Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector Review 2019

Garrett ACE 400


Garrett without a single shadow of doubts one of the leading and most reputed brands when it comes to producing metal detector. This brand has produced an outstanding yet affordable series of metal detector and pin pointer. But, with the ACE series, this brand has wreaked the havoc and emerged as one of the top brands in the following niche.

There is a varied range of metal detector even in the ACE series. But, Garrett ACE 400 name speaks for itself. With premium features, and out of the box function, 400 is the biggest player of the series. This gadget has a range of features, such as Target ID, Iron Audio, Notch discrimination, lightweight, and dozens of others. Above all this is available at a very reasonable and affordable price.

I can guarantee you would not be able to grab any of the mentioned features in any of the other top brands.

Tech specification:                                                                                    

  • Digital ID presence 0-99 scale.
  • 4 AA series batteries
  • Total weight 1.32 KG
  • Iron Audio features
  • Audio accept/reject discrimination
  • Target ID Cursor segments
  • Notch discrimination segments availability
  • Five search modes
  • Pin pointer mode
  • 8 Sensitivity or depth adjustments
  • Frequency up to 10 GHz
  • Three audio tone ID Levels
  • Standard search could


Design and features:

Do you know the best and unique quality of Garrett products? They offer a myriad of features in a reasonable range of prices. And with every step ahead, their features advanced with the next product. This Garrett flagship product comes in the range of $350 but it gives much more than its price.

Such as the electronic pinpointing equipped in this can make you have a better idea of the target without using a separate pin pointer. Plus, it housed the five different search modes and total eight sensitivity modes to accumulate the total depth of the findings. The depth indicator goes up to 8 inches on the screen, but you can dig deeper than this while finding the targets.

With digital identification, one can get an idea of the type of the metal detected underground or underwater.

Garrett ACE 400 is a continuation of Garett ACE 350 series with some amazing add on.

This is a metal detector with an operating frequency of 10 GHz, which is much higher than the previous installment of the same series 300 which was up to 8 GHz in operating frequency.

You can say this product is sensitive to the smaller target and even can narrow down the actual location of the finding. Though this product has not been designed for Gold prospecting, even this can get this done by using the balancing depth with sensitivity.

This is a relatively lightweight product, as par with its counterparts. The total weight of the machines is about 1.3kg you would not feel tired by carrying it for longer periods even. Savor having latest casino no deposit bonus codes. The adjustable step of the product ranges between 40” to 53”, and its cam locks to offer some extra stability while stepping out for hunting.

Though, we can have a discussion regarding the color choice of the product, with Yellow color, the more recognizable and offers little more focus. Still, I am not a big fan of the color, the orange color could have been added a little more visibility to the product, and there are lots of people who like this color though.

The Garett 400 has three audio systems. The three audio systems emit different sounds regarding the conductivity of the metal. Another audio option, the Pulse width modulation offers higher audio responses and sharper to hear.

And if you are fed up digging the trach target such as bottle caps you need to use the Iron audio discrimination feature of this Garrett 400 electronics gadget.

This feature stands out in the massive crowd and offers more targeted options. Such as you can adjust the signal range and pick up the targets masked by the iron.

This iron audio provides great information regarding the finding and increases the real/junk finding digging ration. This flagship product has doubled the number of iron discrimination compare to its little brother 250.

If you are an experienced hunter you might have been using Garrett 350. The biggest complaint about that product was the absence of the digital target ID. The detector though was adorned with the visual ID function, which had been indicated whether the findings were gold or iron, but the accuracy was not that good and numerical resolution system was also vulnerable.

Now, with Garrett ACE 400, the brand has come up with a digital target ID for better identification of the finding targets. Though ground balancing has been a big issue for the Garrett product and one has to go with the pre-setting instead of manual ground balancing system.

Though, Garrett is paying full attention to this drawback, as their competitors have come up with some extensive ground balancing features. But, with some practice and experience, you get used to even the pre-setting ground balancing.

Garrett ACE 400 comes with five search modes other than a pinpoint function. The five search modes are

  1. Zero disc modes
  2. Jewelry mode
  3. Relic mode
  4. Coins mode
  5. The custom search modes

The custom search mode offer you the accept/reject discrimination to eliminate the sounds which are unimportant for you and only to focus on the real finding audios.

The pin pointer function also has a great addition to this new flagship product. This helps you to locate and targets the finding more accurately and precisely. Though, people are addicted to using a dedicated pin pointer after marking the location using a metal detector, with the presence of pin pointer of ACE 400 you might not be needed to a dedicated pin pointer.

  • Great value for the money in this range
  • Iron audio discrimination and 4 separate iron and other metal discriminations segments
  • Very simple to use
  • Great controls
  • Operating frequency up to 10GHz
  • Five different search modes
  • A good pin pointer
  • The absence of manual ground balancing
  • Not submersible
Final words
Garrett ACE 400 is a splendid metal detector with a bundle of useful features and premium function what you would only expect from the more expensive gadget.

It has surprisingly great accurate, very lightweight, and it would be a fun hunting coin, jewelry or relic using this master metal detector. Though, manual ground balancing has to be added to this but all in all a good value for the money.