Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector


If you are planning to surprise your little kid by the gift you are going to present on this birthday, Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector would be the perfect grab. This metal detector is adorned with all amazing features which can help a little kid to tinker with. You can ask him to unearth the treasure hidden in your backyard or in a local park. Kids love to have new stuff, plus they could gather some useful and valuable information about handling a gadget like this and finding treasures using a metal detector.

This Bounty Hunter detector is very easy to use. This has only two knobs, one for the controlling the power level and sensitivity and other to weed out the trash and other junk stuff from the precious metals.

So, step out and get a wonderful present in the form of Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector and surprise your kids.

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector review:

Bounty hunter metal detector stands out in the crowd when it comes to a metal detector which is easy to use. This detector you can say was designed having kids in minds. It has headphones which help the kids, not to garn unwanted attention it was 7 inches long coil to wave around with a low weight machine. And above all, it has just two nobs.

With over-crowded buttons and controls, a kid could get distracted and would never understand how to get the job done using a simple gadget

Tech Specification:

  • It has headphones to get a clearer audios regarding metals.
  • Automatic tuning
  • Two knobs
  • Powerful sensitivity controller
  • Trash eliminator controller
  • Average weight 2.20 lb
  • Perfect for teenaged
  • It helps you find objects up to six inches deep
  • 7” wide search coil
  • Waterproof

Design and features:

The Gold Digger is a perfect fun gadget for an entire family. It is lightweight, easy to use kids would have a great time using this simple gadget. This is a perfect companion for the beaches, but you cannot have it for diving. You cannot plan treasure hunting and searching using this under deep waters.

You use this detector for searching gold, coins, relics other metals such as silver and other. You can use this for anything you want to use and find, with ultimate privacy while using this gadget.

And another mesmerizing feature you would love to have this amazing gadget is the price. This comes under $100, and one can easily send as a present without any cost problem.

This has simple search options and eliminator control. This metal detector has only two knobs, which makes it a favorite choice among teenaged kids. They do not love messy buttons and other controls which could worry them while using.

While treasure hunting the biggest issue the hunters face is the trash detecting. This gadget has a built-in trash eliminator which makes it weed out all trash and only to pay focus on the metals you are looking for. You can set it to Gold digger option, so you would not be alerted every time if it finds something undesirable.

For a metal detector if you cannot control the sensitivity it becomes very challenging to get it used while hunting. This metal detector has manual sensitivity controls, which makes this a perfect grab for normal conditions and mineralized grounds. Such as if you use a detector which has a low sensitivity option, it will make you not to find the metals which are buried deep down. With a high sensitivity option, you sometimes get the false alarms, especially in the mineralized grounds. So, by the manual control sensitivity option, you get it used accordingly the required conditions.

The biggest strength I would say it has very clean settings and sober features. The features what are the most important and a beginner would get them used are provided. For a beginner, it becomes hard to use the tricky settings. It has simple user friendly designs with some most used features.

It comes with the headphones, which is a good addition in a beginner level metal detector. As, while hunting nearby parks, public places or schools you draw unwanted attention, which becomes a problem sometimes. By using the headphones, you eliminate the open audio and hunt in crowded areas even.

Bounty hunter Gold digger comes with automatic ground balancing feature. This features even lacks in the advanced levels metal detector of the other brands. Though, the model does not have an LCD display but comes with a scale and needle to show when you get closer to the findings.

This model has three modes, all-metal modes, full discrimination mode, and tone discrimination mode. You get the right use of the mentioned modes as par with the ground conditions.

The seven inches coil this product is powered with a great addition. The kids struggle to wave around with a bigger coil, and this little can help them to have some nice experiences.

This product is very good at finding the metals which are buried deep down in the earth. Either it is the relics you think are precious and worth for you, or the old aged coins, which could satisfy your hobby desires or the Gold. This has some amazing sensitivity options to get the desired metals around.

  • Very lightweight, perfect option for the kids to pursue their passions in gold hunting
  • The length is adjustable, the detector can grow with the child, can reduce the length when desired.
  • A good educational gadget for kids, good to learn the basics of treasure hunting
  • Easy controls, great sensitivity
  • A great product to find the metals buried deep down in the earth
  • False alarms are the biggest downside of this product
  • You should not expect this product working under six inches grounds
Final words
It is a solid, yet effective, very basic metal detector. It has ideal functions, performances, and features for kids to step out for hunting. This does not cost you arms and legs, very affordable for the beginners to learn the basics of treasure hunting.


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