Fisher’s Metal DetectorAfter using eleven different metal detectors of six different companies, I have finally got my gold hunting partner.

As a passionate and professional hunter, I travel around and try to catch buried ancient coins, gold, silver, and other unique metals.

Without a professional metal detector, it is hard to find its pinpoint location and metal type.

Most of the metal detectors that I had used are good at one thing and worst on the others,

So, after going through eleven different detectors, I discovered the Fishers Lab-metal detector, and it is as good as its reviews told me.

It gives you a pinpoint target location, even when the metal is buried beneath the ground.

After that, the numerical readout scans the target ID and informs you about the metal type through a digital LCD.

And with its multiple audio tunes, you can detect more than one metal simultaneously or set it to one preferred metal.

As a professional, I adore this metal detector and suggest you read its below-mentioned reviews and select one for yourself.

They all are user friendly, and its adjustable size enables every age person to operate it efficiently.


Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector
(Editor’s Choice)
Fisher, F4 Metal Detector
Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer Metal Detector
Fisher F44 Metal Detector
Fisher F5 Metal Detector


1. Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector with 6 1/2″ Elliptical Search Coil

Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector with 6 1/2" Elliptical Search CoilAdvanced and well-equipped with all the features, this metal detector is best for Huntinghistorical pieces and daily-life usagemetalthings. Your quest will be more comfortable, and your fun will multiply.

Even a small piece of gold can’t remain hidden from your eyes. Its 71 KHz frequency makes it too much sensitive. Due to this sensitivity, this detector enables you to spot a small piece quickly.

Iron Disc mode is another best feature of this detector. Your time will not be wasted.

Things of no use like trash and hot rock will be ignored. You will rightly hit the target.

Similarly, due to this detector,it has become easy to search on different soil types. On many types of soil, this detector will just perform correctly and according to your needs.

Further, deep target audio boost mode makes it easier for you to be informed about the target deep down in the ground.And it also enables you to apprehend the target.

Fisher Gold Bug-2 Metal Detector with 6 1/2″ Elliptical Search Coilis famous for its precision. It will detect every target with 100% surety and helps you avoid red herring.

Three modes of mineralization – high, medium, and Low – further improve its performance in a better way.

This detector is preferred by many users for its feature and design. It will be quite suitable for your personality and will be quite amazing in performance.

And it has a reasonable price. The features and performance,and you will rarely find such a product in the market. Finally, your exhaustive search comes to an end.

Dimensions 23.6 x 9.6 x 7.4 inches and weighs 2.9 pounds, it is perfect in size and ideal in Weight, which you need to have in your home.

  • Precision: It is precise due to its many features. You will be able to discriminate between trash and target. And Audio mode will inform you about the desired target.
  • High Frequency: it will be proper to say that it has an ultra-high frequency. It gives it the strength to be operated on many types of soil. Therefore, the geographical condition will not hinder it.
  • Easy To Operate:there is no rocket science to be put into use. You can easily operate it. Similarly, you can also move it a place to place comfortably.
  • Durable: It not only provides multiple features but also works for a long time. With a five year warranty, you can enjoy Hunting. This successful Hunting starts from here.
  • Three Mode Mineralization
  • Audio Boost
  • Iron Disc Mode
  • Lightweight
  • No LCD Display
  • No Numerical output


2. Fisher, F4 Metal Detector

Fisher, F4 Metal DetectorIf you have been searching exhaustively for the best metal detector, but unfortunately, you have not come across the desired product. Then, don’t worry; your quest has come to success.

Its big LCD enables you to catch the output day quickly. That means you need not concentrate much on display.

And it provides you numerical data that helps in precision. Big LCD and numerical date add to your Hunting.

The discrimination quality of the detector is optimum. It best discriminates one metal from another. Therefore, iron gold or silver will not remain hidden from you.

Sensitivity is just incredible. With the help of sensitivity, you are able to undertake hunting mission on any type of soil.

Whether the soil is of low conductivity or high conductivity that will not concern you.

Together with the best discrimination and Numerical display, you will have an audio mode that will also help you distinguish one metal type from another. Smoothly your search will go ahead.

Similarly, it is easy to carry on, and with comfort,your search will go-ahead. You can grip on handgrip firmly; your arm will be comfortably sandwiched in the padded armrest.

Its 9-volt battery provides you many hours’ detecting. It will not compel you to change it or charge it every time. Many customer are let down by the battery performance, but this will excite you in this regard.

Now, adverse weather conditions will not speak in the wheel. You are provided with rain and dust cover which lessen your worries. Without getting it damaged, you can carry it outdoor during adverse weather conditions.

First, the object needs to be identified, and then digging should start. It saves lots of time. It will also help in precision. Its 11 segments of digital target identification help you first identify the object.

Fisher, F4 Metal Detector has proved to be the answer to many exhaustive searches by customers. In the market, you have found the best product and the best possible price. No compromise with your interest of Hunting

  • Quick Hunting: it makes your Hunting quick. Which type of metal do you need? Which shape of the object are you looking for? At how much depth the target lies? All this will be answered very quickly by separate features.
  • Depth Readout: Many times, you just dig and dig without success because you do not know the depth of the object. With the help of pinpointing and depth readout in number, all have been solved.
  • Work On many soils: desert, beach, or regular on what type of soil you need to search. This works on many soils without any weak performance. Isn’t this detector the answer to all your questions?
  • Numerical Display
  • Best Discrimination
  • 4 Audio Mode
  • Protective Cover
  • No Touch Screen
  • Not Adjustable



3. Fisher F-Pulse Waterproof Pinpointer Metal Detector

Fisher F-Pulse Waterproof Pinpointer Metal DetectorDo you want an untraditional and unconventional metal detector that should be distinguished from others?

Then, you need this detector. This is a quest toward advancement and sophistication to find new ways and devices of a new design.

Freely you can use it. It is a product of new designs and new traditions. It is small and ideal in size for mobility.

You can place it in even in a small space in your bag.

Many expensive detectors perform badly in saltwater because of the lack of advanced technology, but this does not case with this metal detector. Its pulse induction technology allows stable operation in saltwater.

With the best pin pointer which gives you the ability of precise spotting of object. Now, you can dig or search at the exact location of the objects.

Desert, beach, or water, your search became possible. It has three sensitivity levels that allow it to perform incredibly on any type of soil. Amazingly, nothing can stop you from pursuing your interest.

What if this does not provide you numerical output? It gives other indication for this, such as beep and vibration that prove to be sufficient, keeping in view its precision.

If you want to avoid complex operational settings of the device, this detector is the best. It allows you to one-button operation. At one click, you can carry on your quest—no need to have the expertise for this.

It has thebest time battery performance. For 20-25 hours, you can search with one charged battery.

And you can replace its battery with another with pulling up the cap. This cap also protects the device and battery from adverse substances.

LED flash is another unorthodox feature of the device. No matter where you want to search whether in a hole or dark, you can put on some light. You can also adjust the light according to darkness or completely off.

In extra accessories, you will be provided a belt holster. With the help of this holster, you can carry this metal detector easily anywhere.

It will occupy no extra space. On this pretext, you cannot reject this masterpiece.

You have seen the many and advanced features ofFisher F-Pulse Waterproof Pinpointer Metal Detector, Red, and itsdimensions 10 x 3.25 x 2 inches with an ideal weight of 8.2 ounces.

  1. Waterproof: You could nothunt on many soils with other detectors. This, with many grounds, allows you to track in saltwater. No place is there where this will not work.
  2. One Button Operation: You may face muchconfusion if you have to operate a device with many buttons. Surprisingly, this metal detector can work with only one button. It does not put forth multiple outputs to be confused about.
  3. Secure Mobility: Unlike traditional detectors, which are significant to be accommodated in a small space, mobility becomes difficult, but this detector can be mobilized quickly. It can be hung on the belt with holster.
  • LED Flash
  • Red Colour
  • Three Sensitivity levels
  • Best Performance
  • No LCD Display
  • One Indicator


4. Fisher F44 Metal Detector

Fisher F44 Metal DetectorMany timea customer willingly pay much money for the product. The intention remains that by this much money, this product will be durable and advanced.

Yes, this detector is really an out of box metal detector. You will realize it’s worth it when you observe its amazing features.

First of all, it is adjustable in its length. Therefore, this gives the facility of two in one. An adult can adjust to his/her own height; similarly, a youth can adjust for his/her own.

For proper output, this has a big LCD, which makes it convenient to have the relevant result of your search. Besides, it provides this output in numerical form for more comfortable and quicker performance.

Sometimes, in an emergency,you need to hunt in the night or in a dark area. For the solution of this difficulty, this metal detector provides you a flashlight. No stop hunt continues.

Programmed with four operating modes, it enables you to find any type of lost piece.Jewelry, coin, artifact, custom, and all-metal -these all will not remain hidden from the detection of your detector.

With all extra accessories, its search coil is waterproof. If rain breaks out, your detector will not break down. It will perform or protect in such conditions, too.

Its audio mode is adjustable. You can lower the tone of one metal from others for clarity and efficiency. If you want to ignore other objects, you have the ability to ignore them. Despite ignoring other purposes, you will hunt your desired object by all means.

With Static Pinpoint Mode, Fisher F44 metal Detector enables you to hit the bulls’ eye. You need not to dig in the wrong place. Accurately, you need to dig one particular point one soil. It all becomes possible with static pinpoint mode.

With Dimensions, 22 x 8 x 5 inches, and item Weight 3.59 pounds, this detector has many features. Due to many features, you can reliably trust the performance of this detector.

With many features, best prices, and excellent performance, this detector is the need of the hour for those interested in metal detectors.

  1. Two In One: At first glance, this detector may look giant in size, but it is adjustable in size. Due to its adjustability, it becomes 2 in 1. By adjusting the size, youth, and adult, both can use it properly.
  2. No Stop Hunting:One, sometimes, the weather does not allow you to hunt; second, sometimes, soils’ low conductivity stops you. These problems are solved with this detector. For the former, it has a waterproof search coil, and for the latter, it has high sensitivity. Even darkness cannot stop you because it is equipped with a light.
  3. Efficient Performance:It performs efficiently because its multiple features enable a person to spot the object quickly. Quickly, you will locate the particular metal. And accurately, it will allow you to identify a specific purpose.
  • Adjustable Audio
  • LED Light
  • Waterproof Search Coil
  • Target ID
  • Adjustable
  • Complex Operation
  • Big Size



5. Fisher F5 Metal Detector

Fisher F5 Metal DetectorAmong many hobbies, many people have a hobby of hunting relic and historical coins. There should be no compromise on your enjoyment; you should not be made frustrated with the faulty product.

Simply put, you must be provided a quality product. This one will just be amazing in multiplying fun of your hobbies.

The LCD of this detector is relatively big, where the output will pop up in bright and crystal numbers. A prominent display gives the best numerical result.

You will not face an iota of difficulty in gripping the handgrip of metal detector.

This detector has a padded grip that you can firmly grip. Similarly, your arm will not be in an awkward position. The padded armrest will provide the required comfort.

Four Tone audio ID can be set for different metal. One can be lower down from others for the best output.

You can set a particular audio tone for a specific metal type.

A hobby will excite you when you enjoy it in adverse weather conditions, but for this, you need a protective metal that can protect itself in rainy weather.

In this metal detector, you will have a waterproof search coil, which will help this in that regard. Nonstop Hunting till the prey is predated.

The frequency level can be reduced or increase on your will. Additionally, the Frequency will allow you to search in even in the depth of 6 feet if the object is large.

Its reduced Frequency will be better for the Hunting of low depth target.

Additionally, it targets itself due to its features to readout ground mineralization. This happens due to Threshold and gains adjustments. Every minute detail will be on the face of this detector’s screen. Won’t it be enough for your successful Hunting?

Fisher F5 Metal Detector, due to its design and performance, is recommended to many people who love coin shooting, relic hunting, and beach hunting.

Once you see its performance, then, in turn, you will suggest to your friends for this detector.

This is equipped with advanced technology. Its Dimensions is 10.25 x 6.25 x 28.5 inches and Item Weight 4.7 pounds. Not too big and not too heavy; it is ideal for your Hunting.

  1. Display Readouts:The display readouts puts you in many advantages. You can easily manipulate the detector according to output—similarly, numerical readout us the best of precision. Target should be hit in the head.
  2. No complexity:The operation requires no rocket science. It will readily be operated with any type of complexity. Whether you are an expert in the detector or a naive, you will use it easily.
  3. Sturdy Bodily:Many detectors do not last long because they come with weak bodily structures. This is not weak bodily because the material used in this is of high quality. As a result, it will work for a long time and will last long.
  • LCD Display
  • Numerical Readouts
  • Adjustable Frequency
  • Mineralization readout
  • No Touch Screen
  • Manual Operation


Fisher lab metal detectors has proven its worth throughout the years, and not only professional hunters but also ordinary people love to have this because of its precise detection and adjustable size. The company has made sure that it has everything for everyone, from a young kid to an over-aged person.

Some of the best fisher labs detectors have been reviewed after unbiased and factual research, if you’ve missed them, scroll up, and check their reviews.