Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Review

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro


Metal detectors are dime a dozen. But, finding a good detector with handy features at a reasonable price range is a hectic job to do. For beginners who just want to experience this hobby once purchasing an expensive gadget would be a waste of money. Why not opt with a relatively cheap device with some handy features for the beginners. Bounty Hunter Land Ranger pro is a fine recipe of all your necessities. This metal detector comes with some basic features and offers great value for the money.

This metal detector might not fall right on the criteria of an experienced hunter, some advanced features are skipped. Still, over the years, this metal detector has been a top choice among the users, and one of the top-selling electronics gadgets in metal detectors field on Amazon.

Technical specification:

  • LCD screen
  • Waterproof coils
  • With sensitivity adjustment
  • Multiple search coils
  • Operating frequency 7.69 kHz
  • Seven metal modes
  • Improve discrimination mode
  • Manual or auto ground balancing
  • With 8 Inch search coil
  • With battery indicator
  • Weight approx. 2.5 pounds


Bounty hunter Land ranger Pro review:

Bounty hunter is one of the finest products in the asked price. It is packed with solid features, for the beginners, it should be a one-stop shop. Though some of the features housed in this metal detector can compete with inter-mediate metal detectors, still the brand itself advertises this as a beginner level metal detector.

The land ranger pro has a pinpoint mode, if you could learn this only mode, half of your worries will be ended today. This only mode can make you dig into the earth at the precise location, rather wasting time at the wrong location.

This gadget has an iron audio ton, to pass iron signals to detect the metals nearby and emits the radiation. You would be astonished to see ground balanced features in this device, as I have seen even some pro models were not equipped with this only feature. The ground balancing features make you eliminate the false alarming on the mineralized soils.

Design and Features:

Bounty hunter land ranger pro stands out owing to its variety of modes for different metals detecting. With seven preset modes and various audio tones, you can detect the desired metal without any hiccup.

You can switch to any of the mentioned modes. And detect the desired metal, coins, relics, jewelry and much more. The tone in the preset mode helps you to detect the frequency of the particular metal. Such as if you are searching for coins, and coin mode has been enabled, switching to the Coins tone, the device will match the frequency of the metal to the preset frequency in the device and alarm if the particular metal is detected in the range.

Owing to this mode and tone feature, this metal detector is earning positive reviews among costumer who has used it before.

The Notch discrimination feature allows you to focus on one particular metal and skip the notification, frequency of other metals buried or found at the location. The improved notch discrimination allows you to cancel the signals of trash, foil, scrap metals or other detected at the location. By using this, one can focus on the concentrating targets and find the hunts in less amount of time.

The induction of a cutting edge LCD has made the job even easier for the hunters and beignets. The LCD helps you to find your targets more easily and get their characteristic on the screen, to get the idea if the findings have something important to focus or not.

The LCD has a graphic icon, which can show you different detected metal in the range with size and metal discrimination. The detector has the potential to identify various metals a then translate the objects into images on LCD and display. So, after witnessing the displayed objects, you will be in the right position to dig or not.

This model has been adorned with a great sensitivity level. Either you want to be alerted only when something big has been found, or want to be notified with every piece of metal detected, this metal detector has all in the bucket. This has 1-10 sensitivity live, and you can set the sensitivity after viewing the land condition and your choices.

A low sensitivity definitely skips the little stuff or small metals, this could be a disadvantage of running metal detectors in low sensitivity. But, this option comes in handy when you step out on a mineralized land, where every second you get a false alarm. To cope with this issue, after having insight about the land, you set the required sensitivity and come out for treasure hunting.

The Land Ranger Pro comes with an 8-inch and 11-inch search coil waterproof, which can help you hunting in shallow water.


Land ranger pro as compare to counterparts is a lightweight machine. This makes it best for kids to carry along day-long without hurting their shoulders. For a treasure hunter, the weight of a machine matters a lot, and hefty metal detector can make the hunting even more difficult.

This metal detector comes with 0-99 target identification, which makes you identify if the signals are worth digging. And with 7.99k HZ operating frequency, you can get a tight grip on relics hunting. Though this option makes it not ideal for Gold hunting, still, you can grab the bigger pieces of golds coins using this frequency range.

  • Splendid performance in the asking price range
  • Lightweight
  • With powerful LCD screen
  • Enhanced Discrimination mode
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Seven search modes can make your hunting life easier than before
  • The control system is not waterproof
  • Some advanced features are skipped
Final thought
This beginner level metal detector might not be the cheapest available in the market but with a bundle of features. The performance, efficiency and improved discrimination mode make this machine stand out in the massive crowd. You have this detector to hunt in shallow water, mineralized soils, and grassy grounds. You can set the targets to be detected and set the tone for clear identification, without a single shadow of a doubt, a great product to put your money on.


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