Review: Garrett Pro Pointer AT with Garrett Camo Pouch

Garrett Pro Pointer AT with Garrett Camo Pouch


You might have been using Garrett Product for a while and would know the standard of Garrett products. The original Garrett pro pointer which was released in 2008 raised the bar high for the other brands. That pin pointer has made the job of hunting lot easier for the hunters. As the pin pointer gives a precise and exact location of the finding and saves you lots of time digging at the wrong place.

I am not saying that pin pointer can locate you the finding by itself. You will have to use the metal detectors, but to narrow down the precise and accurate spot you must use a dedicated Pin Pointer like this Garret Pro Pointer AT. This comes with Extra cameo pouch loaded with bundles of features and even works under water. This Garrett Pro Pointer AT has earned its name ever since it was released and garnered positive reviews from the users.

Technical specification

  • Waterproof to 10 feet
  • Waterproof speaker
  • Additional Garrett Camo Pouch
  • Scraping blade
  • Lanyard attachment
  • Bright orange color
  • 360-degree pinpointing area
  • Battery low alarms
  • Fast retune function
  • Lost pin pointer alarm
  • Belt hostler
  • Auto Power off
  • Manual sensitivity
  • Flashlight LED
  • Rulers in inches and centimeters



Garrett Pro Pointer AT Review:

Garrett Pro Pointer AT is a big brother to the original pro pointer which ruled the pin pointer markets since it’s released. You should say that original pro pointer set the standard and this new big brother takes that standard to a new riding high level.

The new pin pointer by the Garrett has all the potential to be called the latest product. This has manual sensitivity adjustments, silent mode feature, submersible up to 10 feet, waterproof and much more.

The latest package offers you a Garrett Pro Pointer AT with fully waterproof capability with a camo digger pouch. The orange color of this product made it more visible and spot able when you misplace it or drop while digging.

Garrett Pro Pointer AT has potential to find the targets faster and easier ways. The dual alert vibration mode or audio mode can make you reach closer to the target within the shortest span of the time. Above all the product has been made by one of the top leading brands in the market which is running the department for decades. One should say this gadget is one of the most requested metal detector product as per the brand’s reports. This electronic gadget is an add-on Garrett Pro Pointer II. Like, Garett AT Pro, Garrett AT gold and new Garrett AT Max detector their pro pointer AT also added with the premium and exclusive features required.


Design and features:

If you have just kick-started digging and treasure hunting passion, you need to now it is a real pain, literally. And if you use the wrong gadget with full of scrap, you might end by doing and finding nothing. So, having the right gadget at the right place is something you sought for. This Pro Pointer AT speeds up the overall process and recovers the maximum finding in the shortest span of the time.

The appearance of this product has something you will impress- the bright orange color. The pin pointer while using that on messy grounds, mud ground, grassy and mineral grounds you while using just put at nearby you and forget. Then you are going to spend the next half hour in finding, and actually would know that was just place beneath your foot. The bright orange color helps you to actually find it in such kind of situation.

This Garrett product is fully waterproof to meet the IP standard, it has a three meter or 10 meet maximum waterproof depth which is quite a good actually. You can think of it carrying underwater while finding something valuable, expensive.

Manually adjust sensitivity helps you to reduce the false alarm options. Like when you step up on the mineralized ground you get lots of false alarms. By tuning your product to the manually adjust sensitivity you can stop the falsing alarms and putting an end to all frustrations.

In the same ways, the manual sensitivity helps you to pinpoint the exact smallest holes while digging saving your time digging at the wrong place.

This pin pointer also allows you to control the audios and unwanted attention. When you are hunting near schools or public places you get unwanted attention of the people by the sound created by the metal detector.

This Pro Pointer AT helps you to select the Auto mode and vibrate mode.  Vibrate only mode does not beep and can be used as a silent mode completely.


This pin pointer comes with the automatic battery saving options. Like, if you are not using it for a specific span of the time, it automatically gets turned off. Like, one hour, half an hour to save your battery so that it does not get drained when you actually get it operating on the field. And the belt holster attached with this product has a metal snap to stop the unwanted beeps when you are taking it away from the finding without turning it off.

It also has a low battery alarm to notify you regarding the battery savings.

  • It definitely saves you time while hunting, once you dug the plug on the grounds this just take the pointer and begins to scrape around.
  • The improved version of the original pro pointer with sensitivity options
  • Powerfully packed with other additional features and gadgets
  • Simple to operate
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Warranty should have been extended to 5 years.


Final words:

Our Top Pick
The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is all in one pin pointer you ever have used in your life. This is an improved version of the original pro pointer, and some most loved features have been extended in this with some more enhancement.

The waterproof design, all-terrain capability, and user-friendliness make this one of the hot choices among the users. This product has something to value for your money and those who have been using the younger brother of it would love to have this.


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