Fisher F5 Best Metal Detector Review

Fisher F5


Fisher F5 is one of the overlooked Fisher products. I only saw a few reviews of this product and decided to Pen down its performances and other features. From the first glance of this product, you will fall in love with it. Its design, its color, performance and above all its sturdy finishing gives a superb look of this, the combination of an analog knob with a digital screen, a nice blend of new and old technologies.

Fisher F5 is a superbly great metal detector. The brand from where this product came has already made its marks in the metal detecting world. This metal detector is super easy to assemble and has made up of simple and few components, even a novice would after once witnessing its assembling, do it himself.

It has a simple coil, lower stem, middle stem, top stem, and control panel. The armrest to provide you with a sturdy and reliable comfort while using it in your backyard. This product really means business, and you will double your business by using this handy tool.

Technical specification:

  • Ten inches search coil
  • Manual and auto ground balancing
  • 1/4 headphone jack
  • Operating frequency up to 7.8 kHz
  • Built-in pin pointer mode
  • Adjustable length
  • Waterproof search coil
  • With LCD screen for visual identification
  • Comes with all metal and discriminate mode
  • Approx weight of 3 pounds
  • Elliptical Search coil shape
  • Five years warranty
  • Four tone audio discrimination
  • Comes with a battery indicator
  • Sensitivity adjustment

Fisher F5 Review:

The F5 is a mid-level metal detector. It comes in two main colors, black, and gold. Pick up details about free no deposit casino bonus codes. This metal detector comes with a non-metallic telescopic bottom rod for adjusting the height as per the user’s preference.

The armrest of this metal detector is adjustable. And a user can adjust this feature as per their usage.

All in all metal detector is a nice addition. I am not convincing you this as a pro metal detector. Still, lots of its features come in a pro metal detector; a novice can get his hands to roll onto this to get some experience. This metal detector is extremely easy to use and has some nicest metal detecting options to ease treasure hunting hobby.

Design and features:

The Fisher F5 has a great control panel. Every feature and component has been adorned in a way that you would love to even feel this metal detector. The control panel has easy navigation, with a large LCD display. The target ID eases your job, few nob settings can make you find what you have been hunting for.

I have not seen such a great interface in a mid-level MD. Fisher has come up with a great addition, less-expensive product still with an easy to use simple interface for beginners to navigate easily.

In its control box, there are five buttons and four nobs.

  • Phase lock button updates the ground balancing
  • Tone button identifies the tone
  • Notch button eliminates the categories of various metals
  • Frequency button used to set the right frequency
  • Pinpoint button used to pinpoint the location and receiving an accurate location.

By turning the knob you can change the ground balance setting, which helps you out to eradicate the false alarms.

The ground balancing controlled by a knob gives you accurate settings, on mineralized soils you get the right use of ground balancing feature as you just roll the knob to eliminate the false alarm signals.

This metal detector has all the basic features what you expect from a mid-range metal detecting machine. It’s over the top feature would be the ability to handle the wet sand. I have not seen this feature working that swiftly in any of the mid-range metal detectors. There are some which are same good as F5 but over the sacrifice of gain and sensitivity features.

This is a perfect grab for coin, relic and beach hunting owing to its best performance on wet sands. This detector is a blend of analog and digital technology. Like, if you are a beach or relic hunter, this has a high-resolution manual ground balancing adjustment. One can perfectly tune the mode for exact and precise ground balancing.

The variable tone pinpoint system differentiates between various metals such as nails, pennies, relic, quarters, and trash and bottle caps.

The LCD screen of the F5 has a numeric target identification, which goes out from 0-99. You can even give a shift to the frequency and alter it anytime. This will make you hunt the high power line near the other treasure hunter with the same model.

The addition of audio and visuals targets identification has given a new boost to this. The target identification target confidence bar helps you to sort out the targets precisely. The pinpointer control and one-touch notch control are the standards of this metal detector.

This is a tool you can set up with great ease and comfort. Just tune your preferred ground balancing and discrimination notch, and there you go. The other controls can be done by using a push button or twisting the knob while using. The F5 comes with great processor speed. This feature allows the detector to control and process the signal swiftly. By using this machine you will not be missing any good signals.

The Fisher F5 is also recognized with another name, the coin shooter. Its owners up to the level I read the reviews were found praising the performance of this machine. This gives out very accurate ID on the LCD screen for coins and relics.


  • Durable, sturdy, lightweight
  • A bigger LCD display and target ID
  • Numeric target ID and Digital ID
  • Superb gadget for coin shooting
  • Rapid recovery, fast speed, and processing
  • Long battery


  • Manual inaccurate some time
  • The absence of volume control settings
Final words
I personally did not use Fisher F5. Up to the level, I could read out the reviews, I found most of the owners pleased with the performance of this mid-range metal detector. This has smooth performance and faster recovery and processing, you can rely this machine on coin and jewelry