Fisher F4 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F4 Metal Detector


Fisher has been one of the biggest names in the metal detecting world. It has now been about 85 years since the first metal detector of Fisher came into existence. No doubt, the quality and cutting edge technology with user-friendliness has been nave of the company’s base.

So, if you are planning to purchase a brand new metal detector to fulfill your treasure hunting desires, without much thinking opt for Fisher F4. This latest brand of the same company will be a great investment to get your metal detecting activity to a new level.

Fisher F4 Review:

Fisher F4 is a mid-range metal detecting gadget and has earned a unique place in the market. This is considered as an entry-level metal detector, and you do not spend much on this machine. Indirectly, you have no need to go bankrupt in purchasing a high-ended metal detector. This has all basic and advanced features what a treasure hunter sought in metal detecting gadget.

This metal detector will set you back about $400 and will offer splendid features to soothe your treasure hunting or metal detecting life.

So, have a quick review of this metal detector and see what else this new addition has to offer to their loyal fans.

Technical specification:

  • Manual ground balancing
  • A clear LCD screen
  • Numeric target identification range from 0-99
  • An 11-inch search coil
  • Visual target identification based on category
  • Four different audio tones to identify the type of metals
  • Weight 1.2 kg
  • Two 9V PP3 batteries
  • Search modes all metals and Notch discrimination
  • Operating frequency 7.3 kHz
  • Waterproof search coil
  • 2 years warranty


Design and features

The question arises, is Fisher F4 a beginner metal detector? I think this metal detector has much more to offer than an entry-level metal detector. Genuinely, this can even satisfy the needs of a pro treasure hunter easily. It is easy to find more descriptive specifics mobile casino no deposit bonus codes. Though, this metal detector has been designed to hit the intermediate detector. This has more than enough features and functionality intended for a casual person.

This metal detector has garnered the reputation as a beginner and pro at the same time. The machine is great even for the experienced hunters and it, in my opinion, depends on one’s intentions.

If you are looking at becoming pro detectorists, you should probably spend some more money to buy an advanced features metal detector, for an average person, this is more than what needed.

The trash and actual finding discrimination annoy many of the metal detectors, same might have been happening with you.

For those who usually hunt at public places, it becomes annoying to find more trash than actual metals. Fisher F4 has some strong features to distinguish between metals and trash, and you will see this features working from the top.

This latest offering from the Fisher has advanced technology when it comes to the search coils, it has 11-inch search coil which is a bi-axial. The Fisher F4 has 11 segments for visual ID-target to identify the trash from the treasure with great speed and sense. This has been equipped with a notch control, which actually helps the coil a lot to select from the trash and actual metals.

The LCD display is clear and sharp; the conductivity ID is located at the center of the LCD. The arc is also located in the center which tells the numerous targets and their ranges. LCD arrows pointing at the numbers make it quick and easy identification of the metal ranging from 0-99.

On the left of the conductivity ID, there is a depth gauge display, which displays the depth of the finding in inches.

On the right-hand side, there is a battery meter, which constantly monitors the battery level of the nine volts cells. The color schemes adopted to bring forth this new machine is appreciable, the red, gold and black look sober.

The Fisher F4 is extremely easy to use. A light press of a finger only requires bringing F4 to life.

The face of the machine has nine total touchpads. The ground manual balancing feature stands out in the crowd.

All metal modes, auto tune, pin point, disc, not discrimination, and sensitivity up down are the total controls what you can use as per your requirements and ground conditions.

All metal modes are the favorite switch what most of the doctors find, as this helps targets to be heard and identified using both the visual and audio ID.

The discrimination modes of the control activate the discrimination circuits, allowing them to reject any unwanted target simply.

All metal detection mode of this gadget provides outstanding detection depth, while discrimination mode is just a normal working knob to get rid of unwanted trash items.

Although, the company advertised the F4 as a mid-range metal detector, but, the features and outstanding performance offered by this is not lesser than an expensive gadget.

The recession and depth finding of this metal detector are splendid. You will be astonished by the depth finding, but the pin pointer can make you annoyed, constantly on/off signals needed some attention.

The numeric mode combined with great VCO audio make it easy size up to get your targets and avoid large trash items nearby.

Another standout feature is the visual ID number stays locked on the last detection, allowing you to just follow the audio and uncover the findings.

The F4 has a unique notching system, either you can manually choose to reject trash, or can allow your search coil to identify what is trash and what is metals.

Either way you go, you get satisfied results, and I have personally experienced this.

  • Extremely light weight can have this in your hand, wave around beaches, mountains, mineralized soils or grassy grounds.
  • Perfect discrimination mode, distinguish between metals and trash ideally.
  • Nice addition for the relic hunter, beach and coin shooters
  • It comes with two years of warranty, which is actually more than enough for a mid-range machine.
  • For using it on highly mineralized grounds and hunting Gold can lead some false alarms.
  • The coil is waterproof, not the control box. So, only get it used in shallow waters
  • You can have it only for days, the absence of backlight make it the ideal gadget for days, not for nights. Or you will have to arrange an extra torchlight.


Final thought
I admit that I was not expecting that level of performance and features in the asking price, extremely impressed with the simplicity, user-friendliness, and overall performance.