Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector Review

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector


The Delta 4000 is one of the finest offerings of the Teknetics series. This metal detector has dozens of safety and valuable features what you cannot find in any of the leading metal detectors. This machine will help you to go deep into treasure hunting and gain more experience. This metal detector has some vital safety features, which makes this stand out in the crowd. For a novice who just commenced metal detecting recently, Delta 4000 metal detector will be the one-stop shop.

You might have witnessed that the leading metal detectors share the same features. I am quite sure that this metal detector would offer you some extensive and unique features. This has a different design, ROD slots, S curve look, paddle, grip, and handle. The padding grip of the detector is little higher, the padding is made of soft foam to give you a firm grip and maximum handling.

Let’s have a detailed review of the product, and know the pros and cons of this metal detector in detail.

Tech specification:

  • Three tone audio identification
  • Battery indicator
  • 8 inches search coil
  • Preset ground balancing
  • 1/4 inch headphone jack
  • Weight 2.5 pounds
  • Length 42 inches to 51 inches
  • All metal and discriminate operating mode
  • The operating frequency of 7.8 kHz
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Manual sensitivity adjustment
  • Visual LCD identification screen
  • Five years warranty

Teknetics Delta 4000 Review:

This metal detector has garnered positive reviews around the globe owing to its mind-blowing features. It is an accurate metal detector which can search the metal below surface deep 1 foot. For a beginner who is just stepping out for hunting very first time, this machine will offer some extensive and easy to use features.

With 11 inches concentric search coil, this metal detector has the capacity to search the objects within one foot underground. When you scan for the various objects and finding, the LCD screen shows the target ID, and by matching the displayed target ID to the given 0-99 numbers, one can get the idea of finding objects. A tab on the LCD screen gives you the exact idea of the true finding for better understanding.
We personally conducted the tests of this metal detector and navigate this through various search conditions, and found this machine perfect grab.

Design and features:

The target ID matching has given ease to the treasure hunters. In this way, they are not required to memorize the target ID for various metal and other treasures. The machine itself matches the target ID to the given 0-99 numbers and displays the target ID numbers with objects.

The Delta 4000 has eight sensitivity levels, from 4-12. The default factory settings are eight, and while testing on different search conditions, we found that we did not need to change the sensitivity settings.

This automatically searches through the discriminate mode, eradicating the probability of trashes and bottle caps. In discrimination mode, one can even discriminate the iron from the treasure hunting.

To exclude other metals, one needs to customize this mode further.

The pinpoint mode helps the users even better to know what have they found underground. The volume control helps you to change the volume if you think the beeping of it taking your nerves down.

In our tests, we saw that this metal detector accurately found about 82% of the metal we buried, ranking the second in the slot. Though the results were not satisfactory in the case of silver items, for the brass, zinc, and aluminum it has been witnessed extraordinary performances.

The Delta 4000 has depth on five notch scale. If you see this machine displaying one notch, it means the object is between the surfaces under 2 inches grounds. The more notches light up during the finding, the deeper the objects are. Though, the manual says this metal detector has the ability to search underground 1 foot but the accuracy of the finding is about 8 inches.

When this machine detects something in the ground, we see that the screen remains to illuminate between 5-10 seconds, which is a good addition. The reading remains on the screens, you will have to move the detector very slowly to get your focus on the next findings.

The Delta 4000 runs a 9-volt battery and very easy to put together. With this battery, one can get this machine in use for 20-25 hours easily.

The control box of this machine is something very unique. You get the control box displaying both numeric and graphics numbers. This feature helps the novices to classify the visuals categories to get some reliable results.

This metal detector has the best target identification; the search coil has been made with the cutting edge technology and as per international standards. You can use the advanced search options on different ground conditions.

If you have had used Teknetics products, you would know regarding the customer support of this brand. This brand offers excellent customer support and guides you towards excellent treasure hunting. The five years warranty and detailed video guides are something valuable.

This machine has been built in a way that it equally targets new users and experienced. This has advanced options with easier user controls. A new user will be able to get his hands onto this without any hassle and tension. This metal detector saves your time by avoiding the trash finding and focus on the targets. With faster recovery speed, six levels of discrimination and three search modes, you got a perfect metal detector.

  • Superb recovery speed
  • 82% Accuracy rate
  • It picks up the zinc very well
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Visual display of the findings
  • Does not work efficiently in deep waters
  • Concentric search coils primarily help you find objects for a distance.
Final words
One of the best metal detectors in the asked price range, it helps you even locating the metals in shallow waters. It is lightweight, hence perfect for looking metals in wide areas without breaking your shoulder. The tests have proven its ability, and you have seen it cannot miss coins and other precious metals.

It has the ability to pinpoint objects underground one foot, the design of the search coil helps it not touching the grounds.



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