How To Make Metal Detector More Powerful?

Metal detectors are one of the most valuable and useful tools for discovering hidden treasures and resources lying under the ground. It is one of the simplest technique which can be used for this purpose.

Other than that, given the fact that it is highly effective and yet easy to use, metal detectors are widely used all around the world for security purposes as they can detect the presence of any metallic object around it.

You may have seen the security personnel carrying a metal detector at all famous airports, public spots, and at other high-security risk places. The use of it is not limited to security; rather, it is used by gold diggers in quest of gold and other mineral resources.

From the use of it, we can say that metal detectors are not going anywhere, at least for the next hundred years.

How To Make Metal Detector More Powerful?

Why Is It Important To Make Metal Detector More Powerful?

Over time, people are becoming aware of the working of a metal detector, and due to this, they are using different methods to trick a metal detector. People then use it for smuggling and other illegal activities.

Also, the search for metallic resources is getting difficult day by day due to several factors, including environmental conditions.

Given the importance of metal detectors, people are looking for ways to make the metal detector more powerful and how they can use it to get the best out of it.

Finally, after spending a lot of time and putting in the efforts, we have come up with specific tips and tricks by which you will know how to make metal detectors more powerful.

To understand the tips being shared in this article, first, you need to understand the essential components of a metal detector and how a metal detector works in general. Therefore let’s go through the working of it first.

How Does It Work?

As you may already know that the metal detectors work on the principles of an electromagnetic field. A metal detector mainly consists of a control box and a search coil.

Metal detectors transmit magnetic waves using a search coil, and if there is a presence of a targeted object, it will reflect back the signal.

By analyzing the signal and on the basis of the setting of a detector, the control box will alarm the user about the possible presence of a target material.

Although there are many types of metal detectors available but the basic principle remains the same; if you have got it, you will be able to make any metal detector more powerful using the tips shared in this article below.

Make Metal Detector More Powerful

Now you know the working principle of a metal detector and why it is necessary that you make it more powerful.

Whether you are using a metal detector as a professional or you just have a passion for using it in your free time, making it more powerful will eventually help you in better detection of the objects.

Though there is not a single button by which you make a metal detector more powerful, but there are some ways if you follow, you will be able to make it more powerful.

Tips and Tricks

  • The earliest thing you can do is to update the software of a detector. You should also know that only the advanced metal detectors have this feature which allows you to upgrade the software. Go for it if your detector has it.
  • The search coil is one of the most important elements of a metal detector; make sure that you are using the right set of a coil and it is compatible with the detector you are using. The larger the coils, the more deeply the waves will go, covering more space in less time.
  • As the metal detectors are powered by batteries, it should be fully charged. If a battery level is low, the metal detector will not work as it should be.
  • As you may already know that the detector alarms you of possible detection of metal with a sound or LED light, it becomes difficult to observe the light in the daytime. Therefore, you should attach your headphones with it so that you can focus on the alarm sound of a detector.
  • As each metallic object has different specifications and characteristics, the detection of it highly depends on the settings and parameters of a detector, such as the frequency, sensitivity, and ground balance. It should be set carefully as per the requirement and the particular condition.
  • Sweeping a metal detector near the ground or the place you are searching will allow the metal detector waves to transmit deeper, and thus it will help you in detection.
  • Other than that, one of the main factor to make the metal detector more powerful is to increase the sensitivity of it. The better sensitivity will ensure better detection of specific material, whether the size of it is too small to notice. However, there are a couple of factors you need to consider when increasing the sensitivity, such as the metal type, orientation, processing speed, and outside environmental conditions.
  • If a manual guide is provided with a detector, you should go through it, and this way, you will know how to use it more efficiently. Using a metal detector with responsibility and care will make it last longer without affecting the working quality.

You can see that there is no rocket science involved in making a metal detector more powerful.

Even if you are a beginner, once you have read this article thoroughly, you will be able to make your own metal detector more powerful, and in this way, you will discover more objects and will use the detector in an efficient way to get the best out of it.

This article will not only help you in understanding the working of a metal detector but will also tell you that why it is important to make it more powerful, and if you apply a few of the given techniques, you will see the results yourself.

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