Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector Review

Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector


Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector is one of the top-selling metal detectors of the Teknetics. The reasons are obvious, the sheer amount of volume, excellent performance and out of the box solutions to every tiny problem. The sales of this metal detector have no competition with others and this has covered the metal detector market like never before.

The credit of developing such a tremendous metal detector obviously goes to its manufacture. The designer did their job pretty astonishingly, the unmatched passion for producing an above the top metal detector has been a good motivation to bring forth this kind of creature.

Tech specs:

  • Adjustable length
  • 8-inch concentric search coil
  • Operates under the 9v battery
  • The operating frequency of 7.8 kHz
  • Waterproof
  • Weight 2.6 pounds
  • Adjustable discrimination
  • All metal motion mode
  • Preset ground balance
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Three tone audio ID
  • Numeric category target ID
  • Intuitive Menu System
  • 5 Years warranty

Teknetics Alpha Hobby Metal Detector review:

The question is how you can you come so sure that this metal detector fulfills all your hobbyistic needs of treasure hunting- By just reading this review? Absolutely not, while stepping out actually purchasing it, make it sure you check ratings and above all what you expect from this hunting device.

Still, it is very easy to realize that this Teknetics product is reliable. This has fantastic resale value, the abundance of the feature, robust and non-expensive.

Metal detector under the asked price range measured against the Alpha Hobby metal detector. You got all the reasons to purchase this metal detector and give value to your hard earned money. This is a sure short option for a novice to roll his hands on an easy to use metal detecting device.

Design and features:

This metal detector is equipped with a mind-boggling feature- the depth indicator, which makes you to precisely know the subject in a matter of inches. This metal detector gauges the actual length of the hidden object underground in inches and provides factual details while scanning.

This is a very accurate indicator and lights up whenever you sweep the metal detector. In the case of irregularly shaped items, or tiny subjects, you may get unreliable results. In this case, you should sweep at different angles and at some point you get reliable and accurate results.

With two search mode, this is a fine product for the dedicated treasure hunter. For those who only step out in hunting a specified object, it becomes harder to eliminate other objects come in finding. By using the discrimination mode, you eliminate the unwanted and trash objects and only focus on desired metals and relics.

Imagine you get an alliance that you have found something underground. After pinpointing and digging into the ground, you get bottle caps, how would you feel. Obviously, this kind of results leads you to quit hunting.

This metal detector also housed all metal and motion modes. This feature helps you out finding the underground buried precious metals. Whether it is gold, relic, silver or any other metal, this mode certainly gets you what you desire.

There are two ways of finding objects- audibly or visually. This metal detector is powered with both. You get 3-tone audio identification. Do you have an idea what is this audio tone identification? It means, you when you hear low tone audio, this means you get the error type of objects such as steel and irons. It also helps you to find coin-sized metals and other objects.

The medium tone audio gives you an idea that findings are larger in shape.

The high tone audio makes you accumulate your thoughts that the objects probably can be large brass objects, copper and silver coins.

The alpha Hobby metal detector by Teknetics has another splendid feature. This model has a waterproof concentric search coil. This feature assists you to find the metals which are hidden in shallow water without abandoning your device’s functioning. Though the other parts of the metal detector are not waterproof, and you should be very curious in contacting water to the other components. The search coil is fog and waterproof and can be used in extremely bad weather conditions without any hiccup.

The battery indicator makes you have an idea regarding the battery. Some metal detectors only give you the low power indication which sucks most of the time. As you do not get the idea of how many more hours you can do your job.

You get manual sensitivity controls and change as per the ground conditions and your preferences.

You know the warranty meanings, and you should necessarily check the warranty of any device where you are going to invest money. You need to be very sure that your buying value for your hard earned money.

A product with a five-year warranty is proof that the manufacturers have confidence in their creatures. And it means the products will live at least for five years.

The alpha hobby has the ability to find objects buried 9 inches deep and has the specialty in finding coins and copper content. For hunting the rings and other objects you will have to be experienced the sensitivity of this metal detector. This metal detector offers far superior performance in dry sand. Although, the sensitivity and efficiency lower in wet conditions, and this happens with every metal detector.

The battery life is amazing; you can get this machine working for 20 hours at least.

  • It helps you to detects the metals in shallow water
  • Unmatched services
  • A durable machine with a guaranteed long lifespan
  • Five years warranty
  • Discrimination mode helps you to ignore the trashes and unwanted metals
  • 3-tone audio discrimination gives you an idea regarding findings
  • Preset ground balance
  • It cannot work in deep waters
  • Unreliable results in wet conditions
Final words
For a beginner treasure hunter who wants to have his hands on a top-notch metal detector, this is your device. This metal detector has the ability to find any metal starting from relic to coin shooting and other general detection. This is an ideal product in less-expensive price ranges.

You get extensive features and amazing performances at such low prices.

It comes with a great battery level and even let you know the battery conditions.

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