I have been running a jewelry store for the last two years, and I haven’t lost a single grain of gold or silver because of this highly sensitive metal detector.

Running such a large store is not an easy task, and when you have to make sure that your precious stuff remains intact, you need someone trustworthy and reliable.

I found my reliable partner in the shape of the Bounty hunter metal detector.

Although I have tried and tested many other companies, but the professionalism and precise detection this one presents, is remarkable.

It not only detects your lost stuff on the ground, but it can also work on beaches, sand, and even underwater. So, if you’re a gold hunter, these detectors can become your other eye and nose.

All you have to do is to set the target ID of the desired metal, and this detector will ignore all other minerals and solely focus on that one.

If not, its multiple audio tunes inform you about the detection of more than one metal.

One way or another, this metal detector is a complete package.

We’ve reviewed some of the best Bounty hunter metal detectors to make your analysis easier, so scroll down and find out which one is best for you.


Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector
(Editor’s Choice)
Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector
Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector
Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector
Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector


Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

1. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

Everyone has a different interest to pursue. For this, they take help from electronic devices for a swift result.

But it has become too difficult to find the best electronic device. Similarly, ifyour interest is to find ancient coins, jewelry, or historical relics, you need a metal detector that should be the best like Bounty Hunter Gold Digger.

It has many good features that distinguish it from others. Its all-metal mode enables you to find the specific metal object. No waste of time on other metal that you are not searching for.

Don’t get upset if you search for an object in a crowded area. Its headphone saves you from this worry.

Many detectors do not come with features to help you identify metal’s size, but this does. You can quickly determine the size of the object buried underground.

A coin-sized relic can be identified up to 6 inches underground while the large-sized object can be sensed up to 6 feet underground.

It also occurs that many detector prove meager standard when used on different soils which have different conductivity. Gold Digger, on the other hand, has the ability to work smoothly on any surfaceof the low conductivity area through its best sensitivity.

Unnecessary trash will be ignored with the help of a trash eliminator. Unreasonable waste of time will not be faced when Gold Digger is brought. The best eliminator quality improves your searchability immensely.

Its sensitivity meter keeps you updated about signal strength that, in turn, gives you a clear picture of the type of metal underground.

The best of all, not only adults can use but also kid too can use it. It has a good feature of adjustment. You can enlarge it to fit the adult search, or you can decrease its length for kids.

To save the device from turbulent weather, you are provided with 7-inch weather resistant coil. It will be great to utilize devices for a long time without any fault that external factors cause, such as weather.

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector’s dimensions are 6 x 9 x 20.5 inches while Weight is 3 pounds, which is enough evidence of its use for kids.

  • Adjustable: No need to buy two metal detectors: one for kids and another for adults. Through its adjustable feature, you will be able to adjust its sizes. It saves money; it saves space.
  • All Metal Mode: Gold, silver, brass, aluminum, iron, and steel – any metal you want it will quickly detect for you. Therefore, you can use it for fun too. Kids will be happy to go for the different metal objects.
  • Identification: If your detector indicates the actual sizeof the object, you will pounce on it; for you already have pictured size of your lost object in mind
  • Eliminator/discrimination: Avoids trash through trash eliminator and leads you to metal objects. Then, its discrimination ability helps you to identify the type of metal you have spotted. Accurately, you will be able to dig the object out.
  • Best Frequency
  • Jack
  • Trash eliminator
  • Headphone
  • Light Weight
  • Chemical Exposure
  • Lack of all-metal mode battery
The verdict
If you want your kids to learn in a fun way and explore the world around them then this compact metal detector is the right choice for the kids of all ages. The early professionals will also find it a   great device. Whether you are going on the beach hunt or want to explore your garden area this can be a real treat for a long time. Gold Digger can assist anyone. Without causing any complications it can be really helpful. This is a tiny gift for all those who love treasure hunting. Like its other products, the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger is also a worth buying product to introduce your kids to the hunting.


2. Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Relics, coins, jewelry, and historical piece have become easy to find with the help of multiple features. This detector is just amazing for your hunting.

Treasure is always hidden in extreme grounds. It may be difficult for you to find it with another detector, but this metal detector has a rugged metal design that works smoothly on such grounds.

What you aim to find, you will find it without red herring. Its disc/notch control overlooks unwanted objects and leaves you on wanted target.

Similarly, discrimination and two audio modes are also helpful. Which particular metal you are looking for, you will get it. Just select one audio mode for your desired metal, and the detector will do the remaining work for you.

Additionally, 6.7 kHz frequency makes it very easy for you to spot the object without difficulty. Every feature adds to its performance and durability.

Presetgroundbalance neutralizes response to mineral content underground. This will not let you get confused about one thing for others. Had this feature been unavailable, you would have many difficulties.

It also has many additional features for you, such as target strength meter. These many extra features are hard to be found in one detector.

Waterproof coil keeps it working in certain adverse weather conditions. And also keeps it save from getting rusted.

If you have lost a coin-size object, you can find it easily within reach of 6 inches. If you have lost a big object, you can find it in 6 feet depth. Therefore, it makes you retrieve a lost object from coin-size to large.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector does not confine your search in some metals. It can help you find many types of metal within a wink of an eye.

You can efficiently operate it and place it in a safe position. No need for expertise, you can search with it. It is also suitable for beginners.

With the dimensions of 28.25 x 10 x 6.25 inches and Item Weight 3.7 pounds, you will gasp at its reasonable price and multiple features.

Many detectors do not have so many features in such a negotiable price. The motto is your search and fun to be exciting; everything else after.

  • Neutralizer: It has the ability to neutralize the mineral underground so that you should not be deceived. Your search will not be diverted, and time not wasted.
  • NotchControl: Many a time user needs to look for a particular metal object. Its notch control distinguishes one metal object from another. Ultimately, you hit the right object.
  • Ideal for Extreme Conditions: Where ever you go, you can use it for search. Whether desert, beach or regular ground, it will work smoothly due to its rugged design for extreme conditions.
  • Easy To Move: It is not too heavy that it may create difficulty. You can adjust the length and then can move from place to place. Search on different places becomes easy.
  • Built-in Speaker
  • 3 Modes of Operation
  • 1/4-Inch Headphone Jack.
  • Detect All Metal
  • No Numerical display
  • Only two operational control
The verdict
TK4 Tracker is a great product to acquaint the kids with the fun of searching and treasure hunting. There might be some faults but despite this, the fun and adventure associated with this cannot be ignored. It is an amazing gift for any family that wants to give the best moments for the kids of all ages both in the home and away.


3. Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector, Black

Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector, Black

Enjoy hunting, not animal, relic, coins, jewelry, and other historical objects underground. Besides being useful for Daily work, this detector makes your fun of searching relic greater.

Suitable style and attractive color provide you multiple features in one device. Some of them I can enlist out of this plethora of features.

With three tune audio and discrimination are one of the best functions. It discriminates one metal from another with precision. You will quickly be able to get your desired metal within seconds.

While you are searching, the result of theground will be on your big touch LCD. It enables you to catch results quickly, and you can operate it with touch.

Some areas have a single type of trash a lot. Your devices give you the ability through its sniff mode to not repeatedly hit the same trash. It will ignore once you have set to ignore that particular trash.

Similarly, LCD keeps you inform about battery level, type of iron, and other things. It means you will not be blindly searched without having any idea of battery or other functions.

Above all is this detector’s sensitivity level. Similarly, you can search on many low conductivity areas that sometimes prove tough to hunt due to soil type.

Idea size machine provides you full comfort during operation or search. Its handgrip very conveniently you can firmly grip. And your arm will be in quite a good position in its padded armrest.

You can also set one target in target ID, which works well everywhere. If gold jewelry is lost, set god as a target, and surprisingly with its excellent performance, you will hunt it down.

Definitely, it is very difficult to find this type of product with so many features easily accessible. In performance, it has satisfied the costumers across globally. They have responded very positively to this product; therefore, its performance is unquestionable.

Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector, Black, has dimensions of 28.5 x 10 x 6.25 inches.

It is very light for the search with a Weight of 2.1 pounds. It seems perfect in all the functions at a reasonable price.

Many of its features are left out and could not be highlighted here. These were a few of them. Hurry up and avail of these amazing features.

  • Adjustable: Two in one. Yes, by adjusting its length, you can allow your kids to search, too. If you have intended to buy a different detector for your kids, no need for this. It will do the work
  • LCD Read-out: Activity’s result in front of you. The LCD is relatively big to note everything on screen with one glimpse. And it, above all, improves performance if you are constantly being informed about results.
  • EasytoOperate: It requires no rocket science. Even a new user can easily operate its touchscreen LCD. If you even face little difficulty, you can consult its online tutorial.
  • Banker feature
  • Sniff Mode
  • 3-Audio discrimination
  • Touch Screen
  • LCD Read-out
  • AcceptOneTarget
  • Conditionalwarranty
The verdict
It is an excellent choice for the ones in metal detection or for those who are about to start. It makes a great treasure hunting device. The quality and the user-friendly features make it really a great option.


4. Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

Every ancient treasure, all relics, and many historical pieces of metal, in your area, will be in your reach. But you need to hunt them with the best metal detector.

Then, you will have the upper hand in hunting these all precious coins and other metal objects quickly.

Its big LCD provides you details on it. Exactly what you have hit on, on what depth, of what type – all this in numerical form on your screen. This helps you to be 100% accurate in your search.

4-tone audio ID is a fantastic feature of this detector. Different types of audios indicate a different thing. One will be for iron and others for a different purpose.

If your kids, too, want to hunt for their own fun, they can do with this. The length of this detector can easily be adjusted to suit the user whether you or your kids can all pursue their interest easily.

Its best discrimination feature enables you to distinguish one metal from another. If you desire to find an old piece of gold coin or silver, you will not be diverted by the spotting of other metal. It has a unique discriminator with the best outcome.

11 inch DD waterproof search coil, besides being protective, helps you adjust the length at your desire point.

The search coil will be kept safe from any damage that may be caused by something.And waterproof search coil is especially given to enable you to search in the water. Nothing will remain hidden from you now.

Pinpoint mode, again, is one of its multiple features. A user can first set the depth for search then proceed further. With depth indicator, you will be informed about the exact distance of an object underground.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector provides you ground stand for the detector.

Many times devices get rubbed by ground and are damaged. This ground stand will keep it up from the ground. It also remains clean and protective.

The Product Dimensions are 45 x 8 x 14 inches and with 3 pounds. Ideal size and easy to move from one place to another, this detector are very suitable for all kinds of users. A beginner need notworry now, just decide where you want to hunt.

  • Reliable: you can trust this product for its performance. Its features, when combined, give you the best possible result. Being such a tremendous metal detector, it is quite reliable.
  • Safe: Not only it performs extraordinarily, but also it is manufactured to last long with you. Its waterproof coil search saves itself from any damage. And its ground stand keeps it clean and saves it from being rubbed.
  • Time-Saving: First of all, it does not consume much time. You can operate it easily. And, then its features, when working together, help you find a particular object of particular metal out quickly. Much of your time will be saved with this detector
  • 0-99 Target-ID
  • Seven modes of operation
  • Variable notching
  • Depth indicator
  • Pinpoint mode
  • Not Touchscreen
  • Not with headphone
The verdict
The various metal detector reviews reveal that it is among the highest rated metal detectors. There are often times when people criticize the performance but the overall performance is commendable. It comes with some extraordinary features that make it worth buying. For those who are concerned about the price will love the features.


5. Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector

In this constantly changing world, companies are struggling to remain high on the consumers' list. They remain in consumers' only if they provide a quality product. This product is a quest in such a direction to win over the trust of customers

You can easily distinguish one metal from another. Its audio tone ID has about to provide you different tone in audio for different metal found underground.

Select an appropriate tone one metal that you want to hunt and just start working. When tone rings, work done.

There is much more to say about many remarkable features that you find in this eminent product.

Segment Target Identification gives you the ability to identify the object that you have just come to know through an audio tone. Only dig when the desired object is indicated.

Many other functions also help you to be specific in your quest. If you repeatedly hit the same trash, you can avoid this with one click.

Due to its adjustable discrimination, you can reject unwanted targets. So no waste of time on trash.

This product does not overlook the perfect manufacturing criteria. It has an 8-inch concentric waterproof search coil, which makes it perfect in this regard. Quite a few products come with such a safety net.

This has four modes of operation, ranging from an all-metal detection to a Disc Notch mode. Due to this, you can reject iron and nails and. And the remaining two modes emit different tones for many kinds of metal.

The detector comes with a digital LCD posed on the head. It gives both target ID and depth readout.

And you can controlthe four modes of operation with a fingertip. Similarly, to keep you alert, it indicates a low battery.

Taking something about the bodily structure and its advantage, we here also are relieved.

Bounty Hunter SS2 Sharpshooter II Metal Detector has dimensions 28.5 x 10.25 x 6.25 inches and weighs3.99 pounds. It comes with a cushioned handgrip and padded armrest.

  • Easy Control: It is not only about easy control that you can have on the device through its screen. You can also have control over your search. What do you want to search: metal type, object type, and other such things?
  • Best Performance: 4 operating modes, digital LCD, and different Tone ID – these all perform smoothly. Unlike a faulty product, which performs poorly, its features are honed to work better.
  • Unearth in Depth: It is easy to search hidden objects above the surface, but when it goes beneath the earth, we need to be specific. All the features combined help you in the best detection of the exact object up to 5 feet depth. Unearth with surety in depth.
  • 3-Tone Audio ID
  • Segment Target Identification
  • Adjustable Length
  • Light-weighted
  • Small Display
  • Readout Complexity
The verdict
The performance of these detectors is not very satisfying for many users. There are complaints and problems related to the metal detector but the overall performance cannot be ignored. Nothing to worry about the depths. In this reasonable price, it is the best choice for metal detection freaks. The touchpad innovation makes the functions even more fascinating.