Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector Review

Garrett ACE 250


If you want to purchase a light-weight yet heavy in features metal detector, Garrett ACE 250 would be one stop shop. This product comes from the highly acclaimed brand, which is dominating in the metal detector market around the world. This metal detector has everything for a beginner and entry-level treasure hunter. And it is often said that Garrett ACE 250 passes with the flying colors when it comes to a metal detector offering ease of use, User friendliness, and budget.

Though many of the experts would claim this offering as a beginner level detector many veterans have attested it as a quality metal detector in beginner metal detector price.

So, is it alright if you get a quality product in the price of a beginner level product?

Tech specifications:

  • LCD Screen
  • Five search modes
  • Accept or reject discrimination
  • Depth indicator
  • Pointing function
  • Target ID Cursor
  • Waterproof search coil
  • The sensitivity of the product ranges between 1 and 8 “bars.”
  • AA batteries with elliptical coil
  • Audio and video target ID


Garrett ACE 250 Reviews:

For the treasure hunting experts, Garrett ACE range would not be a new name. And when it is about Garrett ACE 250 it sits in the middle of the ACE series. This is a budget-friendly product, with loaded of heavily premium features, the price of this product slightly higher than Garrett ACE 150 and Lower than Garrett ACE 350.

Straight off the bat, Garrett is an established brand in this field. And has offered a variant product for a myriad of range and use, this is called one of the leading giant of the industry, being on par with the other brands like Minelab, Fisher and Bounty hunter. Though, the mentioned brands are also well established. But, Garrett has earned more than this; this now has become a household name. Those who have nothing to do with treasure hunting or metal detecting would know this brand.

You might have confronted with Garrett ACE 150, cheaper than the mentioned brand. You can expect this 250 model with effective hardware and functionality compare to 150.

This 250 is more budget-friendly, but one of the leading selling product of the brand. This comes $100 cheaper than 350 with bundles of features and functions which are much needed while treasure hunting.

Design and features:

Let’s start with the basic specifications and features. This 250 model is considered as an entry level detector with 6.5 kHz operating frequency. Though this frequency can detect the coins, relic or jewelry with great ease but marginally lowers than its predecessor 350.

It is designed to be a simple product without sacrificing the basic features which are much needed for treasure hunters. The weight of this product is extremely low, 2.7lbs which makes it an extremely comfortable detector. It is designed with three piece design, with an elbow rest for the comfort. The controls are extremely easy and the control panel does not make you feel humiliated in the field.

The step of the product is adjustable, and the total length can range from 42” to 51”.

The 250 runs AA series of batteries but for saving your money you can have rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable batteries will only add 25 hours of run time.

Though the design looks more like a cheap one, it would necessarily not create a hurdle while using it. One should consider the specifications and features offered at this low price.

You might have been using and watching a numerical target ID in other metal detectors; this Garrett ACE 250 has offered a graphical target display with 12 different segments. This graphical display even can lead you to know the finding objects are iron, gold, bronze or silver, along with the total size of the object.

This graphical ID has a great addition and one can easily get to know which hunt he/she has found and can leave the finding it the object is not as per the expectations.

Garrett ACE 250 also makes you accept or reject of the finding. If you got more than one object in the finding, and you want to get notified regarding a particular object by using this feature you can accept one object and reject the other finding. This helps you to get focused on the real targets, and do not be strayed with all founded.

Garrett ACE 250 has five search modes. Either you can use the pre-set discriminations patterns or go with new manual settings for each.

The search modes can be switched from All metal modes, Jewelry, coins, and customs.

The pin pointer mode other than the six mentioned modes helps you a lot to get pinpoint the object. Though one can use a dedicated pin pointer, obviously, the dedicated pin pointer would come with dozens of pinpointing features. Still, the importance of the pin pointer mode would not be fade away and you can use it if you do not have any separate pin pointer to narrow down the area of the finding. The metal detector overall can give you the idea of the finding, the pin pointer would take you to the exact place or locations.

The addition of the waterproof search coil has garnered lots of praises to this Garrett product; this comes with a 6.5” x 9” PROformance search coil.

The feature which makes this product core of the eyes of the most users is the audio inductive bell tone system. It has three audio beep systems, the three audio beep systems what most of the detectors holds, but the fourth one makes you find something in the range of 250 that it thinks a coin.

  • Object discrimination accept/reject
  • Both audio and visual target ID
  • Easy to carry, lightweight
  • Immensely user-friendly design
  • Great sensitivity
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Five searches modes
  • The absence of volume setting
  • No ground balance
  • Less depth than the counterparts


Final words
In a nutshell, Garett stands out in the crowd with its ACE series. And the designers, engineers have done a great job in summoning up affordability and functionality. This series has powered the most of the features what the most of the hunter strive to find. All in all Garrett ACE 250 is a smart and happy purchase, a great value for the money indeed.


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