Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector1. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Are you in love with the treasure hunting? If you have a reply in the yes then it is no more difficult to find the best metal detector. One of the renowned names that we often come across while talking about the metal detectors is the bounty hunter. One of the popular creations from this brand is the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger metal detector that can be an outclass option for the hobbyist and the professionals who are in need of the best metal detector for gold. Due to its amazing, innovative features, it is considered among the top rated metal detectors. As it is an excellent choice for all levels of the metal detectors, therefore, it stands out among the top metal detectors.

It might not be among the cheap metal detectors but still, the experts and the different surveys reveal that it can be the best metal detector 2020 for the family fun and the professional ease. In this metal detector price, the buyer is actually buying the most amazing metal detection experience. It might not perform well under the water like other good metal detectors but still, it is worth using on the land. It is all because it is not a perfectly waterproof metal detector so it cannot be used as an underwater metal detector.
This metal detector is fitted with the LCD display hence all the specifications appear clearly on the screen making it really easy to read the details that you require. The detector comes with some top-notch features. The dual knob functioning allows adjusting the power, sensitivity, and junk removal as per the ease of the user. It gives a professional experience to the beginners and especially the kids. This is because the metal detector comes with the headphones. This allows the user to listen to the slightest sound very clearly.


  • 7-inch coil for easy
  • Fitted with the sensitivity meter
  • Triple tone audio system
  • Can trace for all kinds of metals
  • Two knobs to control the detector’s functions
  • Confidence booster for the young metal detectors
  • Easy to handle functions
  • Great for family expeditions
  • Adjustable lengths
  • Perfect weight for young kids
  • Cannot trace below the depth of 6 feet
The verdict
If you want your kids to learn in a fun way and explore the world around them then this compact metal detector is the right choice for the kids of all ages. The early professionals will also find it a   great device. Whether you are going on the beach hunt or want to explore your garden area this can be a real treat for a long time. Gold Digger can assist anyone. Without causing any complications it can be really helpful. This is a tiny gift for all those who love treasure hunting. Like its other products, the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger is also a worth buying product to introduce your kids to the hunting.


2. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal DetectorAre you looking for a great gift for your child’s upcoming birthday? You might prefer getting the best cheap metal detector for your curious child. It will make him feel like holding the professional gold detector machine. The treasure detectors always fascinate the young curious souls. In order to acquire the metal detectors, you can check the varieties of the gold detector for sale. These early metal detectors might not match the quality of the professional best metal detector for gold but some of the products like the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV metal detector are really working wonders than the variously used metal detectors for sale. The TK4 Tracker IV is a great metal detection machine. It gives the child the pleasure similar to the most expensive metal detector for the professionals.  As they hold this tiny machine they feel like working with the best buy metal detector. For those who want to know that where can I buy metal detectors from the home of Bounty Hunter the answer is easy. They are available in the physical stores but even if you can’t find them there don’t panic by thinking that where to buy metal detectors? This awesome detector for the kids can be bought from the popular online stores also.

The kids who want to explore the detective instincts will surely love this great metal detector. It has carved its name among the most amazing hobby collections in the last few years. Whether your kids have lost their tiny metal collections or you have gold earring under the sofa, it can really work like a wonder box. With the assistance of the innovative Automatic Ground Trac it can search for all sorts of metals around him. There are hardly any special adjustments required to find the metal traces, therefore, the children would not get confused and tired with the professional complications.
The best quality is that these can be used in all kinds of terrains. The audio function makes it possible to listen to the beep as the metal detector comes across the metal whether under the surface or above it. The different sounds make it possible to distinguish between the different metals. Don’t worry about the kind of metal as it can reach out for every kind of metal.


  • Facilitates through the discrimination circuitry
  • Stylish and elegant
  • 8-inch coil to search through all depths
  • Water resistant
  • Operates with the 9-volt batteries
  • Adjustable shaft
  • Measures 28.2x10x6.2 inches
  • Has an easy to carry the weight of just 3.7 pounds
  • Economical and budget friendly
  • User-friendly
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Easy to follow the online guideline
  • Lacks the display features
  • Not appropriate for indoor use
  • Cannot trace the targets precisely
The verdict
TK4 Tracker is a great product to acquaint the kids with the fun of searching and treasure hunting. There might be some faults but despite this, the fun and adventure associated with this cannot be ignored. It is an amazing gift for any family that wants to give the best moments for the kids of all ages both in the home and away.


3. Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector, Black

Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector, BlackFor those who are looking for the best metal detector on the market, the name Bounty Hunter is not something new. They are know=n for being the trustworthy and the reliable creators of the portable metal detectors for the young metal detectors. They give the opportunity to buy the best budget metal detector. It is really encouraging for the families who want the best value metal detector even if it is the small metal detector. The manufacturers have guaranteed to provide good cheap metal detectors. The best metal detector reviews that often appear on the sources also recommend the Bounty Hunter detectors. The buyers suggest that they make the best metal detectors for the money you pay. One of the best metal detectors on the market created under the banner of the Bounty hunter is none other than the Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector. This black colour high-end metal detector is really something that you would love to have for the next expedition. It works great as the best underwater metal detector if you are searching below the water surface.

This metal detector works not less than the sniff dogs who reach the target precisely and accurately. Inspired by the sniff dogs the metal detectors are fitted with a sniff mode that makes it extremely easy to find the right target. The principle behind this metal detector is that metals are good conductors of the electricity. As it gets closer to the metal the audio signals are produced making it easier to check for the presence of the metals. Further ease is ensured by the LCD display.   This screen is used to display the essentials that are required to trace the metal including the depth, and the kind of metal. This clear display of the required data allows the user to work in the least possible time.
The perfect digging without spending extra money and resources is possible when it is known that how deep the metals are located.  Once the exact depth is displayed on the screen, the user can reach the exact depth. The battery life is better than the other detectors available on the market. Uninterrupted detection is possible for almost 20 hours.


  • Comes with a waterproof search coil that measures almost 8 inches
  • Highly reliable programming
  • Comes with an efficient pinpointer
  • Can be balanced perfectly
  • Fitted with a clear LCD display system
  • 5 years warranty of limited nature
  • Can be used to dig all kinds of metal and metal objects
  • Reliable, long lasting and versatile
  • Precise and accurate readings
  • Easy installation
  • Longer battery life
  • Comparatively heavier
  • Can be difficult for beginners
  • Not good for too deep waters
The verdict
It is an excellent choice for the ones in metal detection or for those who are about to start. It makes a great treasure hunting device. The quality and the user-friendly features make it really a great option.


4. Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal DetectorBounty Hunter is not just the name of the metal detectors; it is the name of trust and innovation. When we talk of the latest market detectors on the market or search for the top metal detectors 2020, then we will often come across the quality metal detectors created by the Bounty Hunter. It might not fall under the category of the mini metal detector but still, it is the best metal detector to buy. Like always the manufacturers ensure that there is all new and innovative in their product. With the clear sound, clearly felt vibrations it is an easy thing to deal with.

For those who are seeking the high-quality metal detectors that are doing great as compared to the best mid-range metal detector the Bounty hunter Land Ranger, Pro Metal Detector is the best metal detector for the price. The manufacturers have ensured that the users find it easy to operate.  For this purpose, they have come up with the great V break option. This audio system can be customized as per the individual requirements of the conductivity. After this adjustment, the user listens the sound when the detector comes closer to the metal with the required conductivity. Hence it becomes a time-saving option.

It is very important for the metal detector to have stability or the ground balance. The greater the better the performance. The same has happened with the Bounty Hunter’s creation. The user can choose any option of the ground balance being the preset, auto and the manual options available. The user can adjust the balance with just one go.
Metal hunting is not an easy task. It takes time if you have not reached the right target. The professional metal hunters prefer that they get something that can help them grab the right detector that is fitted with the quality of distinguishing between the target that is rewarding and that is not. The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector allows the user to do so in a professional way.


  • Innovative tone breakpoint mechanism
  • Can distinguish between different metals
  • Latest 4 tone audio ID
  • Operates in 7 different ways
  • Excellent balancing system
  • Multiple operation systems
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent variability
  • Great balance and control
  • Super variability
  • Waterproof
  • Not suitable for the beach areas
  • Does not perform well with gold
  • No backlight on the LED
  • Kids find it too heavy
The verdict
The various metal detector reviews reveal that it is among the highest rated metal detectors. There are often times when people criticize the performance but the overall performance is commendable. It comes with some extraordinary features that make it worth buying. For those who are concerned about the price will love the features.


5. Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal DetectorThere is a number of cheap but good metal detectors available on the market but still, it is very difficult to decide which metal detector to buy. It is difficult to check for the best metal detector finds. There are long range metal detectors, medium range metal detectors and the small range of detectors. The price also varies for the different metal detectors. There are expensive metal detectors from the best metal detector brands and the good affordable metal detector. For those who are looking for the lightweight metal detector can get the best metal detector under 200. Among the various recommended metal detectors the best overall metal detector from the home of Bounty Hunter is the SS2 Sharpshooter II metal detector. It is listed as the best pro metal detector.

SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector is an impressive metal detector manufactured and distributed by Bounty Hunter. SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector comes with an open face 8” large waterproof concentric search coil which is capable of working on four types of operational modes which include All Metal Mode and No Motion mode for precision and accuracy. It also features a touchpad control panel with several discrimination controls to make it easy to use and operate.
This impressive metal detector is highly praised for the 3 tone audio. This makes it really easy and convenient to identify the different types of metals. The user-friendly features like the super control system and the ground balance make the SS2 detector a great choice. Whether it is a huge metal piece at a depth of four feet or just small coins resting at a depth of nine inches the SS2 metal detector can do anything perfectly.

The detector is fitted with the LCD display that tells the metal hunter about the statistics related to the metals below the ground. The users find it easy to follow the directions and reach their desired targets.


  • Features a waterproof, open face 8” large concentric search coil that works on four different operational modes
  • Consists of a touchpad control with various discrimination controls for easy use
  • Comes with 3-tone audio discrimination and motion discrimination feature
  • It also has a combination of automatic ground balance along with auto notch and variable notch control system
  • It also includes a CD along with the metal detector
  • Clear display
  • Pinpointing mode for perfect performance
  • Easy to handle lightweight
  • Great features for all users.
  • Not very practical manual
  • Not appropriate for the beginners
The verdict
The performance of these detectors is not very satisfying for many users. There are complaints and problems related to the metal detector but the overall performance cannot be ignored. Nothing to worry about the depths. In this reasonable price, it is the best choice for metal detection freaks. The touchpad innovation makes the functions even more fascinating.