Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter 2 Review

Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter 2


What is your definition of a good metal detector? Do you want to hear mine- a metal detector which is easy to use, lightweight and splendid discrimination metal feature? For a novice who does not even know how to switch on a metal detector it would be tough to spend hard earned money on an expensive high-ended metal detector. For him, it will be easy to switch to affordable metal detectors with some basic hunting operation.

Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector review .

Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II is one of those metal detectors which do not cost your arms and legs. It is a cheap metal detector with major search point’s functionality and discrimination features. Though we can discuss the strength and weakness of this detector, one should not forget what we are spending to have our hands onto it.

You spend $150 on a metal detector and get some easy operation, great recovery rate and above all treasure hunting with discrimination features. So, let’s have some detailed review of the metal detector and discuss the strength and weakness of this.

Technical specification:

One of the cheapest metal detectors with a bundle of features

  • 8-inch search coil
  • Search up to five inches deep
  • Four different all metal to disc notch to discrimination modes
  • 2 different notes metals tones nodes
  • Digital LCD display to show what we found and how deep it is
  • Automatic ground balancing
  • Built-in speakers with the headphones jack
  • Five pounds weight
  • Target ID
  • Waterproof search coil

Design and features:

If you ask me the best feature one can look into a metal detector, I would say the discrimination feature. Adjusting discrimination controls is an easy way to sense the target metal.

By using this feature one can simply focus on what he is looking for. If you have lost your wedding ring in your backyard, by using this metal detector and switching to the gold mode and audio note, you can find this only treasure. The search coil will emit the radiation, and if your ring is in the searchable area, it will conduct those radiations, and one can easily find the lost metal.

In some ways, by switching to your desired mode, you can focus on the desired metal

Even the deep-seated treasure can be unearthed if you just switch to the right sensitivity and right audio note. The LCD screen of this metal detector displays the best largest object detection depths and exhibited on the screen.

The Bounty Hunter SS2 sharpshooter allows you to have accurate pinpointing. Still, if you are an experience metal hunter you would prefer to use a dedicated pin pointer. The mean to say, if you do not have a pin pointer, still this gadget helps you to pinpoint the location.

You have four distinct modes of operation; you get all metal mode, impressive notch discrimination mode, audio notch modes, and progressive discrimination mode.

The SS2 sharpshooter can discriminate between fine gold, silver, and iron quite easily.

You can simply switch to the favorite mode, rejecting unwanted targets and trash which gather around the gold treasure sometimes.

Bounty hunter product has three tone audio feedback modes. The internal speakers release three different tones for three distinct metals. And once this releases the audios, you see on your screen regarding what you have found. The low notes will show the iron has been found, or brass and gold.

You need to be patient while using the audio feedback mode. As, what I found, when you just passed by the search area and release these audios, it is quite possible the sound passed over the buried dime. So, have some patience and put your detector on ground track, rather having it in your hands.

This metal detector has the ability to detect up to four feet if the object is big. And this is completely submersible you can find your gold watch up to five feet in depth, completely waterproof submerse help you to find your precious gold watch under deep waters.

Another great feature you will have in this detector is convenient pre-set ground track, which makes this detector to balance with the soil and mineralized conditions. You need not to manually utilize the soil conditions, rather this automatically neutralize.

Though, you need to have open eyes to learn how to operate different functions of this metal detector. The best way to learn would be to take it out and perform some treasure hunting when you start getting precious coins, the interests itself will build up.

The LCD display is a huge advantage- this has two dials, to set the sensitivity level and discrimination. The LCD is big enough to display the characteristics of various objects without any delay. The headphones even help you hunting in a crowded place and public places where you do not want to get unwanted attention. Simply put on the headphones, and beep will only be heard in your ears.

Sharpshooter 2 has a comfort level for the users. With its adjustable arm strap to help you bear the weight to the rod is bent to make it swing in hands. Though, the rod is not adjustable, still by swinging you get some weight distributed.

  • The search coil is water proof and can be immersed up to five feet in water to detect metals
  • A strong LCD with impressive visual reference
  • Easy to use, determine easily the types of objects
  • Heavyweight
  • The detector requires 9v batteries, and a user will have to purchase separately


Final thought
This is a good metal detector, but only for the beginner. If you just started learning treasure hunting, it can be a good companion with some basics and handy feature. For the experienced hunters, it might not be proved a good add-on. The weight though halts some issues, and you may not be able to carry this for hours owing to its heavyweight, still, an average product with some basic features in the cheap price range.



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