes over iron. Teknetics Eurotek Pro also comes with an independent Iron Target volume control which allows the individuals to adjust the volume of iron targets separately but it is recommended to turn the volume lower for iron targets than other targets so that the user is able to hear the good targets. There is also some issue with the sensitivity and volume control of the Teknetics Eurotek Pro as they automatically switch to the preset settings when turned off and turned on again.

This high-end metal detector is among the popular portable metal detectors. The outclass features make it the best budget metal detector. It is not a small metal detector but for the cost, it is not wrong to say that it is among the best metal detectors for the money. It won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the popular options in the list of good cheap metal detectors.

  • Comes with 10 levels of sensitivity
  • Features an Iron LED indicator that informs about the presence of iron
  • It has an 11-inch biaxial DD search coil
  • Consists of separate and independent Iron Target Volume
  • Can easily pick up objects at a depth of 9.5 inches
  • Comes with coil cover, rain cover pouch, and pinpointer
  • The display can be easily interpreted
  • Centre rod is easily removable
  • Separate Iron target volume control
  • 10 levels of sensitivity
  • Best value metal detector
  • Cannot estimate the depth accurately
  • Sensitivity level and volume control switch back to factory setting
The verdict
According to the best metal detector reviews, Teknetics Eurotek Pro is the best metal detector available on the market. It might not be the best underwater metal detector but still, it is worth using for the treasure hunt expeditions. These qualities make it the best overall metal detector.


4. Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector

Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal DetectorConsidering the growing craze for the treasure hunt, relic search and metal detection there is a number of latest metal detectors on the market. Best metal detector finds show that among the renowned top metal detectors 2020 one popular name is that of the Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector. It falls under the category of the quality metal detectors and is classified as the best all-around metal detector. This beautiful and the most updated metal detector cannot be considered as the mini metal detector but still, it is the best metal detector to buy for the hobbyists. This is one of the favourite high-quality metal detectors that can compete with any best mid-range metal range detector. When it comes to price it is not wrong to classify this as the best metal detector for the price you pay. It gives the best time to the hobbyists; therefore, it is ranked as one of the highest rated metal detectors.

The name Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector appears in many metal detector reviews. The manufacturers have created it in such a way that these detectors have all the versatile features. With these versatile features, the hobbyists and the beginners find it a pleasing alternative to many high-class professional metal detectors. In a very short span of time, it has become a popular choice for it ranks among the toppers. Once it is used by the treasure hunters they cannot stop themselves from recommending it to the others. After using this metal detector the users have no regret regarding the price they have paid.


  • Perfect balancing on the ground
  • Excellent display for looking at the statistics
  • Customization of the sensitivity level
  • High-quality discrimination modes
  • Measures 10.2×8.2×28.5 inches
  • Operates with the 9V battery
  • Weights only 3.8 pounds
  • Well affordable metal detector
  • Finds metal in the not very deep waters
  • Economical rates
  • Durable and sturdy materials
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Not suitable for deep water metal search.
The verdict
Don’t exhaust yourself by doing a stressful search for the metal detectors then the solution rests with none other than the Teknetics. Their recent addition with the title Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector is a user-friendly choice for the hunters in search for something precious and valuable.  In this price range, the buyer cannot get any other metal detector. They are a great assistance for the professionals and an excellent fun time for the hobbyists. It is one of the cheap but good metal detectors. It is not a long range metal detector but still, it is from the best metal detector brands.