How To Choose A Metal Detector?

A metal detector is one of the few instruments that reward you with something valuable if you use it efficiently at the right place and time.

You may just have seen the use of metal detectors for security screening at public places and at high-risk spots, but only a few know that the use of metal detectors is not limited to security.

Metal detectors are popular all over the world for many different purposes, which includes hunting for gold and other rich mineral resources under the ground.

A metal detector has the ability to detect various types of metals, whether it is hidden in an object or buried. From industries to archaeology, a metal detector is being used for numerous drives.

Having said that, it is not only used by professionals but also it can be used as a hobby; the fact is that using a metal detector as a hobby is much more beneficial than any other thing.

It gives you a good time, the opportunity to explore and discover the world around you and experience the hunting of treasure everywhere.

How To Choose A Metal Detector?


You might think of getting a metal detector for yourself if you don’t have it already. However, as you go for buying a metal detector, you will get yourself confused between different types of metal detectors available, each with different elements and aspects.

But this should not stop you from exploring, for that reason, here we are to present you a comprehensive guide on how to choose a metal detector for yourself which suits you the best and meets your requirement.

Choosing the best metal detector is not an easy task, and therefore you should browse this article till the end so that you get the best for yourself.

Choosing a Metal Detector

You might get a query in your mind that why there is so much variation of metal detectors when all of them are used to do the same task.

Well, you are right to some extent, but there is a reason that there are so many variations, and it is that one detector cannot find all types of metals and objects, plus there are so many other aspects involved which we will discuss in detail below.

There are a couple of things you need to see when choosing a metal detector, and we will see each of them one by one.

Target Material

The first and foremost question you need to ask yourself is that what type of target material you are going to look for.

For example, if you are going to search for human-made objects like mobile phones, bullets, artifacts, buttons, etc., there will be a different metal detector, and if you want to search for gold, silver, and other natural minerals, then there will be a different metal detector which can do the job as desired.

Where You Are Going To Use It

Secondly, the place matters the most and is directly related to the target material in the first step.

If you are going to use your metal detector in your garden, around your house, in a desert, or in mountainous areas, there will be a different metal detector for each place. A compatible metal detector should be chosen as per the need and the requirement.

Ground Balance

With reference to the place where you will use the metal detector, you should know that the type and condition of soil play an important role in choosing an appropriate metal detector. There are metal detectors that allow you to set the ground balance automatically.


The other main factor, at times, is called discrimination. It is the ability by which a metal detector can differentiate between types of metals and other materials. Having this ability will save a lot of time as you will not receive an alarm for unwanted targets.

How Much You Will Use

Before you go for purchasing, you should clearly know that how often you are going to use this metal detector.

Whether you are going to use it on weekends only for a few hours or you will give it more time and will become a trained person. This will also help you in choosing the desired metal detector.

Frequency and Search Depth

Frequency is referred to as the number of times a signal or waves are transmitted over a time, and search depth determines how deeper the waves travel.

It mainly depends on the target material you are going to look for, and based on that, you will choose a metal detector.

Single User or a Multi-User

This factor is often neglected; is it only you, or are there other people who are going to use it. If there is more than one person who are going to use this, then you need to see that the detector is adaptable to their needs as well.


You have been using a metal detector for a long time, or is it the first time it comes into your mind to explore the hidden treasures around you. The experience will no doubt help you in choosing the best product.

Size and Weight

It might not be important for some people, but you should see it for your comfortability. You should be able to use the metal detector easily for as long as you want.


One of the most crucial factors is how much money you can spend on it. It is certain that a metal detector with advanced features will be costly.

For that reason, the above factors will tell you what features are required for you, and on the basis of that, you can see if it lies within your budget or not.


Consider each point, take proper time in analyzing your requirement, and only then will you be able to choose a metal detector that suits you the best.

This article has mentioned all the essential questions, factors, and elements that you need to look for when choosing a metal detector.

Once you have evaluated all the points mentioned here, it is definite that you will choose the best metal detector.

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