Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Review

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger


In metal detectors world, Bounty hunter has earned a huge name. This brand has much more to offer from its bucket that anyone could imagine. Two of its product, Bounty hunter Time Rangers and Bounty Hunters Land rangers are considered the epitome of Premium metal detectors. Today, we are going to shed light on the features, designs and other aspects of the former.

Bounty Hunter Time ranger review:

If you discuss the metal detectors and not use the name Bounty hunters it would be near to a crime. This brand has offered the finest metal detectors Bounty Hunter Time ranger. This metal detector comes with the bundle of features and other important aspects what one could use while hunting.

This metal detector is powered with some amazing features; some features housed in this product though seem useless. But, as the brand itself says, if Time rangers are not finding anything on the surface, it means there is nothing left there.

This awesome detector advanced controls which respond to each of your orders. By using the simple push buttons, you can easily program the metal detectors the way you want to use it.

Though the main controls or the display of this product seems confusing for the noob but for efficient treasure hunter it would not look odd. This display will show you how much you know regarding using a detector and using it for digging. The functions are simple in use and will halt no issue while programming or detecting finding or treasure.

Tech Specification:

These are the technical specifications of this highly acclaimed metal detector.

  • Waterproof Coil
  • Up to 3.5 pounds weight
  • Sensitivity control
  • Sniff mode
  • Manual ground balancing and controlling
  • 3 tone audio discrimination
  • 4 levels of iron discrimination
  • LCD Target ID
  • LCD depth ID
  • Blanker system
  • Ground monitor
  • Numeric target values
  • Touchpad selection

Design and features:

Bounty hunter time rangers are one of its own kinds of metal detectors. This is powered with some unique capabilities what other brands even could not imagine. That is the reason; the pro treasure hunter always finds this machine more suitable for terrain land. If you are an experience gold digger you would know the meaning of using a good metal detector.

The sniff mode makes this product stands out in a crowd. This option eliminates the unnecessary, trash and other plastic garbage which many times prone to false alarms. This option has advanced controls, such as a detector can make it fixed to find a specific metal rejecting other metals altogether.

This metal detector tests if the same metal is within the range, it will ring the bell and will gauge the total distance, and otherwise, it will prefer to be mute.

Another option, all metal modes will detect all types of metals. And on the LCD one can see the type of metal, the distance, and its size even.

Bounty hunter front runner has been equipped with the smart track computerized ground balance to get the maximum possible measurement regarding the finding. The simple switch mode turning helps you to get the desired mode with just one click.

Time ranger metal detector is a highly sensitive metal detector and it can sniff the metal buried under the ground. It got a good sized LCD screen to see the possible finding. The metal’s type even can be found using it, by using the electric conductivity option.

The information which displays on the LCD screen comes in the numeric form 1-299. This makes you get to know the type of metal and stop wasting the time on trash.

Time ranger metal detector has something unique to offer when it comes to digging. This product makes sure you did not waste time on digging until you are not aware of the treasure depth. The LCD screen can make you view the total digging distance and detect the type of the metal it is.

For the coins, this can detect up to 9-11 inches under the ground with hundred percent certainties.

Bounty Hunter Time ranger has perfect accuracy when it comes to the metal’s identification and detection. You can read the review regarding the same, and you surprise by the finding.

The time ranger has been equipped with powerful batteries. The batteries are functional up to 19 hours, and the user will not be worried about the battery drain. Still, one should manage the extra batteries; no one knows how much time you are going to spend on hunting.

The topmost loved feature of this product is its versatility. At the first place, this comes in four different versions. All four are slightly different, and you will see different features as per your using habits.

Though, this model does not come with a specific saltwater mode, what you might need in most regions. Still, it has a great ground balancing function. The waterproof search coils though helps you to detect finding in salt water, but be alert you got a search coil waterproof not the whole control system.

  • This metal detector is quite efficient in its accuracy and sure sufficient results. The user all the time aware of the fact what is the finding, and how the big size of the object. This shows the number of ranging from 1-299 for the piece the hunter is digging for.
  • The time ranger metal detector is very efficient its detailing. The LCD screen calibration on the depth and the type of metal is above the roof.
  • The waterproof coil can detect even on beaches. Though the control system is not waterproof, still, the shaft is tightly sealed one can get it into shallow water.
  • The sniff mode helps you to accept or reject the finding
  • Heavier in size
  • Difficult to use
  • Too sensitive, one can fall prey of the false alarms
Final words
Bounty hunter time ranger worth your money, it has bundles of features, though some of them are quite useless, still one gets to use them when needed. This is one of the convenient metal detectors which deliver outstanding performance. You can read the reviews and see how the product has delivered what promised.


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