Top 15 Best Metal DetectorsIf you are looking for a metal detector then this list is going to benefit you. it has the reviews and descriptions of the 15 best ranking metal detectors that can be used both by the professionals and the hobbyists.

Whenever someone is out in the market to buy the metal detector it seems a very job. There are so many detectors readily available in the market.

They come from the most renowned manufacturers and each of them claims reliability and quality. Below you will find the list of the most popular metal detectors that would give you the most convenient services as you start using them

Before you actually buy the metal detector it is a must thing to know that what is meant by the metal detector. Metal detectors are the devices that create an electromagnetic field around the metal object as they come across it.

this field helps in identifying the presence of the metal and detecting it. it is a handheld device that is fitted with the sensor to trace the metal objects and a sound producing object that is used to generate a beep an alarm like sound when the metal comes closer to the device.

some heavy duty detectors can also be carried on the vehicles. The technology of the metal detectors is used in the safety gadgets that are required to protect the places that require extra protection. They make a great device for the battlefields too where they are used for the detection of the landmines buried under the ground.

The archaeologists also find it a great tool to trace the metal pieces from the ruins. The size and the shape of the detector can be chosen according to the task to be performed.

It is not an easy task to choose the metal detector due to a  list of choices available in the market. There are a number of factors involved in getting the right metal detector.

The key factors include reliability, durability, performance, efficiency, and cost. It is very important to get an insight into all these factors. The most important of all being the price. The more you can spend the better metal detector you can acquire.

The following reviews will give you the right picture that can assist you in buying the perfect metal detector without wasting any single penny or a single second of time.

Device NameWeight 
Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT
(Editor’s Choice)
9 ounces
Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector3 pounds
Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector (BARSKA)
(Editor’s Choice)
2.49 pounds
NHI Classic Metal Detector with Pin-Pointer2.65 pounds
Metal Detector – High-Accuracy Metal Finder2.31 pounds
National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector2.3 pounds
Treasure Cove TC-3020 Metal Detector Kit2.5 pounds
Whites BullseyeII Pin-Pointer Metal Detector 6.7 ounces
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector 3.03 pounds
Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector3 pounds
Pinpointer Metal Detector – Probe Waterproof Portable Metal Detector5.9 ounces
King detector MD-4030 Pro Edition Hobby Explorer5.51 pounds
Teknetics Delta 40003.5 pounds
White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector-800-03254.4 pounds
Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector3.25 pounds

1. Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal DetectorMetal detectors are a popular professional and hobby device.  they are found in a number of sizes and shapes.  The professional ones are very sophisticated but the ones in the gadget box of hobbyists are simple and compact.

They have hardly anything that is tough to operate.  Garrett has always strived hard to give the best to the metal detector collectors. It is not just fun but professional too.

If you want to get something really great for the metal detection then it is better to check for the Garrett pro pointer.

Now a day the people are not just looking for precision in the metal detector. Previously people used to buy quite heavy and bulky metal detectors with very complex configuration because of very limited options are very available.

But now this is not a problem anymore as there is a wide variety of metal. detectors available in the market. The metal detectors available today are easy to operate and can be used by the beginners providing convenience and efficiency. One such type of metal detector is Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Metal Detector.

Garrett Pro-Pointer ATWaterproof Metal Detector offers its users with amazing and spectacular features. First of all, Garret Pro-Pointer AT is a waterproof metal detector making your treasure-hunting passion a lot more exciting.

You can this metal detector with you in the sea up to a depth of 10 feet. Another great feature that this metal detector possesses is that it provides maximum sensitivity with the help of which you can easily detect smaller targets.

Garret Pro-Pointer AT comes in a highly bright orange color so that it is easily visible if you take it with you underwater. Garrett Pro-Pointer AT consists of a “Fast Retune Button” so that the users could adjust the metal detector’s detection field.

A feature that every person nowadays wants in a metal detector is that it should be lightweight and compact and yes this metal detector is definitely lightweight and compact. This metal detector just weighs 8 ounces and is quite easy to handle.

  • Waterproof up to a depth of maximum 10 feet underwater
  • Offers maximum sensitivity to detect even small objects
  • Lightweight and compact as compared to other metal detectors
  • Possess Fas Retune Button to adjust its detection field
  • High visibility even underwater because of its bright orange color
  • No uniform sensitivity because of 360-degree side scan feature
  • Does not detects metals from a longer distance
  • Batteries drain out very quickly


2. Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector, BlackMetal detectors are not just gadgets of professionals.  They are an excellent hobby option. Kids love the way they can use them to play their treasure hunts. The professional use is even more extensive.

The metal detectors are great for mining, digging, archaeology, and similar professions. These detectors are highly sensitive and can be used to find anything.

At the same time, the devices are used for security and safety. The metal detectors are used at the doors and entrances of important places where additional security is necessary.

Bounty Hunter PL Time Ranger Metal Detector has launched 10 years ago and that time it was the most advanced metal detector because of its features. Bounty Hunter PL is a high-quality metal detector that is available at a quite affordable price.

Bounty Hunter consists of an interchangeable 8-inch long D-Tech search coil along with Ground Trac for automatic balancing of the metal detector as per the soil conditions. Bounty Hunter PL is an easy to use metal detector even the kids can use this metal detector.

This metal detector also features an LCD screen, which shows the depth, sensitivity level, battery level, ground balance monitor and iron level discrimination, along with touchpad controls. Bounty Hunter PL is a great metal detector for going on beach hunting, jewelry hunting, gold prospecting, and coin hunting.

Bounty Hunter PL possesses a variety of amazing features. One of it is that it consists of three-tone audio discrimination so that it is easy for its user to differentiate between the targets. Another thing that makes this metal detector a bit more interesting is that it possesses Sniff Mode allowing the user to accept or eliminate one time on the target ID scale.

With the help of sniff mode, you can eliminate the trash like a soda can or soda can pull rings and keep on searching for other metals. Moreover, it also possesses 4-inch interchangeable gold detecting search coil. Though this metal detector is not waterproof itself its search coil is waterproof which makes it work well in salt water.

  • Light in Weight
  • Affordable price
  • Features LCD screen along with touchpad controls
  • Waterproof and interchangeable search coil
  • Comes with Sniff Mode
  • Gives too many false readings
  • No headphones included
  • Volume control is not present
  • Pin-pointer is also not present


3. Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector (BARSKA)

Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector (BARSKA)Are you a professional who often needs the metal detectors? then before getting one, it is a must to know what the metal detector is. It is a device fitted with the sensors that have the ability to look for the metal-based objects.

For huge metal objects to small pieces of jewelry everything is easy to trace with a sensitive metal detector.

Move it across the surface and keep an eye on the light and sounds that will let you know how far the metal is from the detector and the surface. This allows a précised digging.

Winbest Pro Edition by BARSKA is one of the best and affordable metal detectors in the market.

Winbest Pro Edition is a metal detector can be used by anyone, whether it is a kid or the beginner or a pro.

This metal detector is for all. You can also give it is a gift to your treasure hunt loving kids. The simple interface of Winbest Pro Edition makes the metal detector user-friendly. Winbest Pro-Edition comes with various search nodes to adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector.

Moreover, it allows its users to increase and decrease the sensitivity of the metal detector according to the treasure hunting conditions.

This metal detector helps its users to eliminate the trash and discriminate between various kinds of metals. It consists of a disc dial to choose between different metals e.g. the user can turn the disc dial to 11:00 for iron, 12:00 for nickel, 13:00 for zinc and 15:00 copper.

Though Winbest is a beginner friendly metal detector it has a lot of amazing features that other professional metal detectors possess.

One of the features this metal detector comes with is preset ground balancing so it is ready to use as it comes out of the box. It also consists of a needle to indicate that the metal has been so when the needle moves towards right it means it has detected some metal.

It also has a headphone jack for plugging in the headphones and blocks the background sound. It also has a waterproof 6.5-inch search coil allowing the users to go hunting in any weather and even in shallow waters. Moreover, it also possesses adjustable stem and armrest.

  • Affordable price
  • User-friendly for beginners and as well as kids
  • Preset Ground Balancing
  • Waterproof 6.5-inch search coil
  • Lightweight
  • Comparatively shorter stem
  • Small search coil of just 6.5 inches


4. NHI Classic Metal Detector with Pin-Pointer

NHI Classic Metal Detector with Pin-PointerIt is great to have small metal detectors that can be comfortably kept anywhere. If the metal detectors are small they make a great device.

The hobbyists will love to have the detectors that are compact, lightweight, easy to use and user-friendly.

NHI Classic Metal Detector is a great option for use on any terrain. This metal detector consists of a pinpointer and moreover, the package includes a shovel and guide book for the beginners.

NHI Classic Metal Detector is easy to use metal detector suitable for all ages. Before you use the machine the products in the package give you a good impression about it.

Alongside the metal detector, there is a folding shovel inside the package, a user guide and a beginner guide. The package does definitely contain a lot of products.

NHI Metal Detector possesses a lot of features making it a great metal detector. First of all this metal detector consists of a discriminating feature which allows the users to program the machine in such a way that it differentiates between the treasure and the trash. Apart from the discriminating feature it a wide range of sensitivity modes allowing the users to detect even the smaller targets quite easily.
Furthermore, there is a pin-pointer equipped with this machine that tells where the target exactly is lying. Like other metal detectors it also possesses a waterproof coil and alongside that, there is a red-light for indicating low battery.

  • Search coil is waterproof
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Equipped with a pin-pointer
  • The package also consists of a guide book and foldable shovel
  • No ground balance feature


5. Metal Detector – High-Accuracy Metal Finder

Metal Detector - High-Accuracy Metal Finder with LCD Display, Discrimination Mode, Distinctive Audio Prompt, 10” Waterproof Search Coil for Underwater Metal Detecting, Metal Detector with P/PFunctionLooking for a fully featured metal detector then you should definitely go for this fully featured metal detector. This metal detector comes with a lot of fun-filled features that make it fun to use.

It includes an LCD Display, discrimination feature, waterproof search coil, distinctive audio prompt, P/PF function and headphone jack to insert your headphones.

This metal detector comes with several features that make it a metal detector for all. The metal detector features a 10″waterproof search coil and stem that allows you to use it on beaches, stream. Furthermore, there is a discrimination feature that allows the user to search for various precious metals like silver, jewelry, aluminum, iron, gold etc.

and eliminate the useless scrap metals. All you have to do is to set the range and start searching for metals. There is an LCD screen on the metal detector that shows the level of sensitivity, battery level, volume level, and detection mode.

This metal detector is easy to use equipment along with a lightweight design. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. There are distinctive audio tones that tell what type of metal you have detected. Lastly, it also has a pin-pointer that accurately pinpoints the target metal.
  • Large waterproof 10″ search coil
  • LCD screen
  • Distinctive audio prompts
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Free replacement policy
  • Nil


6. National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector

National Geographic Pro Series Metal DetectorNational Geographic Pro is a great metal detector not only for the professionals but also for the beginners and the children who have a great deal of interest in treasure hunting.

National Geographic Pro is an easy to carry metal detector as it is portable and can easily fit in the backpacks. Thus it is a great option if you want to take it along you on the holidays.

Like other metal detectors, National Geographic also has a lot of features. First of all National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector is an easy to use and easy to navigate metal detector.

This metal detector is also portable, durable, and lightweight so it can easily fit in the bag and can also be taken along for treasure hunting quite comfortably.  Moreover, this metal detector is also equipped with pin-pointer that allows the users to easily locate the target object under the ground with high accuracy.
The tones and sounds of this metal detector start getting louder when the person starts to come closer to the object and when they move away it gets quieter.

This metal detector comes with 3 modes and 4 levels of sensitivity. These modes help to in changing the discrimination settings of the detector. These modes include (i) All Metals (ii) All Metals except Iron (iii) All Metals except Iron or Aluminum

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Foldable and portable
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly.
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Coils cannot be changed


7. Treasure Cove TC-3020 Metal Detector Kit

Treasure Cove TC-3020 Metal Detector KitTreasure Cove TC-3020 is the best metal detector for the ones who like detecting metals and going treasure hunting. It allows the users to search for the metals for several just because it is durable, and it metal detecting system is quite reliable and long lasting.

This metal detector definitely helps in finding precious metals rather than the pieces of trash. Treasure Cove TC-3020 comes along a complete that includes various equipment like headphones and a bag. All this can be bought at a reasonable place.

One of the key features of Treasure Cove TC-3020 is that it is equipped with a notch discrimination system for preventing it from detecting junk and scrap and searching just precious metals.

It consists of three audio tones. It will produce low tone if it detects nails, bottle caps or nickel. Medium tone if it detects gold, zinc or copper and high tone if brass and silver are detected. There is an open-face 8-inch waterproof search coil with the help of which it can be used in the shallow water and muddy area. Moreover there a carrying bag, headphones, manual and a scoop in the kit along with the detector.
  • Uses three audio tones
  • Equipped with notch discrimination system
  • Waterproof open-face search coil
  • Can be used in muddy conditions and shallow water
  • Durable build and reliable metal detecting system
  • Designed for amateurs
  • Not for professionals


8. Whites Bullseye II Pin-Pointer Metal Detector Reviews 2022

Whites BullseyeII Pin-PointerWhite’s Metal Detectors is owned by an American family and has been operating since the year 1950. White’s Metal Detectors got popularity because of their excellent customer service.

White’s Metal Detectors are famous because of their relic and coin detecting metal detectors. White’s Metal Detectors have been using the latest technology in their metal detectors to attract and meet the demands of the users.

White’s Metal Detectors have a quite experienced research team that has helped in the production of quite high-performance metal detectors and one of their best and the high-end metal detector is the Spectra V3i with unique and amazing features.

Among the different types of metal detectors available in the market, the most popular handy options available in the market are the pinpointers.  They are the small devices to trace the metal objects.

They are fitted with the lasers that can be pointed at the concerned point of detection. The large detectors can assist in tracing the metal while the pinpointers can be used to find the exact locating. It won’t take much time to tell that where the metal objects are exactly placed. It is a quick and easy way and can be kept along while traveling or moving around.

For people who want to reach the metals resting at greater depths the White’s creations is the best choice.  They are small but have the ability to reach out for the greater depths in no time.

The White’s Bullseye II pinpointer is a small yet efficient metal detector. It does not need extra effort as it works automatically.

As the sound is created it is loud enough to be felt through the sensations. Difficult to find the metal in deep holes. The process of tracing the metal becomes easier when it exactly mentions that the metal is in the depth, on any side wall of the hole or elsewhere.  It in return saves precious time and money.

The things that lie close to the earth crust are also easy to trace and collect.

  • Great for the deeper reserves
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to move around.
  • Requires no gadgets or equipment for installation.
  • Weak LED lights
  • Difficult to keep stable
  • Blind spots are too large
  • Scraping blade is missing


9. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Reviews

Garrett AT Pro Metal DetectorGarret is the leading company in the manufacturing of treasure hunting, and security metal detectors. Garrett is a USA based company which is known for the manufacturing of user-friendly metal detectors. Garrett manufactured the world’s best metal detector, AT Pro.

The metal detectors by Garrett are made of high-quality material and their performance is extraordinary which helps you to find your target with precision and accuracy.

Because of their success in the metal detector industry metal detecting has gained a lot of popularity among the individuals of all ages. The major purpose of Garrett is to gain more and more customer satisfaction by building high-quality metal detectors.

Garrett Pro Metal Detector is specifically designed for those who love going treasure hunting and metal detecting. Garrett Pro can be used for various hunting activities like jewelry hunting, cache hunting, coin hunting, ghost town hunting, and much more. Furthermore, it is a waterproof metal detector; therefore, it can be used underwater from the depth of 10 feet to 3 meters. Garrett AT Pro comes with waterproof connectors and housing to keep it safe in wet, muddy, humid and dusty environment.
Garrett AT Pro is a metal detector for all terrains whether it is the water or the land.

Garrett AT Pro comes with several high features. Firstly the entire package consists of an 8.5 by 11 inches DD coil cover, Pro-Pointer, Digger Pouch, Headphones, Edge digger, digital camouflage soft case.

Garrett AT Pro also comes with a quick recovery that allows the user to detect some good targets from the trash. It also consists of a high-resolution iron discrimination TM. It also has pro mode audio alongside Audio TM and audio features allowing the user to know about the characteristics of their targets.

This entire metal detector can be immersed underwater up to the depth of 10 feet. Garrett AT Pro also has ground balance feature. This feature can be adjusted manually as well as automatically.

  • Easy Assembling
  • Can detect all types of metal
  • Affordable price
  • Tear and Wear problem


10. Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal DetectorFisher Metal Detectors is the oldest manufacturer of metal detectors that was founded in 1931 by Dr. Gerhard Fisher. Fisher Metal Detectors have developed the best metal detectors in today’s market.

With their latest technology, Fisher has developed several award-winning detectors like the Fisher F75. Metal Detectors manufactured by Fisher have out-classed the metal detectors manufactured by their competitors.

They have been manufacturing the best metal detectors according to the needs of their customers. With their advanced research methods, they have designed some comfortable ergonomics.

Metal detectors manufactured by Fisher will definitely meet your needs so just go to a market and grab one and start detecting metals.

If you are looking for a high-quality weatherproof metal detector then Fisher F22 is surely a great option. Fisher F22 even works great in the rain and does not even require a hood for the display.

Fisher F22 comes with a 9” triangulated elliptical concentric coil allowing the user to detect the objects hidden deep under the ground at the depth of 9 inches. Moreover, it also has 10 different levels of sensitivity.

Fisher F22 works on two AA batteries as compared to the other metal detectors which use 9-volt batteries. Fisher F22 is an easy to assemble metal detector and moreover, it is also lightweight.

Fisher F22 has a lot of amazing features that make it stand out from other metal detectors. With its 9-inch triangulated elliptical concentric coil it is capable of finding the objects lying 9-inches deep under the ground.

There are 10 levels of sensitivity in Fisher F22 which can be adjusted if the user is not picking anything. There is also a notch feature in this metal detector so that the user can exclude the trash from getting detected.

It also allows the user to select between different modes for the hunt like jewelry, coins, artifacts or custom settings.

  • Three notches on the screen to display the depth
  • Can be used in the rain without a hood
  • Notch feature included
  • Different modes to select from
  • 10 levels of sensitivity
  • Cannot search for objects below the depth of 9 inches
  • Cannot be used underwater


11. Pinpointer Metal Detector – Probe Waterproof Portable Metal Detector

Pinpointer Metal Detector - Probe Waterproof Portable Metal Detector with High Sensitivity, One-button Operation Pin Pointer with LED Indicator & Buzzer Vibration, Treasure Hunter with Belt HolsterWant a gift for your treasure hunting children then definitely this is the metal detector you should opt for. This metal detector is a great choice for the beginners, children and the ones who are new to the treasure hunting or metal detecting hobby.

This metal detector comes with a lot of amazing features that include pin-pointer with one button operation, belt holster, buzzer vibration and LED indicator.

It comes with a lot of high-end features but still, it is a great option for the beginners and the children.

The Pinpointer by the RM Rimcox is fun and professionalism all going hand in hand. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a big surprise in a small package. This pinpointer can be used to trace the things both at home and outside.

Whether you have lost a small jewelry piece under the so you want to find the antique metal pieces in some ruins, take the assistance of the pinpointer by Rimcox.

Soon after switching it on it will start operating at an angle of 360 degrees. There is no need to keep pointing towards the target again and again. It can just take a few moments and the task will be accomplished.

The pointer is ready to operate within 2 seconds after it is switched on. As the metal comes closer to the green light on the pointer is switched on.

At the same time, it generates sound and vibration. As the pointer starts getting closer to the target the sounds and vibrations become stronger. The second and third lights also are switched on as the metal gets close enough.

The people who often use the metal detectors are looking forward to buying something that is simple, small and reliable. The measurement of 10.8 inches makes it the right solution for any user.

Besides carrying it in the bag it can be held with the belt holster. The kids who love fun games like the treasure hunt can find it a great a great fun gift. If you worry about the warranty there is nothing to worry as the product comes with a full-time warranty.

It is highly sensitive. The waterproof coil can help in getting the traces without missing anything good. The most appreciated feature is that the stem added to it is also water resistant. It makes a great choice for land and aquatic detection.

The operation is also convenient and easy to understand for all levels of metal detection passionate. The LCD display makes it perfectly easy to understand the entire process. The audio result is also unique and the sound standout as something different. The sound also helps in finding out if the treasure is actually worth searching for or not.

The arm support can be adjusted as per the ease of the users, therefore the kids find it really something fun and activity oriented.

  • Excellent performance and a decent look.
  • Covers    wider area due to large coils
  • Clear LCD display
  • Easy to adjust features
  • Excellent for shallow water detection as it is   water resistant
  • Budget-friendly and economical
  • The plastic bolt at the bottom is fragile.


12. King detector MD-4030 Pro Edition Hobby Explorer

Kingdetector MD-4030 Pro Edition Hobby ExplorerMetal detecting as a hobby has several types. One is prospecting. Prospecting is basically searching for precious metals in their natural form like copper, gold, silver etc. Another type of metal detecting is coin shooting in which the person specifically searches for coins.

General metal detecting is also a type of hobby activities using metal detectors and is similar to coin shooting but in this one, the metal detector is searching for any kind of historical artifacts like axe-heads, historical coins, jewelry, and so on.

People also use metal detectors for searching lost or discarded valuable objects made by men like camera, jewelry, mobile phones, and other similar objects. Beachcombing is also great metal detecting hobby where the people hunt lost treasure likes jewelry and coins.

Though there are many types of metal detecting as a hobby but for all of them you need to have a metal detector and Kingdetector MD-4030 is a great metal detector if you like the metal detecting as a hobby.

Kingdetector MD-4030 is a great and user-friendly metal detector for the beginners. This metal detector is lightweight, versatile, and easy to use a metal detector.

Kingdetector MD-4030 Pro Edition comes with a waterproof search coil and two operation modes. If you are using the metal detector for the first time then you should prefer buying this metal detector. This metal detector allows you to detect the metals deep inside the ground.

There are several amazing features in this metal detector. Kigdetector MD-4030 Pro Edition possesses two different modes. One is All Metal and the other is Disc Mode making it more comfortable to use. The user can also adjust the volume level of the speaker and headphone for detecting the metals very easily.

This metal detector also features a view meter and pin-pointer. Thus whenever you will find any metal the pointer on the meter will move towards to the right. It also contains a waterproof search coil which allows the users to search for the objects under shallow water. The stem of the detector is also adjustable.

  • Waterproof search coil
  • Two operation modes for beginners
  • The adjustable volume level of the speaker and headphone
  • Features view meter and pointer
  • No ground balance system


13. Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector

Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal DetectorIf you are a lover of history and outdoor sports then metal detecting is a great hobby you should opt out for. Metal detecting is like Pokémon Go but in this, you have to search for the historical things in real.

Metal detecting can help you collect a lot of material like coins, jewelry, artifacts, and precious metals and so on. Metal detecting is not just a hobby but it is a kind of learning process that helps you learn about the history and about your area.

But to go for metal detecting you must have a proper and a good quality metal detector and definitely, Teknetics Delta 4000 is one of them.

Teknetics Delta 4000 is an absolutely lightweight metal detector weighing just 2.3 pounds.

This metal detector consists of an armrest strap which gets attached to the metal detector and prevents your arm from fatigue. It possesses an 11-inch long concentric search coil enabling it to search for the objects present at depth of 1 foot underground.

This metal detector can be assembled quite easily. The user has to just slide the parts into their places and they get interlocked. This metal detector also comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Similarly like other metal detectors this one also has some amazing features. Firstly it as an easy to assemble metal detector and does not requires much time. Delta 4000 uses a 9-volt battery and can be used for 20-25 hours without any problems.

It is equipped with 11-inch concentric search coil and is capable of detecting the objects as deep as one foot underground. The screen shows the user with some target ID number denoting the type of metal that has been detected.

This metal detector easily differentiates between a quarter, an iron, and so on. It possesses eight sensitivity levels that range from 4-12. The automatic discrimination mode of the detector eliminates iron from the search but it can be customized too. There is a volume control button too so that you are able to turn the beeping sound low.

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Displays depth on a five-notch scale
  • Easy to assemble
  • Eight sensitivity levels
  • 11-inch concentric search coil
  • Holds the reading for quite a long time


14. White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector-800-0325

White’s Coinmaster Metal Detector-800-0325White’s Metal Detectors is owned by an American family and has been operating since the year 1950. White’s Metal Detectors got popularity because of their excellent customer service.

White’s Metal Detectors are famous because of their relic and coin detecting metal detectors. White’s Metal Detectors have been using the latest technology in their metal detectors to attract and meet the demands of the users.

White’s Metal Detectors have a quite experienced research team that has helped in the production of quite high-performance metal detectors and one of their best and high-end metal detectors is the Spectra V3i with unique and amazing features.

If you are a beginner in this field and looking for a reliable and easy to use a metal detector for yourself then the White’s Coinmaster is definitely a metal detector for you.

Coinmaer 800-0325 is a great metal detector especially for the ones who have just started up searching metals. Coinmaster 800-0325 accurately detects the metals buried inside the ground. Unlike other metal detectors, White’s Coinmaster 800-0325 possesses a 9-inch concentric coil but is not as much reliable than the DD coil.
Coinmaster is a great option for the beginners that feature several extraordinary features all at a quite low and affordable price. The concentric coil present in this metal detector is submersible so it can be easily used on the beaches and shallow water.

It comes with three audible tones allowing you to select according to your choice. Moreover, there is an LCD screen that displays the entire information and it can be read quite easily. Moreover, it includes a depth indicator, pin-pointer, automatic ground tracking, adjustable sensitivity and soon. This metal detector is also long-lasting and easy to use.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Automatic Ground Tracking
  • Pin-Pointer
  • Warranty Period is short.


15. Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector

Tesoro Silver uMax Metal DetectorTreasure hunting is a great form of exercise. All you need to do is to get a metal detector from the market and then start searching for the metals by walking through parks, fields or beaches etc.

Metal detecting is a great form of social experience. If you are a metal detectorist then you will definitely meet new people who will be curious about your metal detecting hobby.

Metal detecting is also a great way of family bonding.  For this purpose, Tesoro Silver uMax is the best metal detector. So just go to the market, grab this metal detector and start treasure hunting with your friends or family.

Several metal detectors are available in the marketbutTesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector is the one need that would definitely fulfill your needs. This is a great metal detector consisting of several unique features.

Since there are several metal detectors it becomes difficult for a beginner to select the right metal detector for himself. But Tesoro Silver uMax is a great metal detector for the beginners and the newcomers and this metal detector is also made up of high-quality material.

Moreover, this detector is also long lasting so you can use it for a longer period of time without getting it replaced. Moreover, this metal detector is powered by a microprocessor. This metal detector is equipped with a discriminating mode that excludes the pieces of trash and only searches for the precious metal.

Tesoro Silver uMax is a metal detector full of amazing features making it an easy to use a metal detector for the beginners. Tesoro Silver uMax possesses a waterproof 8-inch concentric search coil. This metal detector can be used in salt water.

Tesoro Silver uMax also possesses a headphone jack. Tesoro Silver Umax uses the microprocessor technology for its working. It also features a discrimination mode which allows the users to only search for precious metals and excludes the trash like bottle caps, soda can etc. Tesoro Silver uMax comes with a lifetime warranty. It is made from a high-quality metal detector making it long lasting.

  • Features discrimination mode
  • Uses microprocessor technology
  • Waterproof 8” concentric search coil
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Build from high-quality material
  • Comparatively thinner than other metal detectors
  • Cannot be submerged completely in water