Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector Review

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector


You might be aware of the fact that treasure hunting is impossible without a metal detector. But, I have seen novices only relying on the metal detector for pin-pointing the located hunt. You need to know that locating the target is the one half of the equation, pinpointing the target, retrieving it from the plug is another.

A metal detector only finds the location of the treasure, a quality pin pointer isolate the finding in the hole and helps you get the job done. A good electronic pin pointer expedites the overall process of finding and makes it more efficient and less time-consuming.

So, if you are a novice and had not used a pin pointer before, and searching for the best metal detector pin pointer you are landed at the right spot.

Why pin pointer is important for treasure hunting:

Sometimes we stand on our knees after detecting a finding and keep looking the target in the ground, water and mud, and still cannot find it. At this situation, pin pointer is the answer, and by using that one can easily pinpoint the actual happening of a finding. Once you get to use this gadget, you would never go out for treasure hunting without of it.

Here we are going to review one of the finest metal detector pin pointer, which earned its unique place in the market. All top treasure hunters would refer you to buy only Garrett Pro Pointer which we are going to review about.

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT


Technical specification:

For a treasure hunter an experienced one, this would not a new thing for using Garrett pin pointer. The new thing will be that the company has replaced the Garrett Pro Pointer with the new model Garett Pro Pointer AT.

  • This new model powered with three new settings for extreme sensitivity in finding the treasure buried.
  • This new add-on allows you to hunt in every environment. Either it is the grass where your metal detector locates the finding, mud, dirt, sand or fresh water.
  • A perfect companion for the divers treasure hunters, it works in the deep water even, searching for the precious and expensive metals.
  • It is 9 inches long and has a bright orange color to make the visibility 100 under deep waters.
  • It is equipped with a lost pro pointer alarm, in case you misplace it while hunting or pinpointing. It will start ringing after s set time span if you do not touch it.
  • It has centimeters on the side for gauging the depth of the treasure.
  • Fast retune function.

Design and features:

Garrett after witnessing dozens of copies coming in the market with copied specification and features decided to anew its model.

The latest version with a bundle of the feature, changed design and with state of the art technology used, has swept out the competitors from the root. The latest features of this pin pointer are that this can function on the ground and underwater.

This Garrett latest offering has the potential to withstand in water up to 10 feet, and this is a massive breakdown in the industry of pin pointers. No pin pointer ever before this was able to offer this underwater feature.

The waterproof pointer was a good addition, and even easy to wash it works in any weather condition without any hiccup. Though the company claims its latest product can withstand for diving, but the reviews regarding this were not positive.

You can rely on this gadget to find any metal object within a 360-degree area easily. The electromagnetic detection produced by the coil of this device offers the optical detection approach, 100 percent current, and this device start ringing even when the metal is below or above the 360-degree angle.

The bright orange color has been inherited by this device from its ancestors. Bright orange color enhances the visibility of this device underwater, and even if you drop or misplace bright orange will catch your eye-balls easily.

One more thing, the LED bright on the top of the pin pointer helps you to work in low-light conditions, and keep lighting consistently when the finding comes nearer.

The other features inherited by this device are three sensitive levels, and two ways of signal catching from the target in the form of sound and vibration.

There is also a ruler inch and centimeter to gauge the total depth of the digging.

Great additions to this latest Garrett Pro Pointer, the fast retune function.

This function helps you to zero the total distance from the finding and suppress all false alarms. There has been some downside of the Garrett, which starts alarming on complex and salty soils which have been fixed with the latest model. In some complex soils if you still get the false alarms, enable the fast retune function and check twice you would get clear your head regarding this.

  • Garrett Pro Pointer AT offers Waterproof functions, which makes a true distinction between this and other counterparts.
  • Manually adjusted sensitivity makes you hunt in highly mineralized grounds where no other pin pointer would work. Turn this to low setting and then turn suddenly too high while searching for the coins, relic in the deeper or mineralized grounds.
  • This Garrett product is great in all conditions. You can have this on soil ground, mud areas, grassy ground, and mineralized grounds even underwater.
  • Extremely Lightweight and easy to carry along.
  • Addition of fast retune function has narrowed down the finding.
  • Lost pro pointer alarm features help you to find out device if you have misplaced or dropped under water.
  • The automatic shutdown features make it to automatically turn off all features and shutdown.
  • Difficult in use and understand.
Final words
You believe it or not, the latest edition of the Garrett Pin Pointer AT has wreaked the havoc in the market, this product undoubtedly a great success to the company’s credit.

Functioning on the ground and underwater definitely would be the stand out feature. It has great target response and accurate sensitivity. The smart design, light-weight, and color can make you fall in love with this device.

And one of the must-have gadget in your bucket while stepping out for treasure hunting.



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