Garret AT Pro Top Best Metal Detector Review

Garret AT Pro


For a treasure hunter, it always remains an unfulfilled desire to grab a metal detector which could be used in all terrains- underwater, saltwater beaches and grassy grounds. But, there are few metal detector brands which are really putting values to the treasures seekers’ lives.

But, most of them cost your arms and legs and you cannot afford to purchase an expensive gadget. We got a solution for your bulging desire; Garrett AT Pro packed with expert levels of features and comes at the price of a mid-level metal detector.

Tech Specification:

  • Total six search modes, three standard, and three pro
  • With 8.5″ x 11″ PROformance DD submersible search coil
  • Waterproof up to 10 feet depth, 3 meters
  • With manual balancing features
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Depth adjustment 8
  • Weight Five pounds
  • Waterproof Garrett MS-2 Headphones
  • Electronic pinpointing
  • Dimensions 22 x 11 x 5 inches


Garrett Pro AT Review

Garrett Pro AT is a fully compacted with most desired and needed features what a hunter could use. This metal detector has 4 AA batteries, but one should purchase the extra rechargeable batteries to save the money over the passage of time.

You can expect highly sought features in this Garret product which typically found in the very advanced machine. This only product has earned a unique place in the metal detector market and is one of the most selling metal detectors on the biggest shopping portal Amazon

This AT series gives us All Terrain capability of hunting, one of the best feature machines with durable components. For this Garrett product, it does not matter where you are hunting; it is a desert, local part, salty water pound or grassy grounds. It offers you immensely accurate results and very precise locations.

This AT pro is best at relics, jewelry, coins, and gold hunting. This metal detector is an epitome of all metal detectors owing to its high range of frequency, ground balancing settings, and other hunting prospects. If you are a hunter and had been using Garrett product you would know that Garrett 400 was incapable of using on unbalanced grounds owing to its pre-settings.

Design and features:

This Garrett product, unlike other younger brothers and sisters, is waterproof. This machine is a submersible to ten feet or three-meter distance and a perfect gadget to hunt in pounds, underwater, lakes, and rivers and sometimes even in oceans. We are not saying you can use while diving in deep water, still at some capacity till 10 feet you can have this.

Not only the machine, but the headphones given with this product as well are waterproof. You know being a waterproof gadget is something very special and one should value this feature. Sometimes when you suspect something very valuable is in water and you put your machine in the water and see that the machine had stopped working.

The Audio pro mode is something you need to master if you really looking forward to adopting treasure hunter as a professional using this Garrett AT Pro device. This is something very special and by using it very accurately one can get to know the very nature of the finding and even the volume or the shape.

You can turn it off or on, it is upon you. Still, if you turn this feature off you would get monotones resembling voices or audios.

You will heart many simultaneous sounds or audios when you turn this feature on, the type of sounds represent the characteristics of the finding such as conductivity nature, shape of it or even the depth.

The iron audio feature you might not have used before if you had been using the entry level metal detector. This feature was not instilled on Garrett ACE series

If you turn this feature on, the machine will emit very low grunting tones that indicate that findings are something iron, not trash or plastics.

If you had been using ACE Series of the same brand you would know that ACE series was incapable of working on unbalanced grounds. This AT Pro has both manual and automatic ground balancing feature. Either you go with the desired balancing features or can make the machine decide the right balancing situation for real-time happenings.

This feature makes your detector to find the targets at deeper depth with better visual or audio target ID accuracy.

The single frequency of 15 GHz is something double edge sword. I used this word owing to the reasons that this is the best frequency for finding any target of all sizes. But, on salt waters, it becomes hard to target the actual finding at this single offered frequency.

You are going to use the different search coils to get your job done. If you are a metal detectorist, you would know the importance of different search coils in actual grounds. Each coil offered by the Garrett AT Pro has different function and you get them used accordingly their functions and situations.

With its large numerical target ID, Garret AT Pro stands out in the massive crowd. This got 0-99 scale and gives you accurate information about the target size, shape, and other characteristics. This feature even has been offered in mid-range metal detector offered by Garrett, still here somehow the performance is improved and the results are more accurate.

Above all this machine offers smoothness and user-friendliness, what no other product would be able to offer in any range. The black color scheme design furnishing adds some more professional look and appearance.

  • Impeccable ground and water hunting capabilities
  • Iron audio availability one of the highest standard setting to a value
  • Durable product
  • Powerful Batteries
  • Manual or auto Ground balancing
  • Excellent discrimination against trash and actual finding
  • The standard coil is good and better compare to the other brand
  • The absence of back-light on screen
  • Pinpointing should have been more improved
  • It is not easy to set up and use, one should be experienced to roll all features
Final words
Garrett AT Pro is one stop shop for the experienced even novices. This has rapid recovery time, user-friendliness, a bundle of features and superb performance.

It is highly a versatile machine for treasure hunting, especially if you are not sure you are heading. Though some features could have been improved such as a backlit screen, these are minor complaints and one can neglect all these when seeing the excellent overall performance.



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