Fisher F Pulse Pin Pointer Review

Fisher F Pulse Pin Pointer


A pin pointer is one of the must-have tools for hunting guys. This only unit saves a lot of our time by pinpointing the treasure’s precise location. You can have this unit, stick it into a hole, pick up your finding, turn it off and get the searching in the right direction further. A pin pointer saves your lots of time as you will not be digging into the wrong holes. And in mineral soils, you will be able to see the actual hunting as here plenty of false alarms can detract you. For a metal detecting company, a good pin pointer can double up the business. But, for modeling, constructing and designing a pin pointer takes a lot of hard work and the right team.

This is the reason; you see many top brands do not come up with a pin pointer. Fisher F pulse pin pointer is one of the ideal tools developed by Fisher Company, a well-known brand in the metal detecting world. Have a detailed review of this brand, and have an insight into the product before actually ordering it.

Technical specification

  • Three alert settings
  • Three sensitivity settings
  • LED flashlight
  • Lost mode alarm
  • Single button operation
  • Pulse induction option
  • 6 Feet water proof
  • Constructed from Special abrasion material
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Audio vibratory response
  • LED Levels 20
  • 5 The degree to the 158-degree temperature range
  • With belt hostler
  • 2 Years warranty


Fisher F Pulse pin pointer review:

Fisher product has its own recognition in the market, either the entry-level products or intermedia expert level products. We have seen, Fisher always takes care of their customers and offers something unimaginable. This brand has revamped the entire concept of a pin pointer and the pioneer of metal detecting products. That may be the reasons; the treasure hunting guys have full trust in Fisher’s product and stand on toes before releasing of Fisher’s products. This simple pin pointer also has many splendid features; it has three sensitivity levels, various responses, LED Light and pin pointer lost alarms.

Above all, one can have a single button operation functioning, and would not be turning on lots of buttons before using it. This unit actually does its job of pinpointing a product, and you cannot rely wholly on it for detecting and metal detecting. This product only gives you the precise location of the finding, this is what for which a pin pointer construct.


Design and features:

A pin pointer’s job is to indicate the actual depth of the finding. And if the unit goes closer to the target, the actual depth indication becomes easier. This is what Fisher stands heads and shoulder above the rest. Have more enjoyable by using no deposit bingo bonus codes. It has constructed the pink pointer in a way that the hunter would easily stuff this product into grounds and can have the idea of actually finding’s actual depth. This product has a dynamic response and fast returned function.

Like, if a finding is near to the 10 cm depth, and you move the unit to a 7 cm distance and press the button, it will actually detect the metal and tell you the actual distance.

Fisher F pulse is waterproof; you can find the treasure underwater owing to its waterproof features. But, you cannot get this unit in deep waters; it works only in shallow water until 6 feet distance. This can be used on land and underwater alike. A waterproof feature is really a big advantage of the unit, again not the deep water.

The idea of putting 2 AA batteries into this single unit is extremely amazing. This product can long-last for 20-25 hours without putting this onto the charger. A third battery can also be used to take power, so it would be a great idea to have spare batteries along with you while stepping out for hunting.

The red color, on the other hand, has a great margin. The user will be able to find the pin pointer if they misplace it or drop into the water. The bright red color will attract the eyeballs, and within seconds you will find it. The lost alarm can also help you in this regard. And Fisher always tries to offer something out of the box while manufacturing its products. The lost alarm feature induction is a true example of it.

The fisher product always leaves its impressions. Even holding of the Fisher F pulse will give you a great feel of reliability and strength margin. The rock-solid construction, metal battery compartment separate with O-ring, lanyard attachment loop are the other reliability addition. The on/off button gives you extra peace of mind; with just one hand one can operate this unit without any hiccup.

Fisher F pulse Pin pointer comes with a 200 grams weight. And this has now become a standard for the pin pointer. You know who was the trendsetter in the weight department?  Fisher.

And this is actually one of the most important factors for a pin pointer; hefty pin pointer will make it difficult to carry the product.

I have read all reviews even on the official site; I did not find many negative reviews. The positive word of mouth actually helped this product to sweep others from the root in pin pointer market. Fisher F pulse has three power settings. A user easily can adjust it to vibrate or not, just audio, or just vibrate as per his personal preference.

You can adjust the light brightness or turn this option off. This has 16 frequency shifts if it interferes with your detector. Though for some users set up to this product becomes harder in initial days, but once you get used to this, you will enjoy your treasure hunting hobby from the core of the heart.

  • Three power setting
  • One press operation
  • 16 Frequency shifts
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • LED Backlight
  • Lost alarm
  • Little bit hard setting up with
Final words
Although the price of this unit can be expensive for some novices, still this unit has worth this price. Without proper pin pointer, treasure hunting becomes the hardest thing. The performance, positive word of mouth and its brand recognition are some of the over the top features of it. You will enjoy your treasure hunting job with this little machine.