Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector Review

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector


Treasure hunting is a good hobby; even one can adopt it as a profession. But, what is the most important gadget you need to put in your bucket before commencing this experience? Of course, metal detector without of it you might not even be able to crawl in treasure hunting.

And when it comes to metal detectors dozens of brands nowadays are coming out with extensive features and mind-blowing specifications. For a beginner, it becomes hard to choose from dozens. When you get an expensive gadget full of dozens state of the art features but you do not know how to use them, it becomes a total waste. Always have clarity for what you are looking for, and what is your budget.

You need to choose a beginner or entry level metal detector with easy to use features and functions.

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector review

When it comes to a beginner or entry level metal detector no other brand even come closer to the popularity of Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector. This metal detector is a nice combination of affordability, easy to use function and extensive features. This only brand stands the test of the time and emerged victoriously. Garrett Ace 150 even has pushed away the other high pricey metal detector from the list and stand out in the massive crowd. If you really want a great value of your hard-earned money, it would be ideal to purchase Garrett Ace 150 for beginner or entry level treasure hunting.
For experience treasure hunters, Garrett would not be an anonymous name. This brand has earned a great reputation in this department and stood the test of the time. Like Garrett ACE 150 which is the part of the popular series ACE Series and another installment of the same series.

All of the products of this brand have been an absolute gem for consumers. Once you get to use any of the products from the same, you will become a loyal customer to the brand.

Garrett ACE 150 by no means is an inferior product from the other elder brothers. For beginners, it would be ideal to step out without the extra bells, whistles what they cannot even understand at the first place. This metal detector makes them slowly understand the entire process and become expert in the field by learning from the mistakes.


Tech Specification:

  • Coin depth indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Interchangeable ACE series coils
  • Bigger LCD screen compare to the elder brothers, with a target ID
  • Push button controls
  • One tough operating
  • With three pieces of travel and storage
  • Disable to 24 inches
  • Pretty adjustable arm cuff for the great level of comfort
  • With three search modes (Metal, jewelry Coins)
  • 4AA batteries
  • Four sensitivity and depth adjustment
  • Frequency up to 6.5 GHz
  • Standard Search coil: 6.5″ x 9″ PROformance


Features and design:

The whole gain of Garrett ACE 150 would be seamless operations. The interface of this gadget has three main buttons. And all of the operations would be exercised using this button. If one gets the complete learning and control of these, the half of the learning just complete. The three buttons are the Mode selector, the sensitivity tuner and the power button.

Each mode mentioned above has three variation cycles, a jewelry search mode, a coin search mode, and other general metal modes. The sensitivity button adds fine tunes to the sound of the metals and other detections on different ground conditions and environments.

This machine even has a downside, the battery indicator. This was reported to promise by the brand the controversial phantom battery indicator could not provide. This feature allows the user to keep track the battery while using it for hunting. But, the feature was only provided to the Garrett ACE 150’S successor. Though you can get an idea of battery drain by using the built-in low battery indicator, but keeping track the real-time battery usage is something important

And you need to know that the batteries life does not lose long as promised. This was promised to give operation time on a single set of AA batteries up to 30-40 hours. But, if you are using in the wet conditions, and using all features one after the other, the battery may drain 15-20 hours. The total battery life totally depends upon how you use them

The LCD screen of the gadget gives your insight about the current mode of the machine. And it also keeps track of the finding; it shows the total depth needed to be dug. This has a sensitivity gauge which can indicate you on the screen regarding how nearer you are to the finding.

The lightweight gadget adds the cherry on the cake; you will not feel any weight while having it along you owing to its great easy to carry feature. Immensely ergonomic machine take into count the comfort gripping, padding and handling.

The given modes of the device could be used to know the potential finding. All metal modes of the device let you know the general finding, and the type or quality of the metal can be determined by audacity cues. A large coin finding would be sounded in two sound bell, small coins finding will be determined by the short sound notes and iron findings will be resulted in low tones sounds.

In all metal modes, the jewelry finding cannot be determined, and you will have to switch to this specific mode to detect the actual findings.

The coin modes are specifically designed to detect the small rings, coins, pennies, and nickels, or old civilized currency.

And the penetration power of this device can detect the target up to 8 inches into the ground. This power varies with different ground conditions, environments.

  • Very simple to use
  • Entirely easy to carry and ergonomic design
  • Great value to the money
  • A perfect tool for the beginners and untrained people
  • Durable
  • Offers myriad of variety in the form of coins modes, all-metal modes, jewelry modes
  • The penetration of the device goes up to 8 inches in the ground
  • The absence of battery level indicator
  • No waterproof
  • Loud noises without headphones
  • No backlight on LCD
Final words
If you are looking forward to finding a good budget metal detector, must go for Garrett ACE 150, a great value for the money. The brand to which this metal detector belongs attests to the quality. Though some little downside can make you frustrated, still in asking price range a good grab though.



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