Fisher Gold Bug 2 Top Metal Detector Review

Fisher Gold Bug 2


Do you know that Fisher Gold is the pioneer of the metal detectors? The first production of the same brand came into existence in 1995, and ever since the production has not been halted, but has grown exponentially. Even now this brand gets the largest market shares in the Metal detector world. Quite a few models have tried to challenge Fisher Gold metal detector, and they have lost even their own recognition.

Today we are going to review the latest model of the brand, Fisher Gold Bug 2. Fisher Gold has much more to offer than you expect, if you are using it the first time and have not had a chance to roll this infield, you will today be blown away by the features and functionality.

Technical specification:

  • Frequency 71 kHz
  • With three auto tune mode fast medium, and slow
  • Iron discrimination mode
  • TWO 9 volt batteries
  • Comes with 1/4″ headphone socket & speaker
  • Three position soil adjustment
  • With six-inch search coil
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Removable control system
  • Three auto tune modes with two retune
  • Dust/moisture resistance
  • High, low and normal mineralization settings
  • Weight 2.9 pound
  • Five-year warranty


Fisher Gold Bug 2 Review:

Do you want to know what makes Fisher Gold the leading brand?

The quality, values and out of the box solutions to the problem of the treasure hunters. Though, many of the pros think, Fisher Gold helps us to fetch the tiniest pieces of the Gold, and helpless when it comes to other metals. This is not a true, Fisher Gold though pays special focus on the features which are more relevant to the Gold finding, still works the same for any other metals such as relics, Coins and other.
Fisher Gold’s most delightful feature is its Operating frequency, 71 kHz. This is the highest operating frequency in a commonly available metal detector for a very long span of time. Let’s have a closer look at its features and other aspects:

Design and feature:

It is very true; Fisher gold has some divine power of sniffing in the tiniest particle of gold on any terrain. You can have it on rocks, grassy fields, grounds, mud grounds or mineralized soils. I have told you about its operating frequency 71kHz, which meets with 6-inch search coil and adds up to search and detects the small pieces of gold weighing less than 1/10th grain.

I am not saying that this tiny gold can be found in the depth of the earth. Sometimes, the coil gets the wrong signal and you need to get the coil right down on the Gold.

The machine is a perfect gadget to search the biggest or flakes of gold, in deeper finding you might add up this to any other metal detector to run multiple sweeps.

The iron discrimination in this product is really astonishing; the audio settings can go low, medium, high as per your need and targeting metals searching. The sensitivity, on the other hand, has the same ways, though higher sensitivity causes some issues especially in mineralized grounds. So, you step out as per the ground conditions and your findings characteristics.

This device is lightweight, with a curved control box. The versatility of this product is outstanding, and one of the finest options for smaller specs search points.

Fisher Gold Bug 2 comes in three colors- Gold, black and gray. The narrow design adapted for this latest innovation is a perfect compact for comfortable holding for a longer span of time.

Despite the high frequency, this model can be made work even on the worst ground conditions. It is very good in Iron discrimination and intended to make the trash and other unwanted metals coming to the way. Though some sensitivity is lost in iron disc mode, still it is so sensitive to find the gold without any hiccup.

The design is compact and even tough. The rugged quality used to design this product needed to be appreciated. This kind of design has become rare these days, with a removable control box. The box even can be slid off the rod, there are other plenty of cables and straps which could easily be used under deep water conditions. The control box is not waterproof, and you cannot get that into deep water. That may be the idea of making it a removable part so that one could remove that while going into deep water conditions.

In mineralized grounds, you need to have the right settings to get your objective achieved. Like, get the full volume with low sensitivity, and mineralized with a set to low, with audio boost engaged.

And in hot rocks or grounds, turn the iron disc mode on. However, if you wish to stay with the all metal mode in mineralization soils, that would be alright, still, reduce the sensitivity.

Even in high-frequency settings, Fisher Gold Bug 2 retains the sensitivity in rougher landscape and mineralized soils. The best part is removable control box, which helps you spend some extra hours while hunting Gold.

  • Highly sensitivity even for the tiniest gold nuggets, wires, and spongs
  • Removable control box with the larger and smaller search coil
  • Less weight
  • Iron discrimination mode helps you a lot
  • Comes with 9-volt batteries which have the capacity to run at least 30 hours
  • Audio boost settings for more sensitive audio signals
  • Incredibly useful for small jewelry and other nuggets searching
  • High frequency of 71kHz
  • In overly mineralized grounds, iron discrimination functions start showing bug and start rejecting even gold
  • It works fine only in Gold finding
  • Extremely poor results in depth gold findings
Final thought
No doubt about its Gold finding capabilities. In Gold finding, this metal detector has stood the test of the time. This is undoubtedly among the leaders for gold hunters.

It is highly one of the most trusted metal detector brands. Its sensitivity, its versatility, and high frequency are not hidden from anyone. This product is the vision of the brand, which has worked tirelessly to innovate metal detectors industry. Fisher Gold Company has really made the metal detecting easy task.

Though, the price could be negotiable still the product has worth in this price range.



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