Fisher F44 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F44 Metal Detector


Fisher is a well-known brand in the metal detector world. And it’s all products are amazing; either it is the beginner, intermediate or pro levels. This brand has always stood by its products, that may be the reasons, customer trust in the products even critics always rate higher The Fisher products.

I always found that Fisher always works out of the box. There are dozens of new features which now has become the necessities of all metal detector brands which were introduced by this brand. With its new products, such as Fisher F4 and even Fisher F44, they are growing bigger day by day. Not because that they are the most experienced and old brand of this world, but because they genuinely have something new to offer.

I must appreciate the fact that Fisher products particularly come with five years warranty, this new product what I am going to review about also has five years warranty.

Fisher F44 Review:

The F44 is an ideal product for experienced and beginner treasure hunter alike. This product has much more to offer to a non-experienced person, who just kick-started treasure hunting hobby. For a pro treasure hunter, this metal detector would be a nice companion.

For a beginner, there are much more features to explore and grow. Plus, you get a guide book along with the product when you purchase, which is very helpful. Fisher has started a new trend, and this practice helps a lot to newbies who do not know how to operate the gadget properly.

Fisher F44 has been one of my favorite metal detectors; there are many reasons for that. Let’s have a quick review of its design, specification and features.

Design and features:

Fisher F44 is a waterproof metal detector, which also a new trend, started by this brand. Now, others also adapt this practice which is a good thing. In environments, where rains fall a lot, it becomes impossible to get out with a not-waterproof gadget.

The F44 has five search modes, so you can quickly switch any mode of the hunt and get your job quickly done.

  1. Jewelry mode overlooks iron signals and focuses on jewelry.
  2. Coins mode makes you ignore iron signals and pull some coins
  3. Artifact mode helps you to catch iron signals; you can have some historical relics
  4. Custom mode helps you to use your own search parameters with notch feature.
  5. All metal modes as the name tells it all, makes you get all metals signals.
The F44 has a large screen and backlight functions which work in dark environments. An addition of good crystal clear LCD helps a treasure hunter a lot. This only feature can make you or break you. As, when you are not aware of the reading meaning, how would you get to know which metal is nearby? So, this LCD has some clear and meaningful insight regarding the finding. This has nine segments discrimination scale on the top, which helps you to recognize the type of metal you have found.
It also displays which search mode you chose for your findings and depth as well.

On screen, you have battery power identification in huge numbers.

Above all, you get the controls of volume, sensitivity and notch discrimination and get your hands onto them anytime easily.

The F44 has four audio tones to distinguish between the types of metals you have found. The iron audio signal helps you to distinguish between the trash and relics.

This has manual and auto ground balancing, which makes you hunt in high mineralization grounds even.

In wet sand and saltwater coastlines, ground balancing does not work fine and you get some jerks while getting them fixed. This latest Fisher product comes with a 7.8 kHz operating frequency to find the objects you are hunting for.

The F44 has 10 sensitivity levels; this level of sensitivity even can sniff the tiniest object underneath. This is the widest range of sensitivity you come across in any metal detector. The level of sensitivity in the first installment of the same product was about 8, now which have been upgraded to 10.

The higher level of sensitivity sometimes halts your operations in mineralized soils. So, you get the sensitivity as per your conditions and requirements.

When The F44 detects a product, and beep, the screen display the target ID number, the depth information and size info. The F44 comes with a larger notch scale then other counterparts; you need to learn the notch meaning before using it. One notch means the object is buried under two inches deep, three notch means the object is in between 4-6 inches, and so on.

The F44 runs two AA batteries, and this is another sweet feature of this product, you get 25-30 running hours by using the 9-volt battery.

When you go nearby coast and check the beaches if you could find something precious, beware, you got only the search coil waterproof not all machine.

Technical specification:

  • Detects metal up to 10 inches deep
  • Detects coins, relics metals, and other precious metals
  • Pinpoints and discrimination mode
  • Up to 20 sensitivity level
  • Waterproof design
  • With 11-inch search coil
  • Adjustable iron audio
  • Auto/manual ground balancing
  • It comes with five search modes
  • Screen has backlight
  • It has nine segment discrimination scales
  • Depth indicator
  • Battery power indicator
  • It comes with four audio tones to distinguish between trash and other metals.
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Five years warranty
  • Very comfortable, compact design
  • It runs AA batteries
  • A large screen
  • The search coil is waterproof not the whole product, it would be nicer if in the next installment Fisher could add this feature on.
Final thought
This model at serious note aimed the beginner and intermediate level market, a perfect grab. This comes with a guide book, which is extremely helpful for novices. Other brands should also come up with such outstanding ideas.

The waterproof element is great; you need not to worry about working in rainy conditions.

Above all its controls are extremely helpful and handy. The LCD screen is wider than any other metal detector, and the screen itself tells you enough elaboration, you need not to worry while getting it in use.


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