Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Review

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV


Bounty Hunters Company is one of the most reputable brands in the world of metal detectors. And the front runner of this brand, with most sales even on Amazon has been Bounty Hunter Tracker IV. This metal detector is often considered the beginner’s metal detector with lots of simple control options, lightweight, and its simple design. The price of this detector has been a hot debate. How on God’s green earth a metal detector with a bundle of simple yet effective features cost just $130?

Let’s explore this metal device and see what this machine has to offer.

Technical specification:

  • It comes with an 8 inch surrounded open search coil
  • Weight 3 pounds
  • Total dimensions up to 45-53 inches with adjustable settings
  • With manual sensitivity
  • Three search modes
  • Automatic ground balancing
  • It comes with two knobs
  • Dual audio tones
  • It has a 6.7GHz frequency
  • Adjustable step


Bounty Hunter Tracker IV review:

You are going to read more about this famous detector. And you would know how this metal detector competes with other brands of the same level, and what types of the target you can hope to find using this.

This machine would be the ideal partner if you are going to explore the treasure hunting world very first time. This as I have mentioned a beginner machine, those who alluded to treasure find but do not have much background or experience in this. This machine offers simple guidance to explore this magical world and learn how to progress in gold hunting.

Design and features:

This product simply has been designed to be a simple and beginner level metal detector. Even the brand itself advertised this brand a beginner and basic level metal detector for novices in this world, who just have step foot into the door of treasure hunting.

A basic level metal detector has a 6.7GHz frequency with three search modes and an adjustable stem ode. Acquire more information approximately no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players. This is a rugged device and can withstand to be a regular tough gadget to use around.

I want to mention here that this is a motion metal detector; you will have to move while holding this device otherwise the signal would not be generated. Normally we just hold the detector to trigger the signals but in this case, this would not appear.

A built-in speaker would notify you if some findings are around, but you will have to buy headphones to avoid the annoying at the crowded places.

This simple gadget has two knobs and dual audio tones, this got a quick curve still can get the hunting job easily. This has an analog meter which shows the signal strength of the metals nearby and a little information of the depth or the size of the metal in the land.

I would not say it the lightest device in the industry, Garrett has done a pretty good job in this field, but it is not too hefty either. A metal detector of the weight 4.2lbs would not hurt your shoulder and pretty carriage able weight even for the children.

You cannot go with this device on every land to detect the gold or coins under deep water. This is not a device to find the toys nearby just do not go everywhere using this. This would not offer you premium features, pretty understandable but has included with good performance across the range of condition.

With three basic settings

  1. I) Sensitivity
  2. ii) Search mode

iii) Discrimination

Though the missing of the advanced features can make you annoyed still the basic functionality can help you know better regarding the device and overall experience.

You got complete control over the sensitivity. This acts as a simple dial and you can get it left to right and vice versa. Like, if you see the higher sensitivity can trigger the false alarming more on mineralized lands, just reduce the sensitivity. And if you think that normal grounds finding can be located precisely using the higher sensitivity simple just it to the right.

Discrimination mode helps you to reject the unwanted targets. Simply when you want to weed out the sounds of trash, among other songs, just use discrimination trash option, you will get the precise sounds.

The most advanced machines, or premium metal detector use notch discrimination option. The higher the setting the more aggressive the discrimination becomes.

This metal detector comes with three basic search modes.

All metal modes make you detect the all metals nearby you. It could be aluminum, steel, brass, copper, iron, gold anything you want. A high pitched beam will be produced if some metals nearby detected.

Tone mode helps you to focus on precious metal ignoring iron and bras. The full determination mode even goes one step further in rejecting the trash and other metals. And can be tuned only one metal you want using a single tone only.

This metal detector comes with a waterproof search coil. It has an 8-inch waterproof concentric search coil, it is not a DD coil so do not expect much more from this coil.

This gadget also comes with a headphone jack, a built-in speaker, but not with the headphones. You will have to purchase a good quality speaker to avoid unwanted distraction while hunting in crowded places.

The absence of volume control can harm your ears though, so built-in headphones with the audio control system are most wanted stuff while putting headphones one

It comes with 9v batteries; you can expect a runtime of up to 30 hours, depending upon how much you use this product under what controls and conditions.

  • A great product for beginners, its simplicity makes it a perfect grab for the novices; the basic controls make it use it quickly for hunting and finding the treasure without any fuss.
  • The affordable price is another great feature. This is the cheapest price of any metal detector, if you even have no experience of metal hunting, go ahead and purchase this and gain some experience.
  • It is a lightweight device
  • It has simple controls, 2 basic knobs and dual audio for simple understanding
  • Five years warranty
  • The metal detecting and hunting become very limited using this simple gadget.
  • It would not work for a certain depth of terrain. It does not offer any variety; you can use it in normal circumstances.
Final thought
I would not say this device suitable for the experience or professional; yes a perfect grab for the beginners.

The weight of the machine and its simple controls make it a perfect companion for hunting. I would want to recommend the beginner to have your hands on this Bounty Hunter IV and accumulate some experience in this great hobby.